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Munchkin British Shorthair Cat Mix: Care Guide, Pictures, Info & More

Kit Copson

By Kit Copson

Munchkin British Shorthair Mix sleeping on her belly while relaxing underneath a wooden stool

Height: 6–9 inches
Weight: 7–9 pounds
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Colors: Blue (gray), black, white, lilac, chocolate, ginger, red, fawn, cream, cinnamon, sable, beige—various colors and combinations are possible
Suitable for: Any loving family looking for an affectionate and friendly cat
Temperament: Sweet-natured, easygoing, loyal, playful, not very demanding

With a Munchkin British Shorthair mix, anything is possible. Like other Munchkin cats, their legs come in various lengths ranging from “standard” (longer legs) to “rug-hugger”, which is the type with the shortest legs.

Moreover, Munchkin British Shorthairs are very much a pick ‘n’ mix in terms of coat color combinations and patterns. Their short but plush coats come in a wide range of colors including blue (gray), which is the most recognizable British Shorthair color, but black, white, ginger, chocolate, lilac, and fawn among others are also possible because both parent breeds are very diverse in the color department.

If you’ve been charmed by the Munchkin British Shorthair’s cuteness and diversity and are ready to learn about what it’s like to spend your life with one, read on to find out more!

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Munchkin British Shorthair Mix Kittens


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3 Little-Known Facts About Munchkin British Shorthair Mixes

1. Munchkin Cats Are Faster Than You’d Expect

Whichever Munchkin mix you get, one thing you’ll notice is that these little cats are surprisingly agile. Though they’re not the most adept at jumping up on furniture, they still have plenty of energy for running and climbing.

It’s impossible to tell if your Munchkin British Shorthair will be super active or more of a couch potato because British Shorthairs are generally quite calm whereas Munchkins are said to be more active.

2. A Variety of Coat Patterns Are Possible

Munchkin British Shorthairs aren’t just diverse in the color department—their coat patterns also vary greatly, as is the case with both parent breeds. Possible coat patterns include bi-color, solid, calico, color point, tabby, shaded, smoke, and tortoiseshell.

3. Munchkin Cats Have a Unique Sitting Position

One of the most endearing things about Munchkins and Munchkin mixes is their tendency to stand or sit up on their hind legs like meerkats or prairie dogs.

Munchkin and British Shorthair
Parents of Munchkin British Shorthair Mix: Left – British Shorthair (FotoMirta, Shutterstock) | Right – Munchkin (MDavidova, Shutterstock)

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Munchkin British Shorthair Mix

As with coat colors and patterns, the Munchkin British Shorthair’s personality traits vary because they’re a mix between two breeds. Both the Munchkin and the British Shorthair are friendly, affectionate, and sociable breeds, but they may differ in terms of energy levels. Munchkins are generally more active and playful whereas British Shorthairs are reputed to be calmer and more placid in temperament.

Another thing the two breeds have in common is that they’re not known for being especially demanding of attention. Munchkin cats are quite confident whereas British Shorthairs are really chilled out, so, though they’re both typically friendly and sociable, they’re less likely to be excessively clingy than some other breeds.

Are Munchkin British Shorthair Mixes Good for Families? 👪

Yes, both Munchkins and British Shorthairs are great family cats, so there’s no reason a Munchkin British Shorthair mix wouldn’t be! They would fit well into any family with plenty of love to give and would very likely give it back tenfold! As with any breed, it’s important that children are taught how to sensibly and respectfully interact with the cat.

Do Munchkin British Shorthair Mixes Get Along with Other Pets?

Both Munchkins and British Shorthairs have traits that mean they can get along with other pets, but it depends on if they’ve been socialized with them. If you’re planning on bringing a new cat into your home with other pets, be sure to introduce them gradually to avoid overwhelming anyone.

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Things to Know When Owning a Munchkin British Shorthair Mix

Food & Diet Requirements 🐡

Like all other cats, Munchkin British Shorthairs require a high-quality diet to keep them in good health. Their diet should be balanced and contain protein, amino acids, fatty acids, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Clean water should also be available at all times. If you’re unsure what kind of diet would be best for your Munchkin mix, please consult your vet for advice.

Exercise 🐈

It’s important that your Munchkin British Shorthair gets enough exercise on a daily basis to prevent boredom and to keep them fit. We recommend investing in a few fun and mentally stimulating and interactive toys as well as a cat tree or two placed by a window if possible. Your Munchkin British Shorthair will no doubt love climbing up on it and watching the world go by.

Training 🧶

Both Munchkins and British Shorthairs are intelligent cats that are usually easy to train. If you’re new to cat parenting, here are some things you’ll want to focus on in terms of training and socialization:

  • Litter box training
  • Playing with toys
  • Getting accustomed to human touch
  • Meeting new people
  • Meeting and getting to know other animals in the household (gradually and under supervision)
  • Getting to know common sights, sounds, and smells in the home
  • Getting used to the feel of a brush
  • Getting used to nail trimming
  • Crate training (in preparation for vet trips and travel)

Grooming ✂️

Short-coated Munchkins and Munchkin mixes do fine with a good brush once per week to smooth out the coat, though you may need to brush them more regularly during shedding seasons.

They also need to have their nails trimmed often to prevent overgrowth and the discomfort that comes with it. Check your Munchkin British Shorthair’s ears frequently to make sure they’re clean and brush their teeth gently with a vet-approved cat toothpaste.

Health and Conditions 🏥

Minor Conditions
  • Minor tummy upsets

Serious Conditions
  • Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Pancreatitis
  • Uremia
  • Urinary tract disease
  • Lymphosarcoma
  • Kidney conditions
  • Obesity

To understand what conditions Munchkin British Shorthairs may be susceptible to, we need to explore the conditions the parent breeds are prone to. In the case of British Shorthairs, they can be prone to hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a heart condition caused by the thickening of the muscular heart walls.

According to experts, despite the controversy surrounding Munchkin cats’ health, they’re actually a pretty healthy breed. Both breeds have the potential to develop a variety of health issues just like other cat breeds, including kidney conditions and obesity among others.

Male vs Female

Both female and male Munchkin British Shorthair mixes would make wonderful companions and family cats. When it comes to gender, we can make generalizations but there are never any guarantees—especially with a cat as diverse as a Munchkin British Shorthair.

Going off generalizations, male cats are said to be a bit more cuddly, playful, and clingy, whereas females are said to have a more independent streak and are less likely to be so “in your face” with their affection. That being said, you can absolutely get clingy female cats and more independent males, so it really depends on the individual cat!

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Final Thoughts

The Munchkin British Shorthair is not a mix you can expect to come across often, though when you do, you’re unlikely to ever forget them! If you don’t find one, don’t be too disheartened—there’s always the British Shorthair, Munchkin, or one of the various other Munchkin mixes to consider instead.

You can even find beautiful Munchkins and Munchkin mixes waiting to be adopted for far cheaper than you’d have to pay a breeder, so it’s well worth checking out adoption sites and groups online.

Featured Image Credit: Nana Trongratanawong, Shutterstock

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