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Kitten Care

Domestic Shorthair kitten

Everything needed for proper kitten care is reviewed here in our Kitten Care Guide from litter-pan training to toilet training (yes, that’s a thing!)

So you’re thinking about getting a kitten – well congratulations! and if you already have one – let’s get to work!

It’s incredibly exciting to welcome a new baby cat into your home, but information can be confusing and choosing the right products and the right path to take requires a little research. Check out our best recommendations and suggestions right here…

King Cat

Enjoy the journey and always remember…….Cats Rule!


Your Kitten Care Guide

So what are the stages of a kittens development, and what should you expect and implement as they grow and learn?

Well most vets and cat experts agree there are 4 distinct stages in a cats life cycle:

Kitten hood:    – birth to the onset of puberty, about  6-8 months

Young Adult:   –  puberty (6-8 months) to 6 years old

Middle -age:     – 7 to 11 years

Senior Citizen: – 12 years and older with many cats living up to 20 years!

So, between newborn baby cats and up to 8 months old is considered a kitten. Most cat breeds reach their full size at 6 to 8 months, with a little filling out for maturity, but some giant cat breeds, like the Maine Coon cat and the Bengal, seem to have extended kitten-hoods, not just physically, as they continue to grow for 18 to 48 months, but also, sometimes, with their training and mental maturity.

These breeds may be a little slower to master the concept of litter box use, and may also engage in some kittenish destructive behavior for a longer time, like knocking over plants, shredding toilet paper and playful nipping or scratching.

Meanwhile, tiny cat breeds like the Singapura, may reach full size and development before they are even half a year old. They may be quicker to pick up routines, and be more mature and manageable in their early development.

Giant cat breeds may also require a different food as they grow, so pay close attention to breeder and vet recommendations for your breed of kitten.


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cool cat facts

cool Kitty

The Abyssinian Cat is one of the oldest cat breeds in our history.  Images of Abyssinians can be found on pottery and jewelry dating back thousands of years. If King Tut had a cat, it was probably an Abyssinian!

Siberian kitten in bedSiberian kitten in bed

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