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21 Essential Pomeranian Dog Supplies & Products: 2024 Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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A Pomeranian‘s personality defies their diminutive frame since they’re full of playfulness and pep. Ownership invites the unexpected, as this joyous pup’s intelligence, talent, and curiosity often exceed expectations and always make for unique memories. While their vigor offers welcome surprises every day, predicting and preparing for their needs is critical in guaranteeing your dog’s comfort.

As you anxiously await your Pomeranian’s arrival, acquiring a suitable set of toys, equipment, and consumables will smooth the transition into their new home. Set your dog up for success by grabbing these essential Pomeranian supplies.


The 21 Essential Pomeranian Dog Supplies

Food and Feeding Supplies

1. Puppy Food

Purina Pro Plan High Protein Small Breed Puppy Food DHA Chicken & Rice Formula

Pomeranians require a small breed dog food. If you’re getting a young Pom from a breeder, you’ll need high-quality puppy food with ample protein, healthy fats, and an appropriate calcium-to-phosphorus ratio.

The first year involves close attention and frequent feedings to ensure your Pom’s proper bone and muscle growth, cognitive development, and weight. Consult with your vet at each appointment to keep feeding on track.

Purina Pro Plan is a great choice for any dog, and its toy breed puppy formula is the perfect fit for a growing Pomeranian. Chicken is the top ingredient, with a rich blend of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals following it to support optimal growth. The tinier kibble supplies a tasty crunch and eases digestion, giving your Pomeranian the most benefit in every bite.

2. Food and Water Bowls

Frisco Matte Black Design Light Copper Stainless Steel Dog & Cat Bowl

Pomeranians do best with a shallow, narrow, and sturdy dish. Their smaller snouts can struggle to reach food at the bottom of elevated or deep bowls. A suitable bowl is critical in ensuring your Pom has ongoing access to fresh water and free-fed food during its first year.

Frisco Stainless Steel Food Bowls come in various sizes and designs to suit your style and Pomeranian. The non-skid, stainless-steel construction allows your Pom to eat and drink comfortably, delivering reliable performance well into adulthood.

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Treats and Toy Supplies

3. Training Treats

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Lamb & Salmon Recipe Grain-Free Dog Treats

Treats are an essential Pomeranian supply at all life stages, whether training your puppy, teaching new tricks, or simply rewarding your dog for a job well done. Although treats should make up less than a tenth of their daily diet, looking for high-quality ingredients is no less essential.

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites are an excellent starting point when you’re looking for enjoyable, healthy treats. The lamb and salmon recipe is grain-free and includes all-natural ingredients, including DHA and omega-3 sources. The soft chews are easy to break into smaller pieces, making them more manageable for your Pom.

4. Teething Toys

Nylabone Just for Puppies Teething Chew

Pomeranian puppies can get uncomfortable during the teething period in their first year. Teething toys are a lifesaver when your dog is in pain, stressed out, and needing an outlet. The Nylabone Just for Puppies chew toy set is an excellent fit, offering a flavorful and safe way for your Pomeranian to find relief and improve their dental health.

5. Chew Toys

Nylabone Power Chew Original Flavored Dog Chew Toy

Pomeranians aren’t typically voracious power chewers, but many enjoy a tooth and jaw workout from a chew toy. They’re ideal for having on hand to keep your dog occupied when they start showing signs of boredom and can train your Pom to redirect their biting behavior to a more suitable outlet.

Products like the Nylabone Power Chew dog chew toy are perfect for your Pom’s smaller mouth, featuring a tasty chicken flavor to keep them satisfied.

6. Treat-Release and Puzzle Toys

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound

A treat-release game and other mentally stimulating puzzle activities will give your dog brief spurts of entertainment and a chance for you to bond. Popular products from Nina Ottosson, like the Brick Puzzle Game Dog Toy, are enriching ways to feed your dog and provide an engaging challenge.

Changing puzzle toys frequently is critical if your dog prefers them. You want to keep the challenges fresh, intriguing, and appropriate for your dog’s skill and age level. Swapping them will also reduce the risk of injury as they outgrow or wear out old toys.

7. Soft Toys

Multipet Loofa Dog The Original Squeaky Plush Dog Toy, Color Varies

Plush toys are a handy alternative to the typical chew toy. They’re great for playing fetch, keeping your dog busy, and providing a familiar, comforting companion when your Pom is alone. The Multipet Loofa Dog Original Squeaky Plush Dog Toy is a prime example of the type of toy to buy, featuring an attention-grabbing squeaker for ongoing enjoyment.

Soft toys and activities also need frequent changes if your dog begins destroying them or becoming disinterested. Alongside the classic squeaker plush toy, look for a rich assortment of toys that excite with lights, noisemakers, and motion to let your dog stay engaged without needing your attention.

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Walking Supplies

8. Leash

PetSafe Premier Nylon Dog Leash

A dog leash is necessary for leash training, an essential aspect of socializing your dog and walking around the neighborhood. Getting your dog comfortable with the leash will make life easier for vets, doggy day camp staff, and pet sitters to control them when needed.

A retractable or adjustable dog leash is fine for a Pomeranian, but you can’t go wrong with a classic, inexpensive nylon leash. The PetSafe Nylon Dog Leash is durable, comfortable, and available in numerous colors to match your dog’s harness and collar.

9. Harness

Chai’s Choice Premium Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness

Pomeranians need dog harnesses while on a leash. Their weak necks put them in danger with a leash and collar, and excessive or frequent stress can cause significant damage to the trachea.

A harness like Chai’s Choice Premium Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness distributes the pressure across the body, with soft padding enhancing comfort and making leash time more enjoyable for your dog. The Chai’s Choice harness includes reflective tape for nighttime walks and eases car travel with a seatbelt-securing handle.

10. Collar

Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Collar

A collar isn’t practical for a leash, but it’s the best way to keep your dog’s ID on them. Although their harness will have a spot for your Pom’s ID, you probably won’t want them in it at all times. If you only attach an ID to the harness, it could cause trouble should your dog run off while at home. A collar, like the simple yet effective Frisco Solid Nylon Dog Collar, will keep your dog easy to ID and locate at all times.

11. Waste Bags

Arm & Hammer Assorted Disposable Waste Bag Refills

Waste bags are a crucial accessory whenever you take your dog outside. Picking up your Pom’s waste is considerate of anyone else who might share the area, but more importantly, it prevents any environmental damage from your dog’s waste.

Dog feces is a biohazard, leaving the potential to spread disease or parasites. An inexpensive option like Arm & Hammer’s disposable bags with odor control is all you need to safely handle your dog’s waste while out for a walk.

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Comfort Supplies

12. Crate

MidWest iCrate Fold & Carry Double Door Collapsible Wire Dog Crate

A dog crate is a secure retreat for your dog and a helpful hangout for when you’re away. Crate training is another brilliant idea for almost any dog owner, saving you the hassle of exhaustive cleanups and giving your dog a helpful foundation for staying tidy in the house.

A small 22-inch or 24-inch crate like the MidWest iCrate double-door dog crate is perfect for a Pom and offers versatile arrangements in the home.

13. Dog Bed

Best Friends by Sheri The Original Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler Cat & Dog Bed

Even if your dog loves cuddling with you in your bed or on the couch, they still deserve a comfy bed to call their own. A dog bed provides the optimal support for your Pom’s frame to let them get the most reinvigorating rest possible. A small bed like the Calming Shag Fur Donut Cuddler is the proper size and shape to keep your dog safe and cozy.

14. Car Booster Seat

Kurgo Heather Dog Booster Seat

Given their small size, a toy breed like the Pom needs a booster seat to stay secure on the road. Your dog won’t be able to jump out, and with the raised platform allowing them to look out the window, they likely won’t want to anyway.

Undersized options like the Kurgo Heather Dog Booster Seat keep your dog snug, cozy, and off your lap, making the ride more comfortable for everyone in the car.

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Grooming Supplies

15. Nail Clipper

Safari W6107

Pomeranians, like any dog, need frequent nail trimmings. Shortening their nails every few weeks keeps them healthy and prevents discomfort and damage across the paws and legs.

A nail trimmer like the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer is small and sharp, making the task quick and pain-free for you and your dog. Nail grinders are another efficient option that will make fast work of your dog’s nails, though the mechanical action could frighten them.

16. Shampoo

Hepper Colloidal Oatmeal Shampoo

Dogs shouldn’t have frequent baths, or you could dry out their skin and damage the coat. Still, the occasional cleaning will be unavoidable when your dog gets a little too filthy, demanding a balanced, gentle shampoo.

Hepper Oatmeal Pet Shampoo offers all-natural plant-based ingredients in a safe, soothing, and fragrant blend designed to nourish the skin, condition the coat, and relieve irritation from dirt and debris.

17. Brushes

Hartz Groomer's Best Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

Pomeranians need plenty of help keeping that robust, plush double coat in tip-top shape. Brushing will be critical every 2–3 days to keep your dog’s hair free of mats, dirt, and loose hair, and you’ll need a few tools to do it.

A slicker brush like the Hartz Groomer’s Best Slicker Brush is an essential Pomeranian brush for painlessly breaking mats and removing loose fur. Pin brushes can work alongside them, coming in as a finishing touch to separate and smooth the coat.

18. Combs

Andis Steel Pet Comb

A professionally groomed appearance is rarely possible without a comb’s reassurance. After brushing, running a high-quality comb like the Andis Steel Pet Comb will identify any missed mats while fluffing and finishing the coat for a gorgeous appearance.

19. Dental Kit

Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Original Flavor Puppy Dental Kit

Small breeds are more susceptible to dental disease, making proper tooth brushing all the more urgent for your Pomeranian. Size is crucial, as large brushes will be more uncomfortable and can make brushing the back teeth impossible.

The Nylabone Advanced Oral Care Dental Kit is an all-in-one kit that gives you everything needed to start, and you may find the puppy toothbrush size works well even after your dog matures.

20. Wipes

Hepper Wash Wipes

Pet wipes are convenient for cleaning and deodorizing your Pomeranian when they get dirty but aren’t ready for a bath. Wipes are gentle and easy to use on paws, around eyes and ears, and your dog’s body.

Hepper Pet Wash Wipes are a top pick, supplying hypoallergenic ingredients and a delightful cucumber and aloe fragrance. They’re tough but gentle and make quick work of random cleanups.

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Cleaning Supplies

21. Enzyme Cleaner

Simple Solution Extreme Spring Breeze Pet Stain & Odor Remover

Pet urine is one of the trickiest stains, and most conventional cleaners can’t efficiently dislodge and clear away many urine compounds. If your Pomeranian poops or pees on the floor, in your bed, or on the couch, an enzyme cleaner is the best solution to eliminate the stain and smell.

Natural bacteria and enzymes target urine, feces, and other organic waste materials to break them down completely, destroying stains without ruining the surface material. Simple Solution Pet Stain & Odor Remover is a concentrated formula with mist, foam, and stream application options to suit whatever material you’re cleaning.

By eliminating the waste, Simple Solution can remove the smell and help prevent repeat accidents in the same spot.

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Pomeranians come ready to add excitement and delight to any home, but preparation is crucial to guarantee a positive transition and experience for all involved. Stock up on these 21 essential Pomeranian supplies, and you won’t miss a beat no matter what the lively canine throws your way. When you have the proper equipment, a positive attitude, and a home full of love and warmth, you’ll have everything needed to give your Pom the most fulfilling life possible.

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