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150+ Indian Cat Names With Meanings: Our Top Picks for Your Cat

Chelsie Fraser

By Chelsie Fraser

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Your pet’s name is something special. Their name reflects you and the things you love. If you have connections to India or just love Indian culture, consider choosing a name from a country that is meaningful to you.

India is a country with a rich history and culture. There are dozens of languages spoken in India—Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil, Urdu, and more. With so many different languages and cultures, it’s not surprising that there are hundreds of beautiful names from India—so your cat will love a name from this list!

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Tips for Picking the Perfect Name

When you’re picking a name, there are lots of things to consider. You should pick a name that’s meaningful to you. Maybe your pet’s name comes from a culture that you are interested in, or maybe the name’s meaning describes your cat well. But that’s not the only thing to consider.

You’ll probably be saying your cat’s name a lot. You want a name that will roll off the tongue easily—or at least a nickname! Otherwise, you might just end up saying “kitty” and never saying your cat’s name.

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Male Indian Cat Names

India has many great masculine names that would work well for cats. Many Indian names translate into attributes like “fearless” or “wise” that might describe your cat well. Some of the names on this list come from words for big cats like Babur (tiger) or Singh (lion) and would make great names for your little wildcat.

  • Aamir: Prosperous
  • Aphay: Fearless
  • Aphijit: Victorious
  • Adil: Honest, fair, just
  • Agni: Name of the Hindu fire god
  • Akash: Open sky
  • Akshay: Unkillable
  • Amin: Truthful
  • Amir: Prince
  • Anish: Without a ruler
  • Anwar: Brighter
  • Arif: Expert
  • Aritra: An Oar
  • Asad: Lion
  • Ashwin: Title of the Hindu gods of sunrise and sunset
  • Ayaz: Frost
  • Azad: Free
  • Aziz: Powerful, respected, beloved
  • Babur: Tiger
  • Bala: Young
  • Chander: Moon
  • Chitan: Soul
  • Daniyal: Persian/Urdu form of Daniel
  • Dev: God
  • Devadas: Servant of the gods
  • Devaraja: King of gods
  • Gohar: Gemstone
  • Harsha: Happiness
  • Indra: Hindu god of rain
  • Irfan: Knowledge, learning
  • Javed: Eternal
  • Jay: Victory
  • Jayendra: Lord of victory
  • Jitender: Conqueror of the god Indra
  • Kailash: Crystal
  • Karan: Clever, skillful
  • Kartik: A constellation
  • Kavi: Poet
  • Khan: Ruler
  • Krishna: Hindu god
  • Lal: Little boy
  • Manas: Mind, intellect, spirit
  • Mani: Jewel
  • Manu: Wise
  • Murad: Wish, desire
  • Nagendra: Lord of snakes
  • Nanda: Joy
  • Pradip: Light
  • Prakash: Shining
  • Prem: Love
  • Raj: Royalty
  • Raja: King
  • Rajiv: Striped
  • Rajnish: Lord of the night
  • Ravi: Sun
  • Rohan: Bright
  • Sachin: True
  • Samir: Air
  • Sandip: Blazing
  • Sardar: Leader
  • Sashi: Moon
  • Shandar: Fabulous
  • Shantanu: Wholesome
  • Singh: Lion
  • Vasu: Excellent
  • Vijay: Victory
  • Vishnu: Hindu protector god
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Image Credit: Pixabay

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Female Indian Cat Names

Many of the feminine names here will compare your cat to nature or call her beautiful. Other Indian names are beautiful titles like Devika (little goddess) or Sultana (female sultan/queen) that would remind you of your cat’s nobility. Whatever name you choose, it’s sure to be beautiful.

  • Abha: Splendor, light
  • Aditi: A Hindu Goddess of the sky and fertility
  • Amita: Immeasurable, infinite
  • Anika: Splendor, army
  • Anila: Breeze, wind
  • Anisha: Sleepless
  • Aparajita: Unconquered
  • Archana: Honoring, praising
  • Aruna: Reddish brown
  • Asha: Wish, hope
  • Avani: Earth
  • Bushra: Good news
  • Chanda: Fierce, passionate
  • Devi: Goddess
  • Devika: Little goddess
  • Dipa: Lamp, light
  • Divya: Divine, heavenly
  • Durga: Hindu warrior goddess
  • Fariha: Happy
  • Fatima: To Abstain
  • Gauri: White
  • Gita: Song
  • Grishma: Summer
  • Hema: Golden
  • Inaya: Care, concern
  • Indira: Beauty—also the name of India’s first female prime minister
  • Isha: Noblewoman, master
  • Jahanara: Adorn
  • Jannat: Paradise
  • Jyotsna: Moonlight
  • Kalpana: Daydream, imagined
  • Kalyani: Lovely, beautiful
  • Kamala: Pale red
  • Kanchana: Golden
  • Kartika: A constellation
  • Kaur: Princess
  • Kavita: Poem
  • Kumari: A name for the Hindu goddess Durga
  • Laboni: Beauty, loveliness
  • Laila: Night
  • Lavanya: Beauty, grace
  • Lila: Play
  • Lilavati: Charming, amusing
  • Malati: Jasmine
  • Maryam: Indian form of Mary
  • Mina: Fish
  • Mira: Ocean
  • Mumtaz: The queen for whom the Taj Mahal was built
  • Nasrin: Wild Rose
  • Nazia: Sweet, Coy
  • Nila: Blue
  • Nisha: Night
  • Padma: Lotus
  • Parvati: A Hindu goddess of love and power
  • Radha: Success
  • Reshmi: Silk
  • Saira: Traveler
  • Sandhya: Twilight
  • Savitri: Daughter of the Hindu Sun God
  • Shahnaz: Delight of the king
  • Shanta: Calm
  • Shweta: White
  • Sita: Queen in the Ramayana
  • Sitara: Star
  • Sultana: Female sultan
  • Veda: Knowledge
  • Vidya: Knowledge, science, learning
  • Vimala: Clean, spotless
  • Yasmine: Jasmine
  • Zahida: Pious
Black Smoke Persian Cat
Image Credit: Linn Currie, Shutterstock

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Gender Neutral Indian Cat Names

If you aren’t sure of your cat’s gender or you just don’t want to tie your cat down, there are many beautiful gender-neutral names from India. In many Indian languages, masculine and feminine forms of names are spelled differently, but when they are transliterated into English, they become gender neutral.

  • Amandeep: Light of peace
  • Amardeep: Immortal light
  • Apurva: Unprecedented, New
  • Arya: Noble
  • Balwinder: From the word Bala (might) and the name of Hindu god Indra
  • Chandra: Shining moon
  • Ezhil: Beauty
  • Gul: Flower/Rose
  • Jaya: Victory
  • Jyoti: Light
  • Kanta: Desired one, beautiful one
  • Kanti: Beauty
  • Khurshid: Shining sun
  • Kiran: Sunbeam, ray of light
  • Lakshmi: A Hindu goddess of prosperity and good luck.
  • Madhur: Sweet
  • Mandeep: from the words for intelligence and light
  • Mitra: Friend
  • Nasim: Breeze, wind
  • Navneet: Eternally new, fresh
  • Nilam: Sapphire
  • Nitya: Eternal
  • Radha: Success
  • Rajani: Dark one
  • Rashmi: Ray of sunlight
  • Shakti: Power
  • Shashi: Moon
  • Simran: Meditation
  • Swarna: Golden
  • Vijaya: Victory
Tuxedo Ragamuffin Cat
Image Credit: Kill_Baal, Shutterstock

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Picking a name for your cat can be a bit overwhelming. Some people get worried that their cat will not like the name. However, if you pick the name with love and care, we know your cat will love it! If your cat does not seem to be responding to the name, do not worry. Have a look at this list again and choose another one!

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