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How to Potty Train a Cockapoo: 8 Vet-Reviewed Tips & Advice

Melissa Gunter

By Melissa Gunter

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Cockapoos are adorable dogs that can easily make their way into our hearts. When bringing a Cockapoo puppy into your home, your expectations are through the roof. You’re instantly thinking, oh this will be great. We’ll be best friends and I’ll do everything to make my new puppy happy. Then, the inevitable happens. Your Cockapoo takes a wee in your living room, or even worse, on your bed. That’s when you realize, hey, it’s time to potty train my new bestie. Here are 8 tips and tricks to make potty training easier on you, your pup, and even your home.

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The 8 Tips & Tricks to Potty Train a Cockapoo

1. Buy Your Puppy a Crate

Before you get started potty training your Cockapoo, having all the necessary tools is important. A crate can be your best friend during this process. Not all pet owners use crates, but for those who want to give them a go, crates are designed to give your puppy personal space. In most cases, puppies prefer not to go potty in areas where they eat or sleep. Having a crate where they do these things will help them learn to hold their movements while they are inside. It also helps you by being a space where you can keep an eye on your dog without worrying about them using the potty around your house. Just make sure your Cockapoo spends enough time inside its crate to view it as its living space and ensure the crate is large enough to be comfortable for your pup.

an empty dog crate
Image Credit: Yakov Oskanov, Shutterstock

2. Watch and Learn

Potty training takes commitment. As a responsible pet owner, you must learn your dog’s mannerisms when they are ready to use the potty. Watch for pacing, circling, whining, or sniffing. These could be signs that your puppy is ready to go potty. They can’t do it on their own. Keeping a close eye on your puppy throughout this process is a great way for both of you to be successful.

3. Make a Schedule

Consistency is important when training a Cockapoo or puppy of any breed. For the best results, make your pup a feeding schedule and stick to it. When you first start potty training, a schedule is key. Yes, young pups need to go outside more. Get them in a routine like each morning when they wake up, after meals, after playtime, and so on. As your pup ages, you’ll find they can hold it longer. After the initial training phase, you can change your schedule to what’s best suited for your dog.

white fluffy cockapoo dog running on grass
Image Credit: Joe Caione, Unsplash

4. Be Consistent

Consistency helps when potty training a puppy. Using a leash and taking your Cockapoo to the same spot outside can help them learn what you expect from them. Leashes help them stay on track, while a consistent area will have their scent all around. This tells them it’s safe to go potty in this area. You also need to give them as many chances to potty as possible. Your pup will not understand if you take them to potty 5 or 6 times one day and only twice the next.

5. Be Positive and Rewarding

Each time you take your Cockapoo outside and they do their business, use positive reinforcement to show them they’ve acted correctly. Praising your pooch and offering them treats is a great way to show them you’re happy with their performance. A tip when praising your pup while outside is to not hurry back into the house. Your Cockapoo is quite smart. They will realize quickly if they wait to use the potty, they’ll get to spend more time outside enjoying the fresh air and smells.

Black cockapoo puppy staring at a treat in a womans hands
Image Credit: Oliver Colthart, Shutterstock

6. Stay Patient

While potty training your Cockapoo may be stressful, you must be patient with your pup. From the time your puppy is born, they relieve themselves whenever the urge hits. Changing this learned behavior takes some time. Your Cockapoo will sense when you are upset with them and may become stressed. When things feel like they aren’t going great, take a deep breath and keep trying.

7. Expect Accidents

No puppy is going to be potty trained in the blink of an eye. They will have accidents. If you use a crate to help with training, you may find those accidents taking place inside the crate, especially if it is too large for the dog. For those who prefer not to use crates, those accidents will take place inside your home. This could mean you waited too long to take your puppy outside or they couldn’t hold it any longer. Don’t see accidents as major setbacks to potty training. Instead, keep going to help your pup get back on track and correct any mistakes you may have made with their normal schedule. You should also clean up the accidents quickly to get rid of the smell. This will help keep your puppy from returning to this spot thinking it’s a safe area to potty.

Woman cleaning up after her dog as she picks up his cockapoo dog poo
Image By: DGLimages, Shutterstock

8. Keep Your Cool

This is possibly one of the most important parts of potty training your Cockapoo or any puppy for that matter. Losing your temper is detrimental to the process. Yelling at your dog or rubbing its nose where they’ve had an accident can instill fear in your dog. The last thing you want is for your pup to be afraid of you or to lose their trust in you. Instead of yelling or screaming, correct your dog using a chosen word like no. Keep your voice stern, so they understand they are doing something wrong, but don’t let your anger emerge. Your pup’s training sessions should be stress-free to be successful.

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Are Cockapoos Easy to Train?

After reading over these tips and tricks for potty training your Cockapoo you may be curious as to whether this breed is hard to potty train. Luckily for you, in most situations, Cockapoos are fairly easy to potty train. These dogs are intelligent, eager to please, and can focus on you easily. This ability to focus can make potty training this breed much simpler. As always, keep any training with your Cockapoo consistent and a good learning experience. They will pick up on your commands and learn your reactions. If you make training easygoing, your Cockapoo will feel the same way and become successful.

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Final Thoughts

While every Cockapoo puppy is different, these tips and tricks can make potty training easier for everyone involved. You and the rest of the family will be pleased to see your puppy learning the things they need to while keeping your home free of unwanted stains and smells. Your Cockapoo will be happy that they’ve succeeded and even more thrilled that they’ve made you happy with their actions.

Featured Image Credit: Robyn-May, Shutterstock

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