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How to Make Homemade Cat Wipes (4 Methods)

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Cats are excellent at grooming themselves. Their tongues and claws are effective tools to keep their fur sleek and smooth and remove dirt and debris. However, cats may need occasional help from their humans. This may occur when they have mobility issues, they have been declawed, or they have mats that are impossible to remove on their own.

If your cat needs a little help, you can make your own homemade cat wipes with products you may have on hand. Some of these wipes are for general pets or dogs, but you can follow the instructions to make them cat-specific—but please consult with your veterinarian before using these recipes. Have a look at these simple plans to make your own homemade cat wipes.


How to Make Homemade Cat Wipes

1. Homemade Pet Bath Wipes by Cuteness

  • Materials: Water, apple cider vinegar, vitamin E oil
  • Tools: Mixing bowls, paper towel, wire whisk, airtight container, knife
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

These are intended for dog grooming, but a few modifications make them safe for grooming cats. The directions are easy to follow and use many of the ingredients you’ll find in your home.

To make this recipe cat-safe, omit the aloe vera oil and tea tree oil, both are toxic to cats. Lavender oil is generally safe for cats but consult with your veterinarian before using it. As with the previous recipe, apple cider vinegar should be diluted before use.

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2. DIY Pet Grooming Wipes

How To Make DIY Dog Grooming Wipes
Image Credit to: Puppy In Training
  • Materials: Water, all-natural pet shampoo, tissues
  • Tools: Empty container with flip top, mixing container
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

These are intended for dogs, but the recipe can be easily modified for cats. The grooming ingredient is a pet shampoo, so you can choose any cat-safe shampoo from the pet supply store. With its simplicity, this recipe is one of the easiest on the list.

One of the best aspects of these wipes is that you’re creating a container that allows you to pull one wipe out each time, just like store-bought wipes. These wipes are also easy to take with you on a trip to keep your cat clean.

3. DIY Pet Paw Wipes by Chemistry Cachet

Image Credit to: Chemistry Cachet
  • Materials: Water, mild dish soap, coconut oil, 3 percent hydrogen peroxide
  • Tools: Container for wipes, paper towel
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

These can be modified as homemade cat wipes easily, and the best part is that they use cheap, easy-to-find ingredients! These ingredients are generally safe for cats and should effectively clean their coats. The coconut oil soothes, and once diluted, the dish soap is a good cleansing agent that works well for sensitive skin. It may be best to either omit the hydrogen peroxide or ask your veterinarian about its use.

These wipes will be easier to use if you get a container that’s similar to store-bought wipes, but any container will do.

4. Homemade Pet Eye Wipes

  • Materials: Water, pet-safe shampoo
  • Tools: Container, paper towels
  • Difficulty Level: Easy

These can be modified for use in cats for a quick and simple recipe. The main cleansing ingredient is a pet-safe shampoo, so you have control over the ingredients and scents you prefer for your wipes.

Other than shampoo, you only need paper towels and an airtight container to hold the wipes. If possible, use a container designed for wipes, which makes them easier to take out individually, but any airtight container will do.

Cat Wipes vs. Dog Wipes

Some pet owners use dog and cat grooming products interchangeably, but not all dog products are safe for cats. They may both be companion animals, but they each have unique needs and experience adverse effects and toxicity from different substances.

If you’re modifying a recipe, like many on this list, make sure that each ingredient you’re using is safe for cats specifically. When in doubt, omit the ingredient completely and substitute with cat-safe ingredients. NEVER use human personal care products on pets, without consulting your veterinarian. Human shampoos and conditioners are formulated differently than pet shampoos and conditioners and may contain toxic ingredients.

hepper-cat-paw-dividerFinal Thoughts

When it comes to grooming, cats are pretty low maintenance. They handle a lot of their own grooming and may be obsessive about keeping themselves clean. If your cat does need some help because of a mobility issue or otherwise, homemade cat wipes are a quick and easy solution. This should give you plenty of options for your cat’s grooming needs. Ultimately, if you’re not sure about the safety of an ingredient, avoid it completely or consult with your veterinarian about its use.

Featured Image Credit to: NONGASIMO, Shutterstock

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