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24 Pomeranian Haircuts & Grooming Styles in 2024 (With Pictures)

Rachael Gerkensmeyer

By Rachael Gerkensmeyer

Pomeranian grooming

Pomeranians are adorable little dogs that enjoy popularity among pet owners due to their outgoing personalities and gorgeous coats of long, luxurious hair. However, a Pomeranian’s coat can be tough to manage without incorporating haircuts, at least occasionally.

Since it’s commonplace to cut a Pomeranian’s hair, groomers and pet owners alike have had many opportunities to develop cute and stylish styles over the years. There are now dozens of options to choose from if you aren’t interested in coming up with your own unique haircut design. Here are 24 popular Pomeranian haircut styles to consider!


The Top 24 Pomeranian Haircuts

1. The Traditional Look

Pomeranian sitting in the grass
Image Credit: skorchanov, Pixabay

This basic haircut style for Pomeranians never seems to go out of style. It’s easy to maintain, and it can also be learned by pet owners so the cut can be kept up at home. All that’s required to achieve the traditional look is to trim the outline of the natural coat and shorten the top a bit.

2. The Half and Half ‘Do

pomeranian dog being groomed at the salon
Image Credit: Helen Sushitskaya, Shutterstock

The idea of the half-and-half hairdo is just as the name suggests. Half of the Pomeranian’s coat is short, while the other half is kept long. In this case, it’s typically the back of the body that is trimmed short while the hair around the face, ears, chest, and front legs are trimmed slightly, if at all.

3. The Foxy Style

If you like the natural look of your Pomeranian’s natural coat length and style, the foxy cut is a great option to consider. This style is all about slightly trimming the coat in order to keep it from picking up dirt and debris during activities without affecting the overall look and feel of the natural coat style.

4. The Show Design

portrait of pomeranian dog standing
Image Credit: SubertT, Shutterstock

Whether you plan to enter your Pomeranian in show competitions or you just want them to look like they’re a show dog, this is the right haircut choice for you. This breed standard haircut is recognized by organizations like the AKC, so your groomer should know exactly how to create the perfect show look for your pup. Keep in mind that this is an intricate cut that can be expensive and tough to maintain in the long term.

5. The Princess Haircut

fluffy pomeranian dog sitting in a spring park surrounded by yellow flowers on a sunny day
Image Credit: pattarawat, Shutterstock

Despite the name of the style, both male and female Pomeranians can rock this look! The princess haircut is a luxurious one that’s created by cutting the hair on the top of the head short while leaving most of the rest of the coat (if not all of it) full length. The hair is then combed straight to establish the elegance of the cut.

6. The Spiky Look

If you’re looking to give your Pomeranian a unique look, check out this spiky hairdo option. The point is to create points or spikes at the end of the hair. This is done through careful trimming to make the hair short enough that it doesn’t get weighed downward yet long enough to create the dramatic spiked hair look.

7. The Shaved Coat

The shaved look is arguably the easiest cut to maintain because it involves simply shaving the Pomeranian’s body hair short all over. Some owners like to leave a little length around the head and tail, but not much. This is a perfect cut year-round in warm climates and during the summer season in any climate.

8. The Lion Cut

Pomeranian with a lion cut
Image Credit: YuRi Photolife, Shutterstock

This haircut is similar to the shaved cut, but more hair is left on the head and tail, and the head hair is cut to look circular. The overall look is designed to mimic how a lion looks in nature. It can also be considered an ironic look, since Pomeranians are so small and are no substitute for a real lion!

9. The Reverse Lion Cut

Similar to the lion haircut but from a different perspective, this look is created by cutting the hair on the top of the head short while leaving the sides and chest long. It’s a suitable cut for both winter and summer months. The shortness on top helps ensure that vision is clear without taking away from the fluffiness of the overall coat.

10. The Pixie Hairdo

For an adorable look and fluffy feel, consider giving your Pomeranian a pixie haircut. This involves having your groomer create a pixie look around the head. For the rest of the body, you can leave the hair long, trim it short, or cut it somewhere in between.

11. The Polar Bear Style

cute fluffy Pomeranian dog sitting on bright trendy yellow background
Image Credit: Dreamphoto.stock, Shutterstock

Why not turn your little white Pomeranian into a polar bear for the holidays, if not the entire winter season? This look will help keep your pup warm and cozy while making them look like a tiny polar bear coming straight from the Arctic. Your groomer can create this design by cutting all the hair on your dog’s body to about 2 inches long and then fluffing it out to finish the look.

12. The Teddy Bear Cut

pomeranian dog with teddy bear haircut
Image Credit: wawouu, Shutterstock

This look is similar to the polar bear style, except care is taken to shape the ear hair to look like a teddy bear’s ears. The cut is usually tighter against the body too. This is a suitable cut for the summer months when outdoor fun and exercise can quickly overheat a little pup like your Pom-pom.

13. The Puff Ball ‘Do

If your Pomeranian has a coat texture that makes them look like a puff ball as a puppy, you can maintain that look via regular grooming sessions. The hair must be cut to just the right length based on the structure of the body and natural hairline, so this can be a tough hairdo to achieve and maintain yourself at home without professional guidance and plenty of practice.

14. The Blow Out

The trick to this hairdo is using a hairdryer on its cool or lowest setting. As long as your pup’s hair is long enough, you can blow it out with the hairdryer, being careful to keep it well away from the dog’s body. Brush the hair out as the hairdryer works its magic, and voilà!

15. The Long Tail Look

Pomeranians tend to have sturdy, proud tails, so consider showing off your dog’s with this fun haircut! This one is all about letting the tail hair grow long and natural. The hair is kept short and close on the rest of the body, so the tail stands out.

16. The Layered Style

Pomeranians have thick double coats, offering the perfect opportunity to have your groomer create a layered hairstyle for your pup. The hair can be layered from top to bottom, creating volume and a clean, kept look that should make grooming between cuts an easy mission for you to keep up with.

17. The Paw Cut

Pomeranian puppy on a white background with reeds
Image Credit: Hanna Tim, Shutterstock

If you like your dog looking hairy and fluffy but aren’t fond of all the dirt that the hair on their feet can drag into your home, consider a paw cut. This is when the hair on the dog’s body is left alone, aside from trimming when necessary, but the hair on the feet is trimmed close to the skin.

18. The Unkept Style

This is a great look to consider if you don’t have much time to keep up with managing a specific hairstyle. The idea is to cut off excess hair while leaving the coat looking “scruffy” or unkempt. The look doesn’t mean that your pup’s hair will end up dirty, though. Regular brushing will keep your dog’s coat clean and tangle free.

19. The Chest Cut

When well-managed, the fur on a Pomeranian’s chest can create a luxurious, refined look that is relatively easy to take care of. The ears, body, and facial hair are kept short to medium in length, and the chest hair is kept long yet trimmed and tidy. It gives the look of a smock or bib, which lends to the adorableness of the dog’s look overall.

20. The Fringe Style


A fringe hairstyle is a great option for pups that like to display their frisky attitudes. The look is relatively natural but has just a bit of an edge. When your groomer goes to work, they will cut the edges of the hair around the face and along the sides of the neck and chest so the hairs stand straight out and maintain the look of just being cut with scissors.

21. The Beard Look

This haircut is considered more suitable for males, as it turns their chest hair into a “beard” that looks comical, cute, and even debonaire, all at the same time. While the coat on the body and head is kept trimmed to medium length, the chest hair is layered into a long “beard” that melds into the sides of the body. This one would look great with an adorable bandana!

22. The Split Tail Style

If your Pomeranian has a “gay” tail, which means it curls over their back, you can let the tail hair grow out longer than the rest of the body, then split the hair down the middle lengthwise (this would be the bottom of the tail, as it curves over the back). Comb each side downward toward the body.

23. The Fluffy ‘Do

There is nothing cuter than a Pomeranian with hair so poofy on the face that the eyes look like they’re barely popping out. From the fluffy legs to the poofy tail, this hairstyle makes the Pomeranian look much more filled out than they really are. The style also happens to be extra cuddly!

24. The Mullet Cut


Bring back the mullet! It’s possible for a Pomeranian due to the length of their natural coat. The style begins with a short coat on the body, legs, neck, tail, and top of the head. The idea is to leave the hair on the ears and sides of the head long enough to create a mullet look. The mullet can be as short or as long as you’d like it to be.

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With so many cool, cute, and trendy Pomeranian haircut styles to choose from, you can keep things fresh and give your pup a different look for each season of the year! Go for something short and easy to care for during the summer, and consider something thick and fluffy for the winter months. Have fun with it and your dog will too!

Featured Image Credit: aonip, Shutterstock

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