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Samoyed Corgi Mix – Dog Breed Info & Pictures

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By Nicole Cosgrove

smiling corgi and samoyed

Height: 10-23 inches
Weight: 20-30 pounds
Lifespan: 12-14 years
Colors: White, tricolor, white and red, fawn
Suitable for: Those looking for a low-shedding dog, active families
Temperament: Loyal, Easy to train, Friendly, Intelligent, Gets along with other pets

No one can resist the adorable, spirited Corgi or the social, spunky Samoyed breed. So, what happens when you combine them? If you had a hunch you wouldn’t be disappointed with the outcome, you thought right. This mixture creates the best of both worlds, taking two sensationally lovely breeds and intertwining them.

You get a canine with a zest for life and love for people—all bundled up in sprawls of fluff. What could be better? This is a wonderful cross for all kinds of homes in all sorts of areas. If you have your sights set, find out just what to expect from a Corgi Samoyed mix.

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Corgi Samoyed Mix Puppies


Finding a puppy of this particular mix can be a bit of a challenge. Few breeders are putting in the work to build up this breed. Pure Samoyed dogs are some of the most expensive canines you can buy. Corgi pups aren’t so cheap either, so don’t let the fact these dogs are mixed lead you astray—you may pay handsomely.

The cost will be less important than quality. These days, backyard breeding is a major concern—especially amongst designer or hybrid dogs. When you select a puppy, you want them to be healthy and well-cared for so they can live a long-lasting life with you.

There are scammers out there who will try to label a dog as a breed they aren’t just to make a fast buck. The puppies might be sickly or live in unfavorable living conditions. They may also have genetic or temperament issues due to poor breeding. They may not even be a genuine mix.

Remember to confirm the authenticity of the breed and make sure the breeder is reputable. A history of successful litters, proof of vet care, and on-site parents are things you can check to ensure you’re getting a quality pup.

Don’t underestimate the chances of you finding this mix at a local shelter or rescue. You can sometimes find a puppy or adult Corgi Samoyed mixes at these facilities. Not only are you giving these dogs a second chance, but you’ll also pay significantly less. Plus most dogs from shelters come fully vetted, spayed or neutered, and assessed for health or behavior issues.

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3 Little-Known Facts About the Corgi Samoyed Mix

1. A Corgi Samoyed Mix Will Love The Snow, But Not The Heat

The Samoyed is from the blustery tundras of Siberia and Russia. They are specifically designed to withstand bitter temperatures. So, don’t be surprised when your Corgi Samoyed mix acts like a kid in a candy store every time it snows.

Unlike snowier climates, this mix may not be able to deal with heat so well. Since their bodies are so well-insulated, they can overheat quite easily. They do best in areas with a temperature difference for all four seasons instead of tropical climates that are hot year-round.

2. A Corgi Samoyed Mix Can Have Many Physical Possibilities

When you cross these two breeds, it can be a mystery what each puppy will look like. They can pick up traits of either parent. So, don’t count on your puppy to be a perfect mix, getting all the classic qualities of the mom and dad.

They may have short legs, patched fur, and stubbed tails like a Corgi. They may have the fluffy hair, curly tails, and white fur of the Samoyed. Or, they can have an array of various features from both parents—so, It’s hard to tell exactly what to expect.

Also, there are two different Corgi breeds: the Cardigan and the Pembroke Welsh. The latter can be red, brindle, blue merle, and back, tan, and white. Cardigan Corgis can be merle, black and white, sable and white, red and white, and blue merle and white.

But most commonly, they take on the frosty white hair of the lovely Samoyed.

3. Corgis and Samoyeds Came From Very Different Backgrounds

Corgis are an English favorite, originating in Pembrokeshire, Wales. There are two Welsh Corgis—the Pembroke and Cardigan. They were farm dogs that rounded up livestock for farmers.

Samoyeds were named after the nomadic Samoyed people of Siberia and Asia. They are in the Spitz family, belonging to 14 ancient dog breeds. The breed helped hunt reindeer and pulled sleds for the group.

The parent breeds of the Samoyed Corgi Mix
Image Credit: Left – Barcs Tamás, Unsplash | Right – lucioliu, Pixabay

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Temperament & Intelligence of the Corgi Samoyed Mix🧠

There’s no shortage of intelligence or personality here. The orneriness of the Corgi combined with the eagerness to please of the Samoyed create an outstanding balance. These dogs will have an extreme affinity for people and will love to partake in any activity.

It will be a breeze for them to learn basic commands, but they can pick up on much more. Both breeds are workers, so they benefit from tasks to do. They will like to engage in play that challenges their mind and makes them think.

Both the Corgi and the Samoyed are peppy and happy-go-lucky. They march ahead with a cheerful and personable attitude, ready to make new friends and see new sights. These adaptable characteristics make them perfect for making new friends or accepting new pets into the household.

Are These Dogs Good for Families?🏡 

The Corgi Samoyed mix would make ideal companions for nearly any living situation. They are suitable for apartments, suburbs, or rural living. Both parent breeds enjoy children, strangers, and even the mailman—so you won’t have to worry about unwarranted aggression.

These dogs will be gentle but playful. They will wear out the kids in the backyard, bouncing merrily along with matching energy. They will love car rides, neighborhood walks, and trips to grandma’s house. You probably won’t find much of a dull moment since they have such vibrant personalities and good nature.

If you live in a sweltering climate that stays warm all year round, be careful when choosing this breed. Samoyeds are especially sensitive to overheating, and consequences can be detrimental. If you live in a hot part of the world, having an outdoor Corgi Samoyed mix is ill-advised.

These dogs may make excellent partners for older adults, too. They have high energy, but not to the point that they run over their owner. They enjoy time with the ones they love—even better if they are an “only child” so they can soak up all the attention.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?🐶 😽 

Both the Corgi and Samoyed are usually extremely compatible with other pets—especially if they are well-socialized. There’s a big chance they will even love strange dogs, making them perfect playmates at the dog park.

These dogs are typically well-mannered, so they won’t try to dominate or run the show. Even if the house cat doesn’t want to play, it won’t stop your Corgi Samoyed mix from trying to win them over. These dogs have a pleasingly cheerful demeanor and love to have other furry company.

When it comes to cats and livestock, these dogs will do fine—and maybe even befriend these creatures. However, there’s always a chance their prey drive can take over when they are around smaller animals like rabbits, rodents, or other tiny critters. Just be mindful and always supervise playtime with tinier pets.

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Things to Know When Owning a Corgi Samoyed Mix:

Food & Diet Requirements🦴 

A Corgi Samoyed mix will be muscular and stocky. Both breeds are high energy, which means they burn a moderate amount of calories. To replenish their bodies, these dogs benefit greatly from a high protein dry kibble diet, fed two times per day.

When dog food shopping, remember that seeing a whole protein such as chicken, bison, or fish on a bag is better than anything else. As long as one or more of these are the main ingredient, your dog will get a bountiful dose of rich protein. They also need healthy carbohydrates, antioxidants, and fatty acids for their overall bodily health.

Always use the chart on the back of your dog food packaging to measure food appropriately. Certain foods can be different, and each helping will depend on your dog’s age and weight. But since this dog will likely be medium-sized, they would eat in the range of 2 to 3 cups per day.

You can use wet food as a topper that is both tasty and nutritious. You can also offer wholesome snacks like dog-approved fruits and veggies. Corgis are especially prone to weight gain, so go sparingly on any high sugar or carb-dense treats.


You won’t have to persuade your Corgi Samoyed mix to get moving. Even though these dogs will be happy cuddling up beside you, they’ll be even more eager to play. You may find your mix loves to fetch, brisk walks, and going on new adventures.

Corgis are very high-energy dogs who are quite quick on their tiny legs. Samoyeds were once skilled snow trekkers. Both dogs have high endurance and a love for physical stimulation. But the balance is quite pleasing since they have no problem winding down after a nice burst of activity.

This mix will require a moderate amount of physical exercise to keep them happy and healthy. Expect to spend 30 to 45 minutes per day letting them burn off energy.

If your dog has a long spine like a Corgi, be mindful of any activities that put unnecessary pressure or damage the spine. The consequences of spinal damage can be life-long.


The Corgi Samoyed mix will have a deep thirst for new knowledge and problem-solving. Because they are both working breeds, they are quite receptive to training and thrive on positive feedback from their humans.

While simple tasks like potty training and basic commands may come easily, it doesn’t always mean they’ll listen. Corgis especially can have a stubborn streak that makes them resistant to your demands if they aren’t in the mood or disagree.

Keeping up with a consistent method of training is best when teaching them. Intelligence will be no issue, but if you aren’t persistent, they may feel like they can get by with just not doing what you want.

Be patient, encouraging, and always praise them for a job well done. They are much more likely to repeat a behavior if they know it makes their human happy.

Grooming ✂️

Grooming can vary depending on what physical characteristics the dog took on. It can have the sprawls of thick white fur like the Samoyed. If so, In which case, you should brush them every day to prevent tangles and matting.

If they have the medium-dense double coat of the Corgi, they benefit from two deep grooming sessions per year during spring and fall. When shed season isn’t happening, they’ll need regular care, brushing a few times per week.

If they have a combination coat, their care will depend on the length, texture, and thickness of the fur.

Health and Conditions❤️

Because this is a mixed breed, they can take on common health issues from either side. It’s vital to be aware of what to look out for on both sides of the coin. Early vet checks can help to get ahead of any potential or developing issues.

Minor Conditions
  • Cataracts — this disorder causes cloudiness over the eye, causing a visual obstruction.
  • Glaucoma — this eye issue is where the pressure inside the eye increases.
Serious Conditions
  • Degenerative myelopathy — this disease affects the spinal cord in a dog’s older days. Loss of coordination starts in the back legs and trails up the spine.
  • Intervertebral disk disease — this disease occurs slowly, starting in the hind limbs. It causes pain and loss of feeling.
  • Hip dysplasia — this disease causes the joints and bones in the hips to rub together, which is painful and debilitating.
  • Subvalvular aortic stenosis — this is a narrowing of the heart valve.

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Male vs. Female

Personalities of your Corgi Samoyed mix will depend on many factors that aren’t reliant on gender. However, there are slight differences between a male and a female.

Most generally, unaltered males will exhibit marking tendencies. This issue usually resolves itself after the male is fixed. Males tend to be a little more laidback than females in adult years and less prone to anxiousness. However, they are slightly stubborn and may care less about what you think.

Females have the possibility of being a bit more docile and more patient with small children. However, they can be a bit more particular about just what they will tolerate.

While generally, males are bigger in most breeds, this could change with this combination. Since the Corgi and Samoyed differ in size, the females may very well be larger than the males—and the opposite.

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Final Thoughts

If a dog who is high-spirited and friendly but entertaining and ornery is attractive to you—you’re going to be very happy with a Corgi Samoyed mix. These amiable dogs are agreeable in almost any situation—except super hot climates, of course. They are sure to turn heads with their adorable features and award-winning attitudes.

If your heart is still stuck on this mix, don’t forget to look at local shelters and rescue groups. A Corgi Samoyed cross could be waiting for a second chance with a loving family.

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Featured Image: Left – Corgi (Elena Rogulina, Pixabay), Right – Samoyed (Daniel Bell, Pixabay)

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