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My Rabbit Is Running Around Really Fast, What Does It Mean? 8 Reasons & What To Do

Adam Mann

By Adam Mann

group of rabbits in the grass

You know what’s typical behavior for your rabbit, so if they’re running around more than usual, it’s something you’ll want to take notice of. But what does it mean, and is there anything you need to do about it?

The truth is that it depends, so to help you figure out what’s going on and what you need to do, we’ve gone over some of the most common reasons and what you should do for each one down below!


The 8 Reasons Your Rabbit Is Running Around Really Fast

If you’re watching your rabbit run around with the zoomies, there are a few potential reasons for this.

1. They Need More Exercise

If your rabbit is running around back and forth in their cage as fast as they can, there’s a good chance they’re doing this because they can’t get their exercise out in other ways. If you don’t find ways for them to get their energy out like they need, they will keep trying to zoom around their cage.

2. They’re Happy

If your rabbit zooms around every time they see you, when you’re getting ready to let them out, or when you’re getting ready to feed them, they might be zooming around because they’re happy. There’s nothing wrong with this, just let them run around and display how they’re feeling.

red rabbit on green grass
Image Credit: Victoria Paladiy, Shutterstock

3. They’re Hungry

Sometimes a rabbit gets the zoomies when it’s time for a meal, even if they don’t realize a meal is coming just yet. If they’re always zooming around right around mealtime, there’s a good chance this is the reason.

4. They’re Having Fun

Rabbits are incredibly playful creatures, and there’s nothing wrong with this. Let them run around and enjoy themselves, it’s great to have a happy bunny on your hands!

English spot rabbit eating grass in the yard
Image Credit: MarkClark22, Shutterstock

5. They Want to Mate

If you have a male or female rabbit that isn’t fixed, which is a new behavior, they might be running around looking for a mate. This is a biological behavior, and unless you fix your rabbit, it won’t go away during mating season.

6. Trying to Get Your Attention

If your rabbit is running around you or zooming between your legs, they might just want your attention. Spend a little more time with them each day and they might start doing it a little less. Of course, you might just have a needy rabbit that wants your attention all the time, which means no matter how much time you spend with them, they’ll still run around trying to get more of your attention.

Young woman and her daughter playing with a pet rabbit in a park_Photobac_Sutterstock
Image Credit: Photobac, Shutterstock

7. They’re Scared

Did something scary just happen? Thunder and lightning, someone new entering the room, or a loud noise are all common things that can scare your rabbit. When something scares your rabbit, they’re likely to run. But as long as you’re not consistently scaring your rabbit, it’s nothing to worry about.

8. They’re Young

Kids move more than adults, puppies move more than dogs, and young rabbits move more than older ones. It’s all perfectly normal behavior, and as your rabbit gets a bit older, they should calm down a bit. Just ensure they’re getting enough time to exercise throughout their younger years too!

White Vienna Rabbit
Image Credit: Rastkobelic, Shutterstock


What Should You Do if Your Rabbit Is Running Around Really Fast?

If your rabbit is always trying to run around as fast as they can, it’s a good idea to evaluate everything you’re doing to care for them. How much exercise are you giving them, how much time are you spending with them, and how much are you feeding them?

If you’re meeting all their needs, you likely don’t need to do anything else, but if you’re unsure, reach out to a vet.


Final Thoughts

Now that you know a little more about why your pet rabbit might be running around really fast, it’s up to you to figure out if you need to do anything about it, if it’s perfectly normal, or if you need to take them to the vet. When in doubt, play it safe and take your rabbit to a vet so they can help you figure out what’s going on.

Featured Image Credit: onsuda, Shutterstock

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