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9 Easy Ways to Remove Dog Hair from Furniture

9 Easy Ways to Remove Dog Hair from Furniture Featured Image

You love your pup so much, but do you love her hair everywhere? Everyone’s got different opinions about dog hair, from totally grossed-out to “what hair?”

As a dog owner, you have one of two relationships with dog hair:
  • You’re constantly bustling about the housekeeping the hair picked up and off the furniture or
  • You’ve just accepted it as a part of life, and do the occasional massive pet hair overhaul before guests come over.

Maybe you, a non-pet owner, had a guest over with their pet, and now your perfectly clean furniture has a new, unwanted layer of hair on it!

Whatever your situation is with dog hair, we’ve got tips for you on cleaning up that hair, and in some cases keeping it off your furniture. Harness the power of static electricity, water, or sticky stuff to fight the pet hair battles you face.

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Keep Your Dog’s Hair Under Control in the First Place

If you can keep the stray hairs from your dog’s coat from venturing too far in the first place, you can better control the hair getting all over the furniture in your house. Here’s two ways you can do that.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

This might be obvious, but it’s really important! Make sure there’s a trash can nearby, or if it’s nice weather out, take your dog outside and give him a good brush. Chances are he will love the extra pampering, too.

hand holding the brush while getting the dog's hair
Image Credit: sonsart, Shutterstock

Vacuum Your Dog

Is your dog averse to brushing, or you want to spend less effort de-hairing them? Try putting pantyhose or a thin sock over the end of a vacuum hose and run it all over their fur. If your dog is already terrified of the vacuum, though, this might not be worth trying!

Now that your dog is free from stray hairs, let’s get all that hair off your furniture.

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Top 9 Ways to Remove Dog Hair from Furniture:

1. Sponge

a hand holding a sponge
Image Credit: Michal Jarmoluk, Pixabay

Take a dry dish sponge and run it over your furniture. The hair will stick to your sponge due to static electricity. Grab the hair off the sponge and toss it in the trash.

2. Rubber gloves

Rubber gloves
Image Credit: pagefact, Pixabay

With a glide of damp or dry rubber gloves (the kind you use for dishes) over your couch, you can pick up a lot of hair. Put the glove (or gloves) on your hand(s), and run your hands over the couch or other furniture multiple times in a sweeping motion. Simply pick up or vacuum up the balls of hair, rinse the gloves, and repeat.

3. Squeegee

Perhaps now you are starting to notice a theme with rubber products. Rubber is a great way to ball up hair on a surface and attracts hair with static electricity. Another rubber product you can try is a window-cleaning squeegee. Run across your furniture multiple times with a sweeping motion, then vacuum up the hair piles.

4. Tape

adhesive tape
Image Credit: Emilian Robert Vicol, Pixabay

Sure, you could purchase a lint roller from the store or online, or you could make one yourself with packing tape. You can cover a rolling pin with the packing tape, sticky side out, or cover a glove with the tape. The hair will stick to the tape and come off your furniture.

5. Dryer Sheets

Dryer sheets keep your laundry static-free when they come out of the dryer, why not try it on your furniture as well? Just take a dryer sheet and wipe it across your sofa or pillows. Toss the sheet when you are finished.

6. Water/fabric softener spray

water spray bottle
Image Credit: Squirrel_photos, Pixabay

For upholstered furniture, pour 3 parts water and 1 part fabric softener into a spray bottle. Spray it on your furniture, wait a minute, then wipe it up with a cloth or give it a run-over with the vacuum cleaner. The fabric softener works to loosen the hair from your furniture, and also gives it a fresh scent.

7. Hairspray

This method is especially great for very fine pet hairs. Take a dry cloth and spray some hairspray on it, about 2 seconds of continuous spray or 3-4 pumps. Let it sit for 10 seconds. Then, take the cloth and work against the “grain” of the cloth of your furniture. The hairs should stick to your cloth so you can bunch the hair up then throw it away.

8. Anti-static dusting spray

Use anti-static dusting spray or furniture polish for wooden furniture that has dog hair on it. This eliminates the electric charge, which causes the hair to stick in the first place. After removing hair from your furniture, give it a spray-over with something like Scotch-Guard and your furniture will now repel hair from sticking to it.

9. Furemover Duo

There are many products out there that specialize in getting dog hair out of your furniture. The Furemover Duo is inexpensive and effective. The entire thing is made of rubber, which we learned before is great for getting dog hair off your furniture and clothes.

The side with thicker bristles is for grooming your pet, and the other side is for getting hair off your furniture, clothes, or carpet. It works great for smaller things that get dog hair on them, like car seats or your dog’s dog bed.

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Dog Hair & Furniture: Conclusion

Love or hate it, dogs have got tons of hair, a lot of which ends up on things all over our houses. Luckily now you have some tips on how to get dog hair off your furniture and household items, and keep it off!

Featured Image Credit: monte_a, Shutterstock