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40 Corgi Mixed Breeds (With Pictures)

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

welsh corgi

The Corgi is a canine lover’s favorite for a variety of reasons. These dogs have incredibly peppy personalities and are extremely outgoing with friends and strangers alike. Because of their small stature, they make excellent additions to apartment living and other compact living situations.

There are two types of Corgis: the cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. Both are incredibly similar, but Cardigans have a more box-like tail, while Pembrokes have docked tails. Regardless, here are some exciting breed combinations of Corgis and other familiar canine favorites.

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The 40 Corgi Mixed Breeds

1. Corgi x Australian Shepherd

Aussie-Corgi (Australian Shepherd x Corgi) dog sitting on a couch
Image Credit: Aggie2022, Shutterstock

The Corgi Australian shepherd mix lends for some interesting physical capabilities. These dogs share a lot of similarities in their overall coloring. However, Australian Shepherds are significantly larger than Corgis, so you can get all sorts of different sizes and coat lengths.

Get ready for a pup with a lot of energy! Both parent breeds have an exuberant and cheerful personality that will certainly transfer over to the puppies. If you’re the kind of person who has an active lifestyle, you might enjoy having this hybrid around.

2. Corgi x Siberian Husky

corgi husky mix
Image Credit: Honz Slipka, Shutterstock

What do you get when you cross a Corgi and a Siberian Husky? The markings and color patterns are so lovely! You certainly will have an adorable dog to tote around the neighborhood, as they cheerfully explore their surroundings.

Keep in mind that Siberian Huskies are drifters! They love exploring and will certainly go on the run if they get the opportunity. Make sure you have a secure, fenced-in yard. This little power-packed combo will be vocal, loyal, and affectionate.

3. Corgi x Dachshund

Image Credit: NARIT OLANPRUEK, Shutterstock

The Corgi and Dachshund mix lends for a long-bodied, super fantastic canine. Both Corgis and Dachshunds are very similar in their physical makeup. So you can pretty much guess what the puppies will look like, and there’s not a lot of size variation between the two.

As far as personality is concerned, Dachshunds tend to be very bold, stubborn, and brave. The Corgis you know and love are happy-go-lucky and excitable. Mixing these two is a recipe for a well-rounded personality no matter which side they take after.

4. Corgi x Great Pyrenees

Careful, careful. When you cross the Corgi and Great Pyrenees, there is a lot of size difference between the two, which could complicate labor and create a lot of trouble for the mother. It’s best if the Corgi is the male in this pairing to allow the female Great Pyrenees to carry the babies. However, it can produce some adorable, fluffy puppies.

Since the Great Pyrenees is so large and the Corgi is so small, you can get a dog of any size across the board. They will tend to be very amiable, docile, and family-oriented.

5. Corgi x Spitz

Crossing the Corgi and Spitz dog breeds will give you a run for your money! Both of these dogs have very cheerful, lively personalities and love to be on the go! This breed certainly isn’t for you if you don’t have an active lifestyle.

However, if you have a taste for adventure, these pups would love to accompany you just about anywhere. Your pup might have a cute little nub tail like a Corgi or a long curly tail like a Spitz. There are endless possibilities, and all are equally adorable.

6. Corgi x Cocker Spaniel

When you mix the perky-eared Corgi with the long, velvety-eared Cocker Spaniel, you can get some interesting physical characteristics. Both of these dogs are relatively close to the same size, although their body composition is a little different.

You can certainly expect some grooming to be necessary for this breed as they will likely have dense, longer coats. Both dogs have a strong affection for people and love being part of the family. So, this mixed breed can make a perfect addition to growing families.

7. Corgi x German Shepherd

corgi german shepherd mix dog sitting on the ground
Image Credit: Veronica Varos, Shutterstock

The Corgi German Shepherd mix makes a perky-eared, insanely smart canine. All the puppies can grow up and look vastly different from one another due to size and color differences. But one thing is for certain, they will not miss out on having a sense of loyalty and keen intelligence.

When you mix these two, they might take after the protective, guard-like nature of a German Shepherd or have the goofy cheerfulness of the Corgi. And if you’re lucky, they will have a perfect combination of these traits.

8. Corgi x Papillon

The Corgi and Papillon mix will create a smaller-sized, fluffy-coated dog you will want to love all day long! This is a surefire combination for a lively, energetic, and affectionate breed. You certainly won’t have a dull moment with these enthusiastic pups around!

If you have a growing family, or you’re a single person who loves to socialize, this is certainly a good breed for you. Both of the parents enjoy mingling with other people and pets. So you can ensure your status as a social butterfly with your dog in tow.

9. Corgi x Shih Tzu

Image Credit: otsphoto, Shutterstock

You can get quite a few interesting looks when crossing the Corgi with a Shih Tzu. Shih Tzus are brachycephalic dogs, meaning they have very short muscles and bulging eyes that we know and love, despite the health problems that it can cause. Corgis have longer snouts and perky ears. So, you can certainly get some interesting looks and personalities!

The Shih Tzu is a little more laid back, relaxed, and quite content with the company of its family. The Corgi genes will spruce up that personality, making them more outgoing and boisterous.

10. Corgi x Labrador Retriever

Image credit: MonikaLiga, Shutterstock

What do you get when you cross two of the most beloved breeds on the AKC popularity list? You will surely get a loving, charming dog that will mesh with just about any lifestyle! However, know that there can be quite a size and visual difference between the puppies in each litter.

The Corgi and Lab mix will definitely keep you on your toes, as both breeds are highly energetic and love life in motion. They will motivate you to perform your daily exercise and enthusiastically await every daily walk!

11. Corgi x Golden Retriever

Mixed Corgi Golden Retrievers
Image Credit: Tawat Kambum, Shutterstock

Like the Corgi and Lab mix, the Golden Retriever and Corgi mix will be just as well loved! Both of these dogs have a strong affinity for people and love being around their caretakers. Having one of these hybrids around will ensure you never feel alone.

The Corgi and Golden Retriever mix can make a very good emotional support animal for various people in need. However, be careful of that shedding! These dogs mixed together will create fluffs of shed all over your house. Also, there can be quite a lot of size variation amongst pups.

12. Corgi x Shar Pei

When you mix the quirky Corgi with the wrinkly Shar Pei, you’re sure to get the most adorable pup you’ve ever seen! Some of them might have curly tails; others might have nubs; some of them might have squishy muzzles, while others have the elongated snout of their Corgi parent.

Some of these puppies might even be downright weird looking in the most adorable way you’ve ever seen. Regarding personality, Shar Peis tend to be slightly more serious and aloof than their Corgi counterparts. So understand that this mix could have quite a lot of personality conflict.

13. Corgi x St. Bernard

The Corgi St. Bernard mix is another hybrid that can be quite dangerous for the mother dog. If the Corgi is the one giving birth, it can cause serious complications, as Saint Bernard pups are quite large. It’s best to breed a male Corgi with a female Saint Bernard so that the Saint Bernard can birth the larger babies. However, you can enjoy a variety of appearances in the litter for sure!

Both Corgis and Saint Bernards tend to be very heavily rooted in the family system. You will get a little bit of a guard dog mixed in with your social butterfly, making a really good balance between the two. Be mindful—this mix will shed a lot!

14. Corgi x Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkie and corgi mix dog sitting under the tree
Image Credit: Hdeerl, Shutterstock

When you mix the tiny Yorkshire Terrier with the short-legged Corgi, you get all sorts of cute visual possibilities. Keep in mind that due to the silky, long hair of the Yorkie in the thick coat of the Corgi, these will likely require regular grooming, including some pretty snazzy haircuts.

Yorkies tend to be very brave, vocal, and dominant. Having one in the bloodline can throw a dash of sassiness into a Corgi personality. So, you’ll certainly get a headstrong but lovable dog that enjoys every moment spent with family. But remember, they might bark quite a bit.

15. Corgi x Havanese

Could you pick a better hybrid option than mixing the Corgi with the Havanese? The personality combinations alone will create an extremely affectionate, laid-back, loving dog that will keep you warm every day! They will certainly have all of the personality and “Velcro dog” qualities you could possibly want.

Regarding physical appearance, they can have long, silky hair like the Havanese or more along the lines of a Corgi coat. It just depends—and may require intense grooming according to the outcome. Luckily, these two dogs tend to be very similar in size—so no surprises there!

16. Corgi x Catahoula Leopard Dog

Mixing the Corgi with the beautiful Catahoula Leopard Dog will make for some interesting puppies. They could have all sorts of different physical characteristics and personalities. One thing is certain; they will have a lot of energy!

The Catahoula has a very strong work ethic and loves to be on the go. Corgis are vibrant and curious little dogs. When you mix the two of these together, you will have a dog that wants a job, or a fun task all the time! There will rarely be a moment of downtime, but there will definitely be loads of fun.

17. Corgi x Border Collie

borgi border collie corgi mix
Image Credit: Tasha B, Shutterstock

The Corgi and Border Collie mix makes for one heck of an intelligent pup! Both of these breeds are incredibly smart, and a Border Collie ranks as potentially the smartest of all canine breeds. Mental stimulation is even more crucial than physical exercise for this combo.

If you’re the kind of person with a relaxed lifestyle, we highly recommend you look at other Corgi mixes instead.

18. Corgi x Pug

You will certainly have no more alone time when you elect to get a Corgi Pug mix! This “Velcro dog” will want to be by your side all the time, but not necessarily on your lap. These dogs have a sense of curiosity and adventure and absolutely love strangers and other pets alike.

You will get some pretty interesting physical appearances when you cross these two as they look very different from one another. Pugs are brachycephalic, meaning they have adorable smushed-in faces and curly tails. It’s hard to tell what the puppies will look like!

19. Corgi x Pekingese

The Corgi and Pekingese mix will love you their whole life. Both of these dogs tend to be brave, and the Pekingese is a little mouthy at times. You are sure to get a spirited puppy that’s ready to charge into the world head first.

The Pekingese is another brachycephalic breed on our list. So again, you will get some pretty interesting physical appearances in one litter of puppies. Some might have long lustrous hair, curly tails, and a pushed-in snout. Others might take after their Corgi parent and have perky ears, pointy snouts, and long bodies—or a mix of the two!

20. Corgi x English Bulldog

The Corgi and English Bulldog mix will certainly make a litter of interesting-looking puppies. Both of these dogs tend to be very good-natured, loving just about anyone or anything. The Bulldog also has a bit of a protective streak, which is fantastic for families who are looking for a little taste of watchdog mentality.

This combination might have a few of the health issues bred out since it’s a hybrid, but English Bulldogs are extremely prone to various ailments. If the puppy takes after the Bulldog parent, you might have some pretty strenuous vet bills at various points.

21. Corgi x Beagle

Corgi Beagle Mix
Image credit: Cryslta Alba, Shutterstock

Corgi and Beagle mix will make the sweetest pup in the world! Beagles are incredibly loving dogs that have some very interesting vocal capabilities. Corgis are also incredibly loving towards their families as well as vibrant and outgoing.

When you cross this hunting dog with a Corgi, you will likely get a smaller dog that can take on several physical possibilities—the patterns and makeup can be extremely adorable! Both dogs are relatively small in size, making them perfect for growing families with small children.

22. Corgi x Cairn Terrier

Cairn Corgi
Image Credit: Mary Swift, Shutterstock

Like many other terrier breeds, the Cairn Terrier is a happy, cheerful dog that is brave as the day is long. When you combine this pup with a Corgi, you get one heck of a personality! They will constantly be on the lookout for new activities and will love to be a part of anything!

Cairn Terriers have somewhat coarse, longer coats, while Corgis have a thick, double coat. They tend to be very sturdy and structurally sound, so when you combine both breeds together, you certainly get a hearty little dog.

23. Corgi x Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Corgi and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix is a perfect combination for a real cuddle bug! The Cavalier is a very relaxed, affectionate little pup with so much love to give. If you take that and mix it with the carefree spirit of the Corgi, you have virtually a perfect dog.

The Cavalier is slightly smaller than the Corgi meaning there can be a little variation in size amongst puppies. However, you’re still going to wind up with a small, compact dog that is very apartment friendly. Because of their docile nature, they would also be a super fantastic hybrid for children.

24. Corgi x Blue Heeler

corgi blue heeler mix dog lying down
Image Credit: Hallett, Shutterstock

When you combine the Corgi and Blue Heeler, you’ll get an adventurous pup that just wants to be on the go! This is certainly a pup that will need a lot of space to roam, such as a large farm or somewhere with a huge, fenced-in backyard.

The physical makeup of this combination lends to several different-looking puppies. They can carry the slightly larger and more robust size of the Blue Heeler or be smaller and longer bodied like the Corgi. Either way, prepare for lots of shedding!

25. Corgi x Affenpinscher

If you know anything about an Affenpinscher, you know just how unique they are in both personality and appearance. When you cross the Affenpinscher with the Corgi, you certainly get a lot of very different-looking sorts of puppies. Some might be adorable at first glance, and others might be so ugly they’re cute!

The Affenpinscher can be a very challenging dog to have as they are very willful and sometimes hard to train. But when you pair them with the eager-to-please Corgi, some of these characteristics might even themselves out.

26. Corgi x Dalmatian

There are a lot of possibilities when you cross a Dalmatian and Corgi together. After all, structurally, these dogs are very different. When it comes to personality, Corgis tend to be very happy-go-lucky, while Dalmatians are a bit choosier about who they like and dislike.

We also want to point out that deafness is a very big recurring issue among the Dalmatian breed, regardless of proper breeding. It is simply a defect that lies somewhere in the genetics that can’t be properly avoided. So there is a chance that if you buy a Corgi Dalmatian mix, your Corgi will share this genetic defect.

27. Corgi x Boxer

The Corgi and Boxer cross is certainly an interesting specimen. You will likely see no two puppies that look alike. Not only are Corgis and Boxers completely different sizes, but they are also physically different as well.

When it comes to personalities, you can expect a very family-oriented and fun-loving dog that will be both protective and welcoming. Boxers can be a bit rambunctious at first but tend to calm down as they age. So as puppies, these dogs might be a little on the lively side.

28. Corgi x American Staffordshire Terrier

You get quite a muscular, sturdy dog when you cross the American Staffordshire Terrier and Corgi. Not only are these dogs stout and cute, they have larger-than-life personalities and love being a part of any family!

This is certainly a loving combination if you’re looking for a loyal and affectionate breed. They will be easy to socialize with other pets but intuitive enough to protect their families from danger. While most of them will be in between the size of both parent breeds, it can go in either direction.

29. Corgi x Schipperke

close up Corgi Schipperke mix dog
Image Credit: Edward Martinez, Shutterstock

The Corgi and Schipperke mixed together will create a dog that will be ready to be on the go anytime! This lively combination will create an adventurous, outgoing dog that will charge head first into the world without hesitation.

In appearance, the Schipperke looks an awful lot like a Pomeranian. They might even share some of the same personality characteristics. So when you combine the two of these animals, you get able-bodied and similar-sized offspring.

30. Corgi x Chihuahua

Corgi Chihuahua mix dog in the park
Image Credit: penguiniz, Shutterstock

You are certainly going to get a spitfire when you cross the Chihuahua and Corgi. They can very easily get the neuroticism and single-owner syndrome of a Chihuahua, making them less compatible with an entire family, or they can get the cheerful, ready-to-take-on-life approach of the Corgi. It really just depends on the individual dog.

Structurally, Chihuahuas are extremely petite. So this is sure to be a very small breed, regardless of which parent it takes after.

31. Corgi x Miniature Schnauzer

The Corgi and Miniature Schnauzer is sure to make one unbeatable companion animal. Both of these dogs absolutely love the company of their owners and are typically very social with strangers. You can essentially take them anywhere, anytime!

Your Corgi and Miniature Schnauzer mix can take on all sorts of different looks, some with adorable beards and others that look more like the Corgi parent. Structurally, they are similar enough to where you can gauge their adult size.

32. Corgi x Pomeranian

corgi pomeranian mix dog up close
Image Credit: Amanda Reaume, Shutterstock

When you mix the cheerful personalities of the Corgi and Pomeranian, you’re sure to get a really chipper little pup. Both of these dogs have excellent temperaments and blend very well into a variety of lifestyles. Plus, they are so small that they fit most apartment requirements.

If you have this cross, you can expect to take a daily walk without missing a beat. While they’re small and tire easily, they will need a major outlet for their excess energy. Also, remember that this breed combo might be a bit vocal.

33. Corgi x Lhasa Apso

When you cross a Corgi and Lhasa Apso, you’ll get one cheerful and furry pup! These dogs are more likely to have the very long hair of the Lhasa Apso, so you can give them a variety of interesting hairdos.

What might surprise you about the adorable Lhasa is that they were bred to be guard dogs. So, your Corgi will have a good combination of discernment and social butterfly tendencies. Also, the Lhasa Apso influence might mean your pup will take to just one person over all others—though they should be agreeable and pleasant.

34. Corgi x Chow Chow

Corgi Chow Mix puppy inside the cage
Image Credit: eden, Shutterstock

You’ll get one super fluffy little puppy when you combine the Corgi and the Chow Chow! It can vary in size quite a lot due to the difference between the two parents, but it will undoubtedly be a furry cutie all through its adult years.

While adorable and bear-like, Chow Chows can be extremely aggressive and territorial dogs when it comes to strangers and other animals. So while they might have this sweet and outgoing nature of the Corgi, it is possible that they might be a little more aloof or even incompatible with some people and pets.

35. Corgi x French Bulldog

Both the Corgi and French Bulldog are two of the most popular dogs today. When you combine them, you’ll get all the characteristics you love in both breeds. If you want a personable little dog that you can take anywhere, this is certainly one to consider!

There is quite a size difference between the two of them, but you will still end up with a small breed dog that can vary a bit in length and overall appearance. Like some of the other dogs on our list, the French Bulldog is brachycephalic, and the Corgi is not, so you can get quite a few combinations therein.

36. Corgi x Akita

Once again, the two parents have quite a size difference with this breed. So, the female Corgi might have some pretty intense problems with the birthing. However, if all goes smoothly, you can expect the pups in this litter to be quite adorable but most likely very different.

The Akita is a very notoriously aloof breed. They don’t take well to strangers and prefer to stick with what they know. If you mix this breed with a Corgi, you could really get any personality mix in between. They could be very social, somewhat social, standoffish, or even aggressive.

37. Corgi x West Highland Terrier

westie and corgi mix dog near the window
Image Credit: Tim_sheppard_06, Shutterstock

The Corgi and West Highland Terrier are both similarly sized. So when they combine, you can expect a long-bodied, short-legged compact dog that is sturdy and healthy! They might have the longer terrier-type fur or take more after their Corgi parent.

West Highland Terriers are known for being spirited, fun-loving, and loyal. When you mix their characteristics with the Corgi, you know you have a friend for life that will more than gladly accompany you on any adventure.

38. Corgi x Shetland Sheepdog

You are certainly combining two happy canines with a Shetland Sheepdog and Corgi mix. These pups are notoriously cheerful, family-oriented dogs with enough energy to keep up with growing kids and active lifestyles.

A Sheltie and Corgi are very different in composition, but their looks can blend together quite beautifully. Some of them might have the longer hair of the Sheltie, while others take on the shorter coats of the Corgi parent. Either way it crumbles, their looks complement each other quite well, and you’ll have one cute puppy!

39. Corgi x Poodle

Image Credit: otsphoto, Shutterstock

A Corgi Poodle mix is likely going to be a curly cutie, just like many other Doodle breeds. Depending on the Poodle’s parent size, the hybrid can be miniature or standard. Some of them might be mostly hypoallergenic, like the Poodle parent, which can be a real relief for allergy sufferers.

Poodles are generally very calm, dignified, and loyal. These traits meld very well with the Corgi DNA, making a very well-rounded, intelligent pup to have around the house. They will certainly be well-mannered and easy to train.

40. Corgi x Basset Hound

A Corgi sure gets a good response due to their adorable bottoms and their cheerful personalities. Basset Hounds get the same for their sad puppy eyes and long, droopy ears. You get an irresistibly precious pup when you combine the two of these pooches.

Because these dogs have part hound in them, you’re going to want to make sure outdoor experiences are hot on the list. These dogs will certainly love to use their sniffer and want trips out to socialize with the neighborhood.

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Now you’ve seen some pretty interesting Corgi combinations. Some are large, some are small, some are curly, and some are wiry. But one thing is for sure, all of them are cute in their own right.

Of all of these explanations and adorable images, which Corgi hybrid was your favorite?

Featured Image Credit: Jus_Ol, Shutterstock

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