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Cat Warmer Pad

Heat up your cat’s bed this winter with the fantastic cat bed warmer. Offering three different modes and USB charging, this budget-friendly product is sure to keep your kitty purring throughout the chilly winter months.


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About this item

Features -
  • 3 different warming modes
  • USB charging
  • Soft, removable cover
Materials/care +

Keep your kitty toasty warm this winter with the cat warmer pad


Designed to be placed anywhere your cat loves to doze off, the cat warmer pad will keep your pet warm and comfortable this winter. Charged via a USB cable, the pad stays at 82°F for maximum comfort. It even comes with an anti-slip base to ensure your pet can enjoy using it for hours on end without having to adjust their body weight.

Suitable for all cats, this cat warmer pad is available in three different color options. It also features a beautiful plush layer to make it feel sumptuously soft against your pet’s skin.

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