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Mantle Great Dane: Facts, Origin & History (With Pictures)

Cassidy Sutton

By Cassidy Sutton

mantle great dane dog at the beach

Great Danes live up to their name by being one of the largest dogs in the world. At 150 pounds and standing 30 inches high, these dogs have earned the nickname the “Apollo of Dogs.” Even so, these gentle giants love to cuddle and are exceptionally friendly.

There’s a bit of mystery behind the breed since their history is scarce. But we know enough to understand what makes Great Danes so great in the first place.

In this article, we’re highlighting the Mantle Great Dane, a black and white coat coloring. We’ll also talk about the general history of the breed. Let’s begin.

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The Earliest Records of the Mantle Great Dane in History

Great Danes are often associated with Denmark, but they’re actually a German breed. In Germany, their name Deutsche Dog translates to “German Dog.” Great Danes have been around for at least 400 years. The bloodline may go even further back in history, but we can’t say for certain.

In the 16th century, German nobles bred Great Danes to hunt ruthless wild boar. The Great Danes at this time probably differed from the ones we know today since modern Great Danes aren’t hunting wild animals.

mantle great dane dog standing outdoor
Image by: mkzdillon, Shutterstock

How the Mantle Great Dane Gained Popularity

By the 18th century, people started noticing the breed’s versatility. People began using Great Danes to protect their families, estates, and carriages. Great Danes happily took the job. It didn’t take long for people to see how lovely these dogs served as family pets.

Towards the end of the 19th century, a more refined version of the Great Dane settled. We don’t know exactly when the breed arrived in America, but the Great Dane Club of America was founded in 1889.

Today, the Great Dane is popular in America. The AKC ranks them as the 17th most popular dog breed out of 284 breeds.

Formal Recognition of the Mantle Great Dane

The American Kennel Club officially recognized the Great Dane in 1887. Two years later, the Great Dane Club of America was formed.

Great Danes come in several colors, but the AKC doesn’t recognize all available coat colors. Thankfully, the Mantle Great Dane is considered an official breed standard. If you want to register your Mantle Great Dane with the AKC, go right ahead!

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Top 3 Unique Facts About the Mantle Great Dane

1. The Great Dane has six different names in France

Great Danes have had their fair share of names, especially in France. The one that stuck with Germany was “Deutsche Dogge,” which means “German Mastiff.”

close up of a mantle great dane dog
Image by: mkzdillon, Shutterstock

2. Great Danes are the tallest dogs worldwide

No other dog in the world stands as tall as a Great Dane. The females stand between 29 to 30 inches, and the males stand between 30 and 32 inches.

3. Great Danes have short lifespans

Big dogs are known to have shorter lifespans than small dogs, but Great Danes have some of the shortest. They only live about 7 to 10 years. Good health and veterinary care can certainly prolong a Great Dane’s life, but these dogs are short-lived either way.

side view of a mantle great dane dog
Image by: JensSell, Pixabay

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Does the Mantle Great Dane Make a Good Pet?

If we’re talking about temperament, Great Danes make excellent pets. These dogs are docile, well-mannered dogs around children and other pets. They love cuddles and will even go as far as to sit in your lap. They also don’t require much grooming. A monthly brush is all they need.

However, taking on a dog as big as a Great Dane is a huge responsibility. Although they’re timid with children, their large size can easily knock over a small child. They’re strong, vigilant, and stubborn at times.

Anyone looking at adopting a Great Dane will need to dedicate time to training and caring for this breed. Planning ahead is essential with the tallest dog in the world as a pet.

The good news is their kind, gentle personalities make up for their size. Apartment dwellers could have great success keeping a Great Dane simply because they don’t cause much ruckus. But Great Danes fit in with any family, as long as they have someone to snuggle with.

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Final Thoughts

The history of the Great Dane is lacking, but their size isn’t. As the tallest dog in the world, it’s not surprising that German nobles put the breed’s strength to the test for hunting purposes. Great Danes don’t do as much hunting these days. They’d prefer to cuddle in someone’s lap.

If you’re looking to adopt a Great Dane, try to evaluate your space and decide if it’s worth it. If so, check out local rescues or find a reputable breeder.

Featured Image Credit: mkzdillon, Shutterstock

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