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How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost? (2024 Price Guide)

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

pomeranian dog looking up

Pomeranians are popular companion animals. It is easy to find breeders all over the country that specialize in these dog breeds. Typically, it isn’t terribly expensive to adopt one, either. You can expect to pay about $600 to $2,000 for a puppy from a qualified breeder. This is about average for a smaller companion dog.

Because these dogs are smaller, they typically cost less to take care of. For instance, you can expect to pay about $233 a month during your dog’s first year. Much of this will be spent in one large chunk, though, as your dog needs a variety of different supplies right off the bat. No puppy can thrive without dog bowls and a leash, for instance. After that, things will be substantially less expensive, as you’ll already own most of the supplies you need. You can expect to spend closer to $85 a year for every year after that.

While you’ll likely spend at least a little bit of money on the puppy itself, you’ll likely spend just as much over the dog’s first year. Therefore, it is important to budget appropriately.

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Pomeranian Price: One-Time Costs

When you’re thinking about bringing a puppy home, there are two main things you have to budget for. Firstly, you have to purchase the puppy itself. The price is going to depend largely on where you get the puppy from. Breeders will be the most expensive option, but even those vary considerably in price.

On top of the price tag of the puppy, you’ll also have to purchase plenty of supplies to go with the dog. This includes things like collars and leashes, as well as dog beds and toys. Your dog will need most of these things before they are brought home, so you’ll likely buy many of them in one big chunk.

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Image Credit: Steefk, Shutterstock

Free Pomeranians

While Pomeranians aren’t one of the most popular breeds around, it is more than possible to find them for free in some cases. The problem with free puppies is that they are usually also low-quality puppies. They are likely the result of an accidental litter, which means that the parents will likely not be health tested before being bred. Therefore, they may be more prone to health problems.

Many of these puppies also do not receive the proper health care. They’re cheap because they haven’t had much money put into them. While they may be free upfront, these dogs are often more expensive later on.

Pomeranian Adoption

  • $50–$300

Adoption agencies sometimes have these dogs. They are common enough to have their own breed-specific rescues in many areas. You may also find them at your local animal shelter.

You commonly don’t know where these dogs came from. However, they do receive health care once they get to the animal shelter. Therefore, they likely won’t have any underlying health conditions upon adoption and will likely receive many of their vaccinations.

Adults are usually cheaper than puppies, as their adoption rates are lower. If you’re looking for an adult, this can be a great option. However, puppies are usually difficult to find.

Pomeranian Breeders

  • $600–$2,000

Breeders are going to be your more expensive choice, with a Pomeranian costing between $600 and $2,000. The higher cost is mostly because these puppies get a lot of time and money put into them. Their parents typically get health tested. The puppies are often taken for their first vet visit before adoption, which often includes vaccinations and a general exam.

Most puppies also receive a decent amount of socialization before they are adopted. This increases the likelihood that the puppies will adapt to their new home and can lower the chance of behavioral issues later on.

Pomeranian puppies
Image Credit: Natalia Fedosova, Shutterstock

Initial Setup and Supplies

  • $191–$360

Much of the extra money you’ll spend during your dog’s first year will involve one-time costs. Your puppy will need quite a few items before they are brought home, such as a brush, leash, and dog bed. There are many extras you can purchase, but the bare essentials are outlined below.

Luckily, because this is a smaller breed, you’ll be purchasing smaller items. Your Pomeranian doesn’t need a very large dog bed. Smaller equipment usually costs less, as there is a very small amount of material being used.

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List of Pomeranian Care Supplies and Costs

Food and Water Bowls $10
Dog Collars $10
Leash $10
ID Tag $5–$15
Dog Bed $35–$65
Dog Crate $40–$80
Urine Odor Removal Spray $10
Toys $30–$50
Brush (x2) $15–$45
Shampoo $10–$20
Toothbrushing Supplies $10–$15
Toenail Clippers $15–$30

How Much Does a Pomeranian Cost Per Month?

  • $216–$948 per month

Because these dogs are smaller, they generally cost less to upkeep each month. This is mostly because they eat less and usually end up needing fewer vet bills. They simply need very small amounts of medication, which means that you’ll typically be paying less.

Most of your costs will go towards things like grooming and vet visits. However, even these costs will be extremely low. Still, just because you won’t be paying that much doesn’t mean you shouldn’t budget for all their expenses.


pomeranian smiling while walking
Image Credit: Purplehorse, Pixabay

Health Care Costs

  • $166–$518 per month

Overall, these dogs will require very little health care costs. They aren’t going to require much food, simply because they are so small. They also require little vet care in most cases. The medication that they need will be surprisingly inexpensive due to the small dosage used.

These dogs will need a bit of grooming, though. This will cost you a bit of money. However, thanks to their small size, they typically don’t cost very much money to groom. They have long hair, but they don’t require much time to brush.

Dog Food Costs

  • $6–$8 per month

These dogs require very little food. They’re extremely small. Usually, this breaks down to only a few bucks a month, even if you’re purchasing very high-quality food. Puppies may be slightly less expensive than adults, but adults usually won’t cost enough extra to notice.

These dogs rarely need prescription foods. They usually don’t develop any of the health problems that require treatment through a special diet. However, if they do, you can expect to only pay a few more dollars a month.

Dog Grooming Costs

  • $100–$400 per month

Pomeranians should be groomed at least three to eight times a year. If you keep up with your dog’s grooming at home, you will likely need to send them less. However, if you only rely on a groomer for your dog’s needs, then you’ll likely need to increase your budget.

These dogs shed more about twice a year. During these times, you’ll likely want to send them to a groomer. During other times, you can likely take care of their needs on their own. However, if you don’t, you may need to increase the number of grooming sessions you choose.

groomer giving a fox face pomeranian dog a haircut
Image Credit: aonip, Shutterstock

Medications and Vet Visits

  • $25–$60 per month

Because of their small size, some of your Pomeranian’s health costs will be quite low. This includes stuff like medications since you’ll be needing a very small dosage. Your first-year costs will be the highest, as you’ll need to get your puppy vaccinations and take them to the vet at least three times.

Your costs may be lower if you purchase from a breeder, as they may take care of some of the vaccinations for you.

After that, you’ll be spending less. Your dog will need about one prevention vet visit a year, but there will be a lot more things done at this single visit. Therefore, it will cost more than it did when they were a puppy.

Pet Insurance Costs

  • $35–$50 per month

While these dogs are generally healthy, they can be prone to a few different health problems. These can be expensive. For instance, patellar luxation can cost up to $2,000. A collapsing trachea can cost upwards of $4,500 if surgery is necessary.

For this reason, we recommend getting health insurance. The pricing of insurance depends on a variety of factors, including how much coverage you get, deductibles, and similar factors. However, the cost upfront is typically quite small compared to the potential cost of treating these expensive conditions.

pomeranian dog with tongue out
Image Credit: funeyes, Pixabay

Environment Maintenance

  • $15–$400

These dogs don’t require much environmental maintenance. They are very small and don’t need much space or equipment. They usually can’t do too much damage to furniture, though that doesn’t mean your chair legs are safe.

Occasionally, these dogs may need a dog walker if you cannot take them outside at all. Generally, you shouldn’t adopt a dog if you aren’t home enough to take them out. However, if you occasionally work late, you may want to consider getting a dog walker occasionally.

Dog Walker $15–$400/month

Pomeranian Entertainment Costs

  • $15–$30

While these dogs do often love to play, they aren’t very hard on toys. They may need an extra toy or two a month for variety. Their toys will typically cost very little. You may only need a fairly inexpensive toy or two to keep these dogs happy.

While they often won’t destroy toys, they may lose them. For this reason, you likely continue to buy them on occasion. Plus, toys are likely to become dingy over time, even if they aren’t destroyed.

Luckily, it is very inexpensive to purchase new toys, especially if you check for sales. They need the smallest toys available, which often tend to be the most inexpensive ones.

pomeranian dog lying on grass
Image Credit: Nick Stafford, Pixabay

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Pomeranian

  • $216–$948 per month

The large majority of Pomeranian owners will spend around $300 on their Pomeranians per month. While it is possible to spend up to $948 for some dogs, this will include daily walks with a dog walker, high vet bills, and expensive pet insurance.

Most people are not going to pay high vet bills and high amounts on pet insurance. For this reason, you can expect to pay less than the maximum price in most cases. The only case where an owner may be spending close to $900 is if you live in a very expensive city. You may end up paying more in vet bills with pet insurance simply because of your vacation.

Also, here’s a great calculator that can help you estimate how much it will cost to adopt and take care of a dog.

Additional Costs to Factor In

We tried to budget for most average costs. However, there are other costs you’ll need to consider. Without pet insurance (and even with pet insurance), you may need to pay for some emergency vet bills. These can cost thousands if surgery is needed. We recommend having an emergency fund in case you need to pay these fees.

You’ll also need to consider boarding your pet while you’re out on vacation. Your pet may end up damaging some of your furniture or floors, which means that you may have to replace them. You may want to budget for this.

Most of the time, you won’t have to worry about behavioral training. These dogs are pretty well-behaved. However, you may need to spend money on training occasionally. These usually won’t cost more than a few hundred dollars, but your dog may require thousands of dollars if they need extensive training.

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Image Credit: Nick Stafford, Pixabay

Owning a Pomeranian on a Budget

While these dogs are not terribly expensive, there are a few ways to save a few dollars every month. However, you likely won’t be able to save extensive amounts of money. Even if you buy food in bulk, you’ll only be saving a few dollars a month. This dog simply doesn’t cost that much to take care of, so any savings you manage to scrap will usually be very small.

With all that said, there are a few ways you can save money. Most of this will involve doing more of the work yourself. For instance, if you do most of your dog’s grooming, you won’t have to worry about paying the groomer as much. You can also save by walking your dog as well, which will save you potentially hundreds on dog walking.

Saving Money on Pomeranian Care

You can purchase Pomeranian’s food in bulk, which will help you save a decent amount of money. However, you’ll be purchasing food so rarely that it likely won’t save you more than a few dollars a month. This is a great way to save money with large dogs—less so with Pomeranians.

We do recommend purchasing higher-quality items when possible. Choose a higher-quality dog bed, for instance. While it may cost you more upfront, you’ll likely save money in the long run. This applies to all your dog’s equipment, including their toys.

pomeranian puppy eating
Image Credit: aonip, Shutterstock

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Pomeranians are inexpensive to own and take care of. Their smaller size means that they’re cheaper to feed and generally have lower vet bills. Their supplies are also cheaper due to the smaller size. For example, they only need a very small dog bed, which is going to cost much less than a large dog bed.

Still, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t budget for them at all. They will cost a few hundred dollars to take care of each month. If your dog is unhealthy for whatever reason, the cost can rise quickly. While these dogs do have lower vet bills, surgeries will still cost thousands of dollars.

By planning appropriately for your dog’s needs, you can ensure that they’ll get all of their needs met without putting a financial strain on you.

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