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Pupford Training Treat Super Pack Review 2024: Our Vet’s Opinion

Dr. Maria Zayas

By Dr. Maria Zayas

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Dr. Maria Zayas

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Our Final Verdict

We give the Pupford Training Treat Super Pack a rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Quality: 5/5
Variety: 5/5
Ingredients: 5/5
Value: 4/5


About Pupford

pupford training treats in the box

Pupford Training Treats are bite-sized, high-value, low-calorie treats you can use when training your pup. Pupford also provides a training Academy with comprehensive video and PDF resources on training, behaviors, and nutrition. The Super Pack from Pupford in particular allows you to try each flavor of their training treats. You’ll note that they have created treats with different goals that also include engagement, high-reward, health, and toppers.

The Pupford Training Treat Super Pack includes six 4-oz training treat bags: beef liver, chicken, rabbit, salmon, sweet potato, and blueberry. Each bag contains approximately 475 treats except blueberry, which has about 425 (the blueberries are huge).

Who Makes the Pupford Training Treat Super Pack and Where is it Produced?

Pupford is a one-stop shop company for all your training treat needs including treat bags, leashes, harness, some supplements and more. Owners aren’t left wandering the aisles of their local pet store, trying to find what they need without guidance. With Pupford, it’s easy to find everything you need, and there’s support for every stage of your training process.

Pupford’s founder is a dog parent who wanted to translate her experience training and building up foster dogs for their new homes, into a business that could provide that same knowledge for everyday people. They focus on nutrition and meeting the needs of all dogs with their treats and training program, and have built a diverse team of experts to design and share their products.

All of Pupford’s treats are sourced and made in the USA, except their rabbit treats which are sourced from both the USA and France.

Which Types of Pets Is the Pupford Training Treat Super Pack Best Suited For?

Pupford’s training treats are designed for dogs ,but they are also safe and appetizing to cats as well if you’ve decided to tackle training your cat! My cat loves them, and is also readily learning tricks for the treats as well.

The great thing about Pupford’s treats is they have different styles for different purposes, so basically any dog that isn’t allergic to them would benefit.

The training treats are small, non-greasy, less than one calorie per piece, and have a ton in each bag, which is perfect for frequent rewards during training of tricks or behaviors. Puppies would be the classic kiddos to grab these for, but if you’re training any age dog, whether at classes or at home, these are the treats you need.

Having used low-calorie per piece treats for training before, these are often significantly less appetizing than high reward treats, which Pupford also sells, but I did note that I would call these training treats high-reward as well, which is perfect. All of the flavors are my dog’s favorites!


The Pupford Training Treat Super Pack Overview

dog eating pupford training treats

Here is an overview of the basics of the Pupford Training Treat Super Pack.


  • Small sized, less than 1 kcal treats
  • Each bag contains over 475 treats except blueberry, which is over 425
  • Simple ingredients
  • Freeze-dried to maintain nutritional benefits
  • High-value
  • 6 flavors
  • Subscribe and Save available
  • 4-oz bags


The Pupford Training Treat Super Pack costs $82.14 on their website, but is currently discounted to $65.71. If you opt for their subscribe and save option, you’ll receive an additional 20% off your first order and 10% of subsequent orders. You can also earn reward dollars for purchases, $0.66 currently for one Training Treat Super Pack.

pupford training treats super pack

What’s In the Super Pack?

When you open the box you’ll find all six resealable bags of treats arranged on their sides in the box. The treats can be stored at any temperature and you won’t find a strong odor attributed with any of them except salmon. The Pupford Super Pack includes one bag of the following training treats:

  • Chicken Training Treats
  • Beef Liver Training Treats
  • Salmon Training Treats
  • Rabbit Training Treats
  • Sweet Potato Treats
  • Blueberry Training Treats

In Summary

  • High value, low calorie
  • Not greasy
  • Good for frequent treating
  • Pairs with training resources
  • Simple ingredients without fillers
  • Small size
  • Large number per bag
  • Minimal odor (except salmon)
  • Not the cheapest training treats available
  • Might not be great for dogs with allergies

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Key Features

pupford freeze-dried rabbit

There are many redeeming qualities about the Pupford brand and their line of training treats. These three features were the ones I was most impressed by.


I’ve handled a lot of training treats in my time, and these are the best made ones I’ve ever used. When Pupford says no fillers, they mean it. The plant-based treats are literally one ingredient, just freeze dried pieces of that item. The meat-based treats are just two ingredients, the meat and an antioxidant, except beef liver, which contains both beef liver and heart in addition to the antioxidant. That’s it.

Anyone that has had to use training treats before knows they tend to either be dry and not super appetizing, often hard or crunchy. Maybe you’re using high-reward items from home, like pieces of cheese or hot dogs. My dogs love these treats, all of the flavors, as much as any piece of hot dog, but these are healthy, low-calorie, not going to trigger diarrhea in my GI sensitive dog.

Another nice touch is these treats don’t grease up or stink up my hands as I go. In fact, the only thing I get on my hands is copious amounts of drool, which isn’t something my dogs have done with any other training session but they really loved these treats that much.


Pupford’s Training Treat Super Pack allows you to try all of the training treat flavors, six in all. They cover the classics like chicken and beef, the food allergy friendly flavors like salmon and rabbit, and plant-based options like blueberry and sweet potato. There’s something here for almost everyone.

The only thing I noted missing was the classic options for dogs with food allergies, specifically those whose allergy hasn’t been identified yet or are undergoing a food allergy trial.

Dog food allergies are almost exclusively caused by proteins and as such those dogs are usually eating a hydrolyzed protein diet or one made from a protein they have definitely never encountered before, such as kangaroo or alligator. You’ll note this isn’t a flavor option so if your dog is undergoing a food trial, you’ll need to check with your vet if they’re okay relying on the plant-based treats instead during that time.


Pupford’s training treats use high-quality ingredients with nothing but an antioxidant added to any of the treats. All of their ingredients are sourced in the USA, except for rabbit which is also sourced from France, and then the treats, bags, etc., are all also made in the USA.

dog lying on the grass with pupford freeze-dried salmon treats



Is the Pupford Training Treat Super Pack a Good Value?

Buying Pupford treats in value packs leads to significant savings. In the case of the Super Pack, you save a little over $15 by buying six bags of treats via the Super Pack rather than individually.

When you purchase Pupford treats you’re also accessing their training Academy that provides in-depth, step-by-step training videos and even full training courses, which adds fantastic value to these treats.

These aren’t going to be the cheapest training treats that you can find, and for a highly food motivated dog maybe the treat choice won’t matter much to them. But to you the owner, these treats do exactly what you need them to do, are better quality and tastier than anything else at a lower price point, easy to use, and provide you with all the help you could need too.

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What does freeze-dried mean?

When food is freeze-dried the cold environment removes moisture while leaving nutrients and flavor intact, leaving a shelf-stable, nutritious, and yummy treat for your pup.

Do I need to add water to these treats?

Nope! The treats are easy to give and chew as is, they’re firm but not crunchy and can be broken up as well if needed.

pupford freeze-dried chicken treats


Our Experience With the Pupford Training Treat Super Pack

I have all adult dogs that have been in my home for several years. They’re pretty well trained, but I have one exceptionally bouncy kiddo who thinks yard fencing is more of a guideline than a barrier. Usually, she has to stay on a line in the yard so she doesn’t go exploring the neighbor’s yards instead.

I introduced the different Pupford training treat flavors to her and the others and they were obsessed immediately, even with the sweet potato and blueberry flavors. I started simple and just offered a couple of the treats to each dog as they came back in from the yard. They’re so in love with these treats that they’re waiting at the door when I open it, and my one dog no longer needs her line because she’d never risk missing her treats. These treats are generally smaller than a micro SD card and they only get a couple but they’re still lined up ready for them every day.

We also practiced reinforcing some of their known tricks, and their recall, and wow! did these treats thoroughly improve their recall. I also utilized some advice on recall from Pupford’s training Academy, but the thing that really helped is that these treats don’t need to be refrigerated and don’t leave a residue, so I can have them in my pocket at any time to reinforce a behavior, which significantly improves the experience for everyone.

They look like inert, tiny nuggets. I wouldn’t have thought they’d be so appetizing, except maybe the salmon treats, which are the only ones with a distinctive smell. But my dogs are falling over themselves just to get one lick of a treat. I’ve been very impressed with everything about the treats, and love having so many options in the house!

Pupford Training Treats

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Pupford’s Training Treat Super Pack is a great way to stock up on training treats, provides a large variety in flavors to meet the needs of different dogs, and the treats themselves are perfect in terms of palatability, size, and no-mess handling. You can pair these treats with resources from Pupford to help maximize your training successes, and this is the best treat/training program I’ve ever encountered.

My dogs will never forgive me if I stop stocking these in my house now, but since they are so easy for me to handle too, that’s no problem here!

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