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Walking Cat Toy

Your cat lives to hunt and sees most things as potential prey that needs to be captured or killed. Indulge this natural instinct with the walking cat toy, available in two different designs. Choose from an adorable chick or baby bunny design, both featuring a wind-up function. If you enjoy surprises, you’ll like that each one comes in a random color, so you’ll be eager to see which color arrives at your doorstep.


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About this item

Features -
  • Battery-free operation
  • Movement stimulates natural cat behaviors
  • 2 cute animal designs (random color)
Materials/care +

Trick your cat into thinking they’re a real hunter with the walking cat toy


Your cat will love stalking and hunting this walking cat toy as it slowly waddles its way around the room. Use the wind-up function to charge up the toy, eliminating the need for batteries. This innovative toy helps to indulge your cat’s natural prey drive as they track and pounce on this soft yet durable toy.


Whether you choose the adorable chick or bunny design, you will have a lot of fun watching your cat go wild for this little guy. There are four different color options available, and you will receive a random color when you place an order—a fun surprise for everyone involved!

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