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101 Exotic and Wild Cat Names: Strong, Ferocious & Unique Ideas

Chelsie Fraser

By Chelsie Fraser

Exotic and Wild Cat Names

No ordinary cat name will do for extraordinary, exotic cats that have that extra something special. Once you’ve found that unique cat, it’s time to find a name! Whether your cat is an exotic breed or just looks like one, you need a name that fits their personality. Lucky for you, there are so many exotic, strong, and ferocious names to choose from.

To help you find the best name for your exotic and wild cat, we compiled a list of 101 names and a guide to help you choose one. To help you navigate the list, we’ve also split them up into boy and girl cat names.


How to Name Your Cat

a tabby cat eating from a bowl
Image Credit: Astrid Gast, Shutterstock

Try to be creative when coming up with a name for your new feline companion. Make sure that all the members of your family agree on the name and that it’s one you’ll be proud to announce when you have visitors. Here are a few tips on selecting a name for your cat:

  • Don’t rush it — You could be using your cat’s name daily for over 15 years, so it’s better to delay choosing a name for a couple of weeks than to choose the one that you’ll hate later.
  • Don’t overcomplicate it — Pick a name that’s easy to say. If you opt for a long name, make sure you like the abbreviation.
  • Consider other pets’ names — If you have other pets in the house, don’t choose a name too close to someone else’s, as it can cause confusion.
  • Match their personality — Some cats are named for their breed or their unique markings. If neither of these options appeals to you, name them for their personality. For example, Mouse is a fitting name for a shy, quiet cat, while Rusty fits a ginger-colored cat.

Above all, don’t stress about choosing your cat’s name. You’ll know it when you find it. The most important thing is choosing one that you like.

Exotic and Wild Boy Cat Names

bambino cat sitting on a sofa
Image Credit: Peterpancake, Shutterstock

This list will take you around the world, through several different languages, and back in time to wizards, warriors, and kings for male exotic cat names. Some of them are familiar names of Ancient Greek and Roman gods, while others describe personality features. If you’re tired of run-of-the-mill lists of boring cat names, read on!

  • Asher — a Hebrew name that means happy
  • Axel — a name that means “someone who likes peace.”
  • Balthazar — a strong male name
  • Boldness — a fantastic name for a brave cat
  • Buddha — a name appropriate for large cats
  • Dante — a literary hero
  • Enzo — an Italian name with the same meaning as Henry
  • Genghis Khan — a Mongolian warrior
  • Hans — a Dutch name meaning graciousness
  • Hercules — the name of a strong Greek god
  • Hermes — a Greek god
  • Jett — representing a black, precious stone
  • Jibri — the Arabic form of Gabriel
  • Jupiter — the name of a Roman god of war
  • Kameko — a Japanese name that means a superior creature
  • Lancelot — the name of King Arthur’s most esteemed knight
  • Lazarus — the name of the man Jesus rose from the dead in the Bible
  • Leonardo — a famous painter but also a ninja turtle
  • Leonidas — a famous king’s name
  • Maverick — a name that means “someone who plays by their own rules.”
  • Mekhi — the Russian version of the name Michael
  • Mercury — an ancient god and a poisonous heavy metal
  • Merlin — the wizard from Camelot
  • Moses — a Hebrew name representing wisdom and power
  • Napoleon — the French conqueror
  • Ninja — represents a Japanese warrior
  • Norm — a name that means “from the North.”
  • Orion — the name of a constellation that shows a mighty hunter
  • Panda — great for black and white cats
  • Phoenix — a fiery mythical bird that comes back to life
  • Piper — a British name that means a piper player
  • Prewitt — an odd name that means “the small but brave creature”
  • Quicksilver — a metallic name suitable for a speedy cat
  • Ramses — an Egyptian god
  • Raptor — a dangerous dinosaur that was a great hunter
  • Rasputin — a Russian prognosticator
  • Rocco — a tough-sounding Italian name that means rest
  • Saber — the French word for sword
  • Samurai — a Japanese warrior name
  • Shem — the name of Noah’s son in the Bible
  • Simba — an African name, also a name from “The Lion King:
  • Siri — a name that means tiger
  • Soren — means thunder
  • Sylvester — an Italian name that represents both a movie star and a cartoon cat
  • Ugo — the Nigerian name for eagle
  • Ulrich — a Russian word meaning wolf
  • Verdun — a name that means green, great for tortoiseshell cats
  • Xander — the short form of the Greek name Alexander
  • Zane — the Hebrew form of John
  • Zeus — the most powerful Greek god
  • Zigzag — a great name for cats with unusual patterns

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Exotic and Wild Girl Cat Names

a Norwegian forest cat eating from a bowl
Image Credit: Astrid Gast, Shutterstock

The exotic female cat names on this list are inspired by characters in mythology, fantasy, and history. Many of these names represent queens or royalty, perfect for the strong, gentle, female feline in your life.

  • Adeline — a German name meaning nobility
  • Aislin — an Irish name that means vision
  • Akila — an Egyptian name that means wise
  • Ambrosia — the Spanish word for divine
  • Angelika — a French name that means very praiseworthy
  • Bodhi — the name of a tree
  • Calithea — means beauty
  • Christmas — a cute cat name
  • Coco — French for help or helper
  • Dita — Czech for happy fighting
  • Dondi — means royal or regal lady
  • Fanaka — Swahili for generous
  • Flavia — an Italian word that means golden
  • Fleur — the French word for flower
  • Guinevere — the name of King Arthur’s wife
  • Jemima — a Hebrew name meaning dove
  • Kali — an African name meaning energetic
  • Katana — a Japanese word for sword
  • Layla — means night child
  • Leonora — ancient Greek for light
  • Lotus — a Japanese flower
  • Luna — Spanish for the moon
  • Morgan le Fey — the name of a powerful witch in Camelot
  • Nadia — a Russian name
  • Naomi — a Hebrew name associated with wisdom or kindness
  • Nefertiti — the name of an Egyptian goddess
  • Nia — one of the days of Kwanzaa
  • Nova — a Latin name for star or newness
  • Nur — the Arabic term for light
  • Odine — Latin for a wise lady
  • Olympia — named after Mount Olympus in Greece
  • Pandora — a mythological character
  • Parthena — means purity
  • Penelope — a Spanish name
  • Priya — a Sanskrit word for love
  • Raquel — a Hebrew moniker that means innocent
  • Reza — a Persian name that means will
  • Sadira — the Persian word for lotus plant
  • Sage — a name meaning wise
  • Selene — a Greek name that refers to the moon
  • Siona — an Indian word for star
  • Sofia — a popular Greek name
  • Svana — an Icelandic name meaning swan
  • Taj — a Sanskrit word that means crown
  • Talia — a Hebrew name that means “dew of heaven.”
  • Valda — a Latin moniker that means brave
  • Yolanda — Greek for flower
  • Zaliki — an exotic name that means wellborn
  • Ziva — an Israeli name that is also their Independence Day celebration

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Final Thoughts

Hopefully, one of the names on the lists appealed to you for your wild and exotic cat. You can’t go wrong with one of these name options. If you still can’t decide, try a few out to see which one your cat responds to or which one suits their personality best.

Featured Image Credit: Michael Morse, Pexels

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