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16 Most Cuddly and Affectionate Cat Breeds (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

sleepy cat laying on the lap of owner

Many people believe that cats are too aloof to show that they care about us humans. Dedicated cat-lovers know better, though. Cats just show their affection a little differently. Sometimes they are loud about it, like the talkative Siamese, while others prefer a quieter approach, like the Persian.

We compiled this list to show there are plenty of affectionate cat breeds out there. All these cats have different ways of showing their affection, but they all love being around their favorite people. Whether they curl up on your lap or tempt you into a lengthy play session, you’ll know without a doubt that they adore you.


Top 16 Cuddly and Affectionate Cat Breeds

1. Ragdoll Cat

Blue point Ragdoll lying on couch
Image Credit: Daniel Krason, Shutterstock
Origin: Riverside, California
Lifespan: 13 – 15 years
Height: 9 – 11 inches
Weight: 10 – 20 pounds

First introduced in the 1960s by Ann Baker, Ragdoll cats are descended from a stray called Josephine and a range of other cats that Baker owned. As one of the most adorable breeds out there, a Ragdoll adores being around people. They even get their name from their habit of completely relaxing, like a ragdoll, whenever someone holds them.

Purebred Ragdolls are available in six colors: blue, chocolate, cream, lilac, red, and seal. They also have four different patterns: bi-color, colorpoint, mitted, and van.

2. Siamese Cat

woman caresses a small Siamese kitten
Image Credit: Anasttrofimova20, Shutterstock
Origin: Siam (Thailand)
Lifespan: 15+ years
Height: 8 – 10 inches
Weight: 6 – 14 pounds

Also known as “Meezers,” Siamese cats were first introduced in Thailand. They earned their name from the original name of the country, Siam, before it was changed in 1939. These cats have been among the more popular breeds since they were brought to the U.S.A. in the 1880s.

Siamese cats have a regal appearance, with their white or cream coloring and sleek coats. They’re also well-known socialites among cat-lovers. As people-oriented cats, they don’t like spending too much time alone. They’ll talk your ear off even as they settle down for a catnap on your lap or follow you around the house.

3. Maine Coon Cat

Maine coon cat cuddling owner
Image Credit: Fercast, Shutterstock
Origin: Maine, U.S.A.
Lifespan: 9 – 15 years
Height: 10 – 16 inches
Weight: 8 – 18 pounds

Maine Coons are the gentle giants of the cat world. They’re playful, affectionate, highly intelligent, and even managed to fight extinction. While they’re not among the most outgoing cat breeds, especially around folks whom they don’t know well, they’re devoted to the people whom they do trust.

Unlike many other affectionate cat breeds, though, Maine Coons like to keep a little distance. They’re usually not lap cats, but they’ll happily traipse around the house after you or sit beside you on the couch. They’ve also been known to bat at the water in the bathtub as you bathe.

4. Persian Cat

Persian cat cuddling owner
Image Credit: ANURAK PONGPATIMET, Shutterstock
Origin: Persia (Iran)
Lifespan: 10 – 15 years
Height: 10 – 15 inches
Weight: 7 – 12 pounds

Sedate and quiet, Persian cats are selective about whom they share their affection with. But despite their reservations, they aren’t shy with those they deem worthy of their attention. Their peaceful natures make them among the less-demanding cats on this list.

While they love receiving attention from their human companions, they’re not vocal or pushy about it. As one of the quieter breeds, a Persian cat prefers gentle play sessions, ear scratches, and curling up on your lap after a long day.

They were first introduced to the U.S.A. in the late 1800s and quickly beat the Maine Coon in popularity.

5. Birman Cat

Woman cuddling a birman cat
Image Credit: Stokkete, Shutterstock
Origin: Myanmar (Burma)
Lifespan: 12 – 16 years
Height: 8 – 10 inches
Weight: 6 – 12 pounds

Birman cats might have an unknown history, but one thing that we can be sure of is their affectionate nature. Birmans are happy to make friends with everyone, from children to dogs, and even prefer being in multi-pet households. As “people cats,” they don’t like being left on their own too much.

They’re a great choice for Siamese lovers who want a quieter, less talkative companion. While they’ll let you know if you haven’t shown them affection recently, Birmans also aren’t pushy about when they receive attention. Their docile personalities and low maintenance make them great companions for seniors too.

6. Tonkinese Cat

tonkinese cat cuddle affectionate
Image Credit: Jessie Frances, Shutterstock
Origin: Thailand
Lifespan: 10 – 16 years
Height: 7 – 10 inches
Weight: 6 – 12 pounds

Descended from both Siamese and Burmese cats, the Tonkinese is a breed devoted to their family. They inherit the friendliest traits from both their ancestor breeds and demand all the attention that you’re willing to give and more.

Tonkinese cats will follow you everywhere, love to meet new people, and don’t do well alone. Puzzle toys and places to jump, including your shoulders, are firm favorites for these cats.

They also inherited the talkative trait from the Siamese, though they don’t have the same loud, raspy quality to their voice.

7. Scottish Fold Cat

cat snuggling with owner, scottish fold
Image Credit: cottonbro, Pexels
Origin: Tayside, Scotland
Lifespan: 11 – 14 years
Height: 8 – 10 inches
Weight: 6 – 13 pounds

Smart and active, Scottish Fold cats especially love playing games with their human family members. They’re social to a fault and will pull you into playtime as soon as you get home from the office or steal your lap for a catnap once you’ve sat down.

Like many of the affectionate breeds on this list, Scottish Folds don’t like spending time on their own. They do best with human interaction, and if you’re away at work frequently, you should consider getting your feline a companion so they don’t get lonely.

8. Bombay Cat

bombay cat cuddling affectionate with owner
Image Credit: Viktor Sergeevich, Shutterstock
Origin: Kentucky, U.S.A.
Lifespan: 12 – 20 years
Height: 9 – 13 inches
Weight: 8 – 15 pounds

Bombay cats are both affectionate and playful, with an intelligence suited for tricks, puzzle toys, and games of fetch. However, the Bombay doesn’t require endless amounts of play sessions. When they do ask to play, they’re easy to entertain and will happily amuse themselves with boxes and bottle caps over more expensive options.

They adore being the center of attention and will rule the roost over other cats in the household.

9. Sphynx Cat

sphynx cat cuddle affectionate with owner
Image Credit: Robert Way, Shutterstock
Origin: Canada
Lifespan: 9 – 15 years
Height: 8 – 10 inches
Weight: 6 – 12 pounds

All cats love to find warm spots to nap on, and the Sphynx is no different. Since they don’t have fur to keep them warm, their tendency to gravitate toward humans isn’t that surprising.

This is a breed that proves that “appearances can be deceiving,” and despite their un-cuddly appearance, they adore curling up on your lap. They’ll even sneak under your bed covers when you’re not looking.

Sphynx cats are also well-known for their attention-seeking nature. They’re devoted and loyal and love affection without being afraid to show it.

10. Burmese Cat

lilac burmese cat kissing womans nose
Image Credit; Julija Sulkovska, Shutterstock
Origin: Myanmar (Burma)
Lifespan: 10 – 17 years
Height: 9 – 13 inches
Weight: 8 – 15 pounds

Well known as the “Velcro cat,” the Burmese are friendly to a fault and even exhibit several dog-like habits. If you’re looking for a cat that enjoys company, the Burmese is a great choice. They will play with their human family instead of choosing to amuse themselves.

Fiercely loyal, they get along with everyone from children to seniors, and their Siamese blood makes them one of the more vocal cat breeds. Their voices, however, lack the raspy quality that many people find displeasing in the Siamese.

To your Burmese kitty, the most important thing is your presence, and they’re always delighted to borrow your lap for a snooze.

11. Abyssinian Cat

hand holding abyssinian cat
Image Credit: Mimzy, Pixabay
Origin: Southeast Asia
Lifespan: 9 – 15 years
Height: 8 – 10 inches
Weight: 6 – 10 pounds

Despite their name, Abyssinian cats aren’t native to Abyssinia, or Ethiopia, as we know it today. Their roots instead lie throughout Southeast Asia. Regardless of their origin story, though, they’re a favorite among cat lovers.

As one of the more active breeds on this list, the Abyssinian might not be the biggest cuddlers out there. But they make up for that with boundless enthusiasm for playtime with their favorite people. While they like being around people, they also don’t mind being in a single-pet household, as long as you shower them with attention.

12. Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffin cuddle affectionate with owner
Image Credit; evrymmnt, Shutterstock
Origin: California, U.S.A.
Lifespan: 12 – 16 years
Height: 10 – 15 inches
Weight: 10 – 20 pounds

Ragamuffins are descended from Ragdolls, with a bunch of other breeds thrown in to escape from the controlled breeding practice introduced by Ann Baker. Like their Ragdoll ancestors, Ragamuffins are known to go limp when carried.

They’re distinguishable simply by their coloring and size. Ragamuffins are among the largest cat breeds kept as pets. They’re also dedicated lap-cats and well known as the “teddy bears of the cat world.”

Other than their appearance, Ragamuffins share many of the same traits as their Ragdoll cousins. They love people, both strangers and family members, and other pets, but they don’t demand affection.

13. Nebelung Cat

Nebelung cat affectionate cuddle sleeping happy
Image Credit: Henk Vrieselaar, Shutterstock
Origin: U.S.A.
Lifespan: 11 – 18 years
Height: 9 – 13 inches
Weight: 7 – 15 pounds

One of the newest breeds on this list, the Nebelung cat has only been around since the 1980s. While they’re not the most sociable of cat breeds when it comes to strangers, the Nebelung is highly affectionate toward their family. They’re reserved and quiet, suiting older families and seniors better than households with young children. Despite being descended from the Russian Blue, Nebelungs are less vocal.

Unlike other people-oriented breeds, Nebelungs are happy to amuse themselves as often as they curl up on your lap. They enjoy routine and will often follow you from room to room whenever you’re at home.

14. Russian Blue Cat

cat owner belly rubbing her cat russian blue
Image Credit: Anna Hoychuk, Shutterstock
Origin: Russia
Lifespan: 15 – 20 years
Height: 9 – 11 inches
Weight: 7 – 12 pounds

Originally favored by Russian royalty, Russian Blue cats were once known as archangel cats due to their homeland, Archangel Island. Many people see them as a good luck charm, and their low maintenance, adoring nature, and independence make them favorites for families.

The Russian Blue might not be one of the most demanding of cats, but they’re not afraid to show their devotion or engage in playtime. They’ll get along with other cats, dogs, and children. Although vocal, they’re quite shy and will talk to you quietly.

15. Chartreux Cat

Chartreux cat with hepper collar_Grey

Origin: France
Lifespan: 12 – 15 years
Height: 9 – 11 inches
Weight: 6 – 12 pounds

Often mistaken for Russian Blues or British Shorthairs, Chartreux cats are quietly affectionate without being overbearing. They’ll accept any ear scratches that you offer but won’t demand your attention and are happy to entertain themselves.

The Chartreux is a well-known comedian, and this extends to their tendency to “mime” to their human companions. Instead of vocalizing their intentions, they prefer relying on their body language to get their point across, even to their human family members.

They’re a great companion to families who want an affectionate feline but are at work all day. The Chartreux doesn’t mind being alone as long as they get to take a catnap with you at the end of the day.

16. Snowshoe Cat

Snowshoe cat cuddly warm in bed affectionate
Image Credit: Yuliya Alekseeva, Shutterstock
Origin: Philadelphia, U.S.A.
Lifespan: 14 – 20 years
Height: 8 – 13 inches
Weight: 7 – 14 pounds

Whether the Snowshoe cat takes after their American Shorthair ancestor or their Siamese one, they’re a breed that loves socializing. Some individuals might be more affectionate than others, depending on their personalities, but they all love being around their favorite people.

Since the personalities of Snowshoe cats are so varied, the level of affection that they show can differ between individuals. Some will follow you everywhere and include themselves in family activities, while others prefer to stick with one family member. Either way, they can be chatty — although not as much as the Siamese — and even the show-offs of the breed enjoy cuddles.



How affectionate your cat is depends on their personality. Some breeds are better known for their shows of affection than others, but that doesn’t mean cats not on this list aren’t affectionate at all.

Proper socialization with adults, children, and other pets can help keep your cat at ease and make them comfortable. Building trust between you and your feline companion is the best way to create a loving and happy relationship.

Featured Image Credit: Alena Ozerova, Shutterstock

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