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14 Pretty & Impressive Maltipoo Haircuts (With Pictures)

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By Misty Layne

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If you own a Maltipoo, you already know how cute these pups are. But what if you could make yours even cuter? Believe it or not, you absolutely can with the right haircut! And there are several haircuts you can give your Maltipoo that are not only cute but pretty and impressive.

Ready to make your Maltipoo the prettiest pup on the block? Then take a look below at these 14 pretty and impressive Maltipoo haircuts! Any one of these will have your dog looking its absolute best and keep the compliments flying!

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How to Pick the Best Haircut for Your Maltipoo

When it comes to deciding the best haircut for your Maltipoo, there are only three questions you need to ask yourself:

  • What season is it?
  • Is my dog outside a lot?
  • Will I brush my dog every day?

Why do these questions matter? Well, what season you’re currently in should help you decide between a long or short cut (your dog may not appreciate incredibly long hair during the summer months!). Whether your dog spends a good amount of time outside can also help determine a good length because an outside dog will get dirtier than one that spends most of the time inside—that means you want a haircut that won’t attract dirt. Finally, the longer your dog’s coat, the more often you’ll need to brush it, so you should make sure you have the time to do so!

The 14 Maltipoo Haircuts

Here are 14 of the prettiest and most impressive Maltipoo haircuts you can give your dog!

1. Continental Cut

If you see this haircut and immediately think of show Poodles, then you’d be correct, as the Continental cut is the most popular cut for Poodles that compete. It’s also perfectly adorable on your Maltipoo, too (although this cut works best with curly or wavy hair). And it’s a fabulous cut for your pup in the summer since it helps your dog remain nice and cool. Admittedly, it does look a bit different on the Maltipoo than the Poodle, but it works nonetheless.

For this cut, the back, legs, tail, and face are shaved with pom-poms left on the tail and ankles. Meanwhile, the head and upper body are left with long, fluffy hair.

2. Kennel Cut

This cut is the most basic of Maltipoo cuts and is the easiest to do and maintain. Bonus? It’s super inexpensive! This cut is best for pups that are extremely active and get dirty a lot, as it’s easy to clean.

Essentially, with this cut, you’re simply shaving your dog down till there’s an inch of fur left all over.

3. Lamb Cut

The Lamb cut is adorable on any Maltipoo and extremely common among Poodle hybrid breeds. And this cut is so standard for Maltipoos that it’s actually allowed on Poodles in the show ring now. This cut aims to make your pup look like a little lamb and is great for the colder months since the hair is kept a bit longer.

For this cut, the leg hair will be kept long, as will the ears. But the hair on the body will be cut shorter, and the face will be trimmed.

4. Maltese Cut

Asking for a Maltese cut can get you a range of styles, as you’re merely requesting that your dog be groomed to look more like its Maltese parent. Unless you specify what kind of Maltese cut you’re looking for, you could end up with something like the picture above or a cut that has the Maltese show dog floor-length fur. Decide before you go to the groomers which you want and make your request specific!

5. Miami Cut

The Miami cut, also known as a bikini cut, since it sort of looks like your pup is wearing a bikini after the cut is done, this cut helps keep tangles and mats out of hair.

The essential part of this haircut is that hair is left on the hindquarters and head, while the rest is cut almost to a shave.

6. Maltipoo Curled Poodle Cut

This Poodle cut is a great option for Maltipoos with very curly coats, as it will give your dog an adorable rounded look. And it’s easy to do! You only need to shave the tail, feet, and face, then cut the rest of your dog’s hair to whatever length you want. You can even leave pom-poms on the paws or tails if you prefer.

7. Puppy Cut

Don’t confuse this cut with the Teddy Bear! Though the two are similar, with this style, your dog’s hair is all the same length, while with the Teddy Bear, certain areas are left longer. The name comes from the fact that it makes your dog look puppyish, but this haircut definitely isn’t only for puppies.

8. Shih Tzu Cut

cute tricolored maltipoo dog with shih tzu cut
Image Credit: 12photography, Shutterstock

It may seem odd to get a haircut meant for an entirely unrelated breed for your Maltipoo, but a Shih Tzu cut is rather popular. Like with the Maltese, you’ll need to be specific in exactly what you want as Shih Tzu’s come in different styles. Otherwise, you could end up with a long haircut when you really wanted a shorter one, or vice versa!

9. Soft Curls Cut

There’s not much to this sweet haircut for Maltipoos with curly hair. You’re basically just leaving your dog’s coat at a medium length and putting some layers in. Doing this allows your pup’s natural curls to really show up, and the entire look is incredibly soft and fluffy, so your pet will steal hearts wherever it goes.

10. Summer Cut

The Summer cut is just the name for an incredibly short Maltipoo haircut—one that’s perfect for hot summer days. It’s becoming more popular because it keeps dogs nice and cool while also preventing them from getting matted fur, and it requires less brushing on your part. To get this look, you want to cut your dog’s hair—everywhere—to half an inch or less.

11. Teddy Bear Cut

The Teddy Bear cut is likely the most popular Maltipoo style (and quite popular for other breeds as well!). It’s also a classic that is most often associated with Poodle mixes.

The trick to this absolutely adorable haircut is ensuring the hair on the head and face is longer than on the body. Keep in mind, though, that this haircut requires a bit of maintenance in the form of constant brushing and trimming!

12. Town and Country Cut

This cute cut is often seen on the Maltese and is a fairly traditional one for the Maltipoo. It also provides a bit of leeway regarding how long or short you want your dog’s hair to be cut.

The essential part of this look is that the hair on the tail, face, and feet is what’s being trimmed, rather than any other areas. All in all, this look is versatile and suitable for any season!

13. Maltipoo Mohawk

This one is only a partial haircut, but it’s super cute and a lot of fun! And it’s exactly as it sounds—you’re giving your Maltipoo a mohawk by leaving a strip of longer hair on the top of its head. Some groomers will even dye the mohawk in fun colors if you ask! It’s the perfect look for any tiny rebel.

14. Little Fringe


The Little Fringe is another partial cut and is really meant to be used when your dog’s hair has gotten a bit long and is getting in its eyes. Hair in the eyes can cause issues, so you definitely don’t want to let it go unchecked. Plus, the Little Fringe can really make your dog’s eye pop, making it cuter than ever!

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Final Thoughts

If you have a Maltipoo, there are so many different types of haircuts you can give it! From short to long haircuts or haircuts designed to enhance the beauty of a curly or straight coat, there’s really no shortage of hairstyles for your dog. And every one of the haircuts listed here is guaranteed to make your Maltipoo the most impressive dog on the block!

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