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Mini Irish Doodle: Facts, Origin & History (With Pictures)

Sarah Psaradelis

By Sarah Psaradelis

Parent Breeds of Mini Irish doodle

The Mini Irish Doodle is a crossbreed between the Miniature Poodle and the Irish Setter. These dogs have the Irish Setter’s silky and manageable coat and the Miniature Poodle’s adorable size. Mini Irish Doodles are designer dogs, and their teddy-like appearance makes them highly sought out by dog lovers.

This article will explore the fascinating facts and history surrounding Mini Irish Doodles.

Breed Overview

Height: 12–17 inches
Weight: 25–35 pounds
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Colors: Chestnut, chocolate, mahogany, cream, apricot, white, black, and red
Suitable for: Active families with children, and those looking for a low-shedding dog
Temperament: Affectionate, loyal, intelligent, and obedient

Mini Irish Doodles stand out with their soft, wavy coats that can be found in numerous colors typical of the Irish Setter and Poodle. Common coat colors for these dogs are shades of brown and red, often with small white patches on their chests. They are a miniature dog breed and usually weigh no more than 35 pounds. However, the larger Standard Irish Doodle exists too, and has standard-sized parents.

Owners of Mini Irish Doodles usually choose these dogs for their well-natured temperament and adorable appearance, and especially for their hypoallergenic coats.

Mini Irish Doodle Breed Characteristics


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The Earliest Records of Mini Irish Doodles in History

The exact origins of Mini Irish Doodles are not well documented, but the Irish Setter and Miniature Poodles are. Both breeds have similar origins as hunting dogs to retrieve small game, such as birds.

Irish Setters are purebred dogs with origins dating to Ireland in the 18th century. They were developed as gundogs or sporting dogs that would retrieve small game for hunters using their excellent sense of smell. The earliest ancestors of the Irish Setter were the Irish Red and White Setter with a patchy coat. Further breeding led to the development of the Irish Setter’s uniform red or intense brown coat.

The Miniature Poodle is a smaller variation of the Standard Poodle that was developed to retrieve ducks in Germany. Miniature Poodles were popular amongst royalty in France as loyal companions.

How Mini Irish Doodles Gained Popularity

Mini Irish Doodles gained popularity during the 1980s, around the same time the Standard Irish Doodle became popular as a designer dog breed. Since the Standard Irish Doodle was a hit with dog lovers, creating a smaller version of the dog made sense to breeders.

The parenting breeds of the Mini Irish Doodle have been popular companions and working dogs since the 19th century. So, breeding two popular dog breeds developed for the same purpose creates another highly sought-after hybrid dog. With their lapdog-friendly size, teddy-like coats, and loving temperaments, it’s clear why the Mini Irish doodle quickly gained popularity.

Formal Recognition of Mini Irish Doodles

Mini Irish Doodles are not formally recognized by any major club because they are not purebred dogs. However, you can find them listed on smaller registries such as the American Canine Hybrid Club (ACHC) and the Designer Dog Breed Registry (DBR).

Although the Mini Irish Doodle is not formally recognized, both of their parent breeds are. The Irish setter was recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1878. The Miniature Poodle was recognized a year later in 1887.

There is no current breed standard for Mini Irish Doodles, and their appearance can vary depending on their parents.

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Top 3 Unique Facts About Mini Irish Doodles

1. Mini Irish Doodles Can Be Different Generations

Like with most hybrid dog breeds, the Mini Irish doodle is categorized into different generations.

An F1 generation Mini Irish Doodle has purebred parents and shares around 50% of their genes with them. An F1b generation Mini Irish Doodle will only have one purebred parent, in this case, either the Irish Setter or Miniature Poodle. If the Mini Irish Doodle is from the F2 generation, both parents were an F1 hybrid breed, and so forth.

The generation your Mini Irish Doodle is from can influence their appearance, health, and often their temperament.

2. They Can Be Found In The Same Colors as Their Parents

Mini Irish Doodles do not disappoint when it comes to their coat colors. These hybrid dogs are found in numerous colors ranging from red, chestnut, and even black. They inherit these coat color variations from their parents.

3. Mini Irish Doodles are Low-Shedding Dogs

Mini Irish Doodles are considered low-shedding dogs because of their poodle parents. However, the amount of fur your Mini Irish Doodle sheds may depend on their generation. Mini Irish Doodles with more Miniature Poodle genes will likely shed less than one with more Irish Setter genes. Miniature Poodles are low-shedding dogs and are considered hypoallergenic. Irish setters are moderate-shedding dogs but shed heavily twice a year.


Does a Mini Irish Doodle Make a Good Pet?

Caring for a Mini Irish Doodle is no different than other miniature dog breeds. They require frequent grooming, a healthy diet, veterinary treatment, and regular exercise to keep healthy. Mini Irish Doodles are very energetic dogs, so they benefit from regular exercise during playtime and walks. These dogs are suitable for most apartments or smaller homes with a little garden area, although they can benefit from extra space.

Mini Irish Doodles are relatively easy to train but can lose focus easily if training becomes long and boring. Most Mini Irish Doodles are a 10-to-15-year commitment, so ensure that you can care for them for the next decade.



Mini Irish Doodles are a hybrid breed of two popular working dogs—the Irish Setter and Miniature Poodle. They have inherited the desirable traits and manageable coats from both their parents and are always eager to please their owners. Although the exact origins of Mini Irish Poodles are poorly documented, their popularity as adorable and devoted pets is rising.

Featured Photo Credit: (L) TMArt, Shutterstock | (R) tsik, Shutterstock

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