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4 Indoor Dog Parks in Salt Lake City, UT (2023 Update)

Codee Chessher

By Codee Chessher

a female staff member at a doggy daycare

Salt Lake City is perhaps best known for its Mormon heritage and the vast open Bonneville Salt Flats, but the town has a lot of entertainment too. Museums like the National History Museum of Utah, orchestral music such as the Utah Symphony, and several places for your best four-legged furry friend to play indoors out of the Utahn heat. If you’re in search of the best indoor dog parks Salt Lake City has to offer, you’re in the right place. Just scroll down for all the details on all the hottest spots in town.

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The 4 Indoor Dog Parks in Salt Lake City, UT

1. Barley’s Canine Recreation Center

 📞 Contact Information:  https://swimatbarleys.com/
🗺️ Address: 📍2827 S 2300 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84109
🕐 Hours: 7am to 7pm
💲 Cost: $17 per 1-hour session with unlimited and membership pricing available

The best spot in Salt Lake City for your dog to beat the heat is definitely Barley’s Canine Recreation Center, which boasts a heated indoor saltwater pool where your dog can get swimming lessons, play, and have a good wet time. When they’re tired of that, they can head into the huge indoor play area outfitted with soft rubber padded flooring, full A/C, and plenty of personalized attention given to those who choose to make use of the grooming and boarding services also offered by the center.

2. Camp Bow Wow

 📞 Contact Information:  https://www.campbowwow.com/
🗺️ Address: 📍475 W 3600 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84115
🕐 Hours: 7am to 7pm
💲 Cost: ~$32 per day

Camp Bow Wow is a paw-some doggy daycare for your pup to get out their energy with other dogs with trained staff members providing valuable human attention. They have spacious private and public indoor play areas fitted with soft faux sod, agility equipment for athletic pooches, full air-conditioning, and 24/7 webcam access via smartphone if you’re boarding your dog. To make a more all-in-one service, Camp Bow Wow also offers grooming and behavioral training.

3. Dogmode


 📞 Contact Information:  https://www.dogmode.com/
🗺️ Address: 📍4030 S Howick St, Millcreek, UT 84107
🕐 Hours: 7am to 7pm
💲 Cost: $29 per day, $10 per 30-minute swim session

Dogmode is a doggy daycare slash aquatic fitness center, with both vast indoor play areas and a 45’ by 20’ temperature-controlled saltwater pool for your dog to splash around with other pups. The indoor play areas are fully air-conditioned and monitored via live webcams that you can access with your smartphone at any time, day or night.

For potty breaks and general outdoor canine shenanigans, there’s a generous fake turf outdoor area your dog can access at any time. To top it all off, there are separate rooms for senior and small dogs with appropriately comfortable doggy furniture like couches and cots.

4. Unleashed Dog Hotel

 📞 Contact Information:  https://www.dogsunleashed.com/unleashed-dog-daycare/
🗺️ Address: 📍5241 Commerce Dr, Murray, UT 84107
🕐 Hours: 6am to 8pm
💲 Cost: $35 per day

Unleashed Dog Hotel is yet another doggy daycare with a huge bone-shaped, temperature-controlled indoor pool surrounded by a climate-controlled indoor play area with realistic and non-toxic K9 Grass. There are even reclining beach chairs for your dog to dry off and rest.

Once they’re dry, they can head into the palatial fenced-off indoor play zone to socialize, run, and play to their little heart’s content. For your peace of mind, Unleashed Dog Hotel also has 24/7 live webcams you can access via your smartphone at any time.

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Bonus: Outdoor Dog Parks Near Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City has a few very nice indoor dog parks and hotels to choose from, but there are even more outdoor dog parks where your dog can get some fresh air and sunshine and get to engage with other dogs. It doesn’t hurt that they’re typically free . Check ‘em out below.

Outdoor Dog Parks in Salt Lake City, UT (With Hours & Locations:

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Salt Lake City is a heart of hustle and bustle in the vast Salt Flats, full of entertainment choices for you and your dog too! The outdoor options are fantastic, more affordable alternatives if you’re looking for both indoor and outdoor play spaces for your dog’s exercise routine.

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