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Cat Scratching Post with Scratching Game

Scratching is as much of an instinct for cats as chasing a mouse across the room, they can’t stop themselves—and they shouldn’t! Scratching is a healthy part of maintaining nail length and strength, and this scratcher has a variety of textures and toys that will entertain your curious cat for hours. Instead of scolding your kitty for ripping up your furniture, give them their own cat scratching post and watch them go to town! Your favorite armchair will thank you. 


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About this item

Features -
  • 80cm high for plenty of leaping and scratching
  • Marble game to entertain between scratches
  • Dangling fuzzy ball for added stimulation
  • Plush and sisal materials to increase engagement
  • Pressed wood base for stability
  • Spare materials included for added longevity
Materials/care +

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