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When Is National Treat Your Pet Day? 2024 Update & How to Celebrate

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By Nicole Cosgrove

There are national days dedicated to pets throughout the year. They range from National Pet Day on April 11th to National Cook for Your Pets Day on November 1st. Mutts, or mixed breed dogs, are so popular they not only have two national days on July 31st and December 2nd they even have their own Mayday for Mutts on May 1st. National Treat Your Pet Day is a day that encourages owners to give treats to all their pets. It was established in 2021 by pet treat company Dr. Marty Pets, and it takes place on October 30th every year.


How to Celebrate

The most obvious way to celebrate National Treat Your Pet Day is to buy treats for your pet dogs, cats, rabbits, and other species. Ideally, the treats should be appropriate for your species of pet, contain natural ingredients, and be safe. You should also take into account the calories, carbs, and other nutrients so that you can adjust your pet’s diet accordingly without overfeeding.

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Choosing the Best Pet Treats

1. Choose Species and Breed Appropriate Treats

Cats and dogs have different dietary requirements, and both have very different requirements from lizards and snakes. Choose treats that are appropriate for the species of pet you have. You should also consider whether the treat is breed-appropriate. Some treats that are ideally sized for big dogs might prove a choking hazard for small breeds.

2. Aim for Natural Ingredients

Some pet treats are heavily processed and contain very few natural ingredients. These can trigger sensitivities and allergies. They can also cause rashes and are generally not very healthy for pets. While natural ingredients do not necessarily mean that treats will be healthy or beneficial, they contain fewer chemicals and harsh ingredients, and are generally considered better for your pet’s health.

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3. Watch the Calories

Pets are much smaller than humans and they have lower calorie requirements than humans. That means, what seems like a small treat to us could contain an excessively large number of calories for a dog and especially for a cat. An average-sized dog needs a maximum of 1,000 calories per day, while the largest breeds need up to 1,800, but it depends on size and activity levels. Weigh your dog, determine its ideal weight, and then calculate how many calories they should be eating and factor the treats you provide in when calculating how much food to give each day.

4. Consider Dental or Supplemental Treats

Giving treats is a good opportunity to offer some dental care or perhaps supplement a vitamin or mineral that your dog is deficient in. Dental treats typically help remove plaque because they scrape the surfaces of the teeth, while supplement treats can contain anything from calcium to vitamin C. Don’t just feed these for the sake of it, though—always follow your vet’s guidance.

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5. Make Your Own

If in doubt, you can make your own pet treats. Research healthy recipes, use natural ingredients, and make your own treats if you don’t want to buy them. Even simple ingredients like pieces of boiled chicken will make very popular treats for dogs and cats.



National days dedicated to pets take place every month and occur annually. Some are just meant as a day to generally celebrate certain species or breeds of pets, while others have more targeted messages. National Treat Your Pet Day was established by Dr. Marty Pets and is celebrated on October 30th every year.

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