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Bayer Seresto Flea and Tick Collar for Dogs Review 2024: Pros, Cons, & Verdict

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Our Final Verdict

We give Seresto Flea Collar a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars.

Review Summary

Ease of use
Safety and side effects

The Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs is a hands-off, no-fuss alternative to monthly ointments and pills. Along with killing fleas, ticks, and lice already living in your dog’s coat, this collar can actually deter new ticks from hopping aboard for up to eight months.

Of course, no flea and tick treatment is perfect. Many dogs wear the Seresto Flea Collar without issue, but there have been several cases of dogs experiencing skin irritation, rashes, and hair loss shortly after trying this collar—some owners have also reported their own skin irritation after handling. The Seresto Flea Collar also loses effectiveness when exposed to water, leaving some owners with a collar that lasts for far less than the promised eight months.

So, does the good outweigh the bad for this flea killer? Or are you better off leaving those monthly treatment reminders on your calendar for the foreseeable future?

Image Product Details
Seresto Dog Flea Collar Seresto Dog Flea Collar
  • Actively kills and repels fleas
  • ticks
  • and lice
  • Protects against parasite-borne diseases
  • Works on multiple flea life stages
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    Seresto Flea Collar Review for Dogs — A Quick Look

    • Actively kills and repels fleas, ticks, and lice
    • Protects against parasite-borne diseases
    • Works on multiple flea life stages
    • Effective for up to 8 months
    • Fits almost all dogs
    • Safe for use on puppies as young as 7 weeks
    • Lifespan is shortened by water exposure
    • May cause skin irritation or hair loss
    • Triggers mild allergic reaction in some humans
    • May not target flea eggs
    • Requires continuous wear for maximum efficacy
    • Manufacturer: Bayer Healthcare
    • Treatment type: Collar
    • Species: Dog
    • Breed: All
    • Weight: All
    • Age: Over 7 weeks
    • Duration: 5 to 8 months
    • Sizes available: 15 inches, 27.5 inches
    • Effective against: Fleas, lice, ticks, mange-causing mites
    • Country of origin: Germany
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    Kills and Repels Harmful Parasites

    Whether purchased directly through your veterinarian, at your local grocery store, or from an online retailer like Amazon, no two flea treatments are alike. Some, such as those taken orally, work by killing fleas and ticks that bite your dog. Others work by emitting chemicals that deter pests from ever hitching a ride on your canine companion in the first place.

    The Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs stands out because it simultaneously kills fleas, ticks, and lice already living on your dog while also repelling new ones looking to call your pup’s skin and coat home.

    For dogs who spend a good amount of time outside, this dual protection can prevent fleas, ticks, and lice from being carried into the house and introduced to other pets. It also means fleas and other parasites won’t have time to bite your dog before the medication takes effect (this is great for dogs with flea bite allergies!).

    Formulated with Two Active Ingredients

    The Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs works with the help of two active ingredients: imidacloprid and flumethrin. While the latter is almost exclusively used on pets and livestock, imidacloprid is also quite common in pesticides used on vegetables, flowers, and trees.

    Imidacloprid targets the nervous systems of invertebrates, such as fleas and ticks, causing damage and eventual death. Flumethrin works much the same way, impeding normal nerve function in fleas, ticks, and lice. However, the presence of this chemical also deters ticks from climbing into your pup’s coat when out on a walk, playing, or hunting.

    Because of the way these chemicals are distributed throughout the natural oils in your dog’s coat, fleas and other pests come into contact with them almost instantly—no biting required.

    Safe and Effective for Almost All Dogs

    Compared to oral and topical flea treatments, choosing the correct dose for your dog is incredibly easy when using the Seresto Flea Collar. To start, there are only two sizes of collars, designed for canines either 18 pounds and under or over 18 pounds.

    Based on our research, many other over-the-counter flea and tick treatments are only recommended for dogs over 8 weeks old. According to the manufacturer, the Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs is safe to use on dogs as young as 7 weeks.

    Is This Collar Effective Against Flea Eggs?

    After researching the Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs, we were unable to confirm its effectiveness against flea eggs. Based on the known active ingredients, there doesn’t appear to be anything within this collar that targets flea eggs specifically.

    Instead, we believe that the Seresto Flea Collar works by killing off fleas as they hatch. The insecticides within this collar do target flea larvae, so there’s no need to wait for maturity. However, depending on the infestation, owners may experience a prolonged period of new fleas hatching, dying, and falling out of their dog’s coat.

    For more information on this subject, we suggest contacting the manufacturer directly.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whether you’ve always turned to flea collars for your pest control needs or this is your first foray into the marketplace, you must know exactly what to expect. Here’s what you need to know before trying one of these Seresto Flea Collars on your own dog.

    Will the Seresto Flea Collar really work on any size dog?

    When shopping for any flea collar, choosing the right size for your dog is extremely important, both for the product’s efficacy and safety. In the case of the Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs, owners have two options to choose from: one designed for all dogs under 18 pounds and one designed for all dogs over 18 pounds.

    However, while this means that all dogs fit into the weight requirements of this collar, it won’t necessarily fit all dogs. According to customers, the smaller version of this flea collar fits neck measurements up to 15 inches, while the large version fits necks up to 27.5 inches. We suggest measuring your dog’s neck before purchasing, especially if your dog is particularly large.

    Is it safe to sleep with a dog wearing a Seresto Flea Collar?

    If you do your own research on flea collars, you might notice a few comments here and there about the safety of sleeping with a flea-collar-wearing pup. Is there validity to these concerns?

    When it comes to the active ingredients in this flea collar, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not found any reason for concern. Some people may experience skin irritation after coming into contact with a flea collar, but there is no proof that you should avoid all contact with your dog or that Seresto Flea Collars are carcinogenic (known to cause cancer).

    Is the Seresto Flea Collar safe for cats and other pets?

    As is true for all flea and tick treatments, dog-specific products should never be used on cats or other small pets. The specific ingredients and dosages used can cause discomfort, illness, and, in severe cases, death. If you are looking for a flea and tick treatment for your cat as well, the Seresto Flea Collar for Cats is a great option.

    cats and dogs
    Image Credit: mohamed abd elrhim, Shutterstock

    Generally, it is safe for cats to be around a dog wearing a flea collar. If your dog and cat often sleep together or otherwise make contact, we recommend monitoring the situation and switching treatment methods if necessary.

    Does the Seresto Flea Collar require continuous wear?

    To get the most out of almost any flea collar, your dog should wear it as often as possible. While it is perfectly safe to remove the collar for short periods of time, such as a few hours, continuous wear is required for full efficacy.

    Many owners wonder if their dog can go without a flea collar during the winter months. However, fleas and ticks can survive surprising conditions and are a near-constant threat. We recommend using a Seresto Flea Collar at least for its entire lifespan, if not year-round.

    Can a dog swim or bathe while wearing a flea collar?

    Yes, swimming, bathing, or getting caught in the rain won’t completely negate the Seresto Flea Collar. With that said, removing the collar whenever your dog will get wet can ensure that you get the full 8 months out of your purchase. Collars that routinely get wet may last as little as 5 months.

    Are there side effects associated with wearing a Seresto Flea Collar?

    As with any chemical your dog comes into contact with, prescribed or not, there is always a chance of unwanted reactions. In most cases, Seresto side effects are limited to mild skin irritation, rashes, and hair loss.

    Some humans will also experience short-term skin irritation after handling a flea collar. Direct contact with any dog’s flea collar, especially by children, should be avoided. If you have sensitive skin or are otherwise worried about a reaction, we recommend wearing gloves when putting on your dog’s new flea collar.

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    What the Users Say

    We hope you’ve found our review helpful, but we also understand there’s no better source of trusted information than other dog owners. After researching what other owners have to say about the Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs, there’s a sharp line between those who love it and those who feel the exact opposite.

    On the one hand, many dog owners rave that the Seresto Flea Collar is the only reliable flea and tick treatment they’ve ever used. We found multiple comments stating that the repellant feature is a godsend for dogs with flea bite allergies who otherwise found no relief. There also seems to be a clear consensus on how much better the Seresto brand is than cheaper alternatives.

    On the opposite side of the discussion, however, there are quite a few dog owners who were far from impressed. Most negative reviews and testimonials were the result of a severe reaction to the flea collar—some leaving the dog’s neck red, scabbed, and hairless. The other most common complaint was the longevity of the collar, though there’s no way of knowing if these issues were caused by user error.Divider 5

    Is the Seresto Flea Collar Right For You?

    The Seresto Flea Collar is relatively affordable for the length of protection offered, especially if you take steps to get the full eight months out of it. While there are cheaper flea collars available, our research suggests that you definitely get what you pay for in this market.

    Yes, there are public concerns regarding flea collars and their safety for dogs and their human family members. While we encourage readers to do what is best for their households, we found no conclusive evidence that flea collars are linked to cancer or otherwise dangerous.

    If you, a family member, or your dog has sensitive skin, we suggest taking precautions (or trying out another treatment option altogether). However, almost all cases of irritation caused by the Seresto Flea Collar appear to be mild and short-lived.

    Flea collars aren’t for everyone (or every pup). But the Seresto Flea Collar for Dogs is ultimately a worthwhile option for dogs and their owners interested in this pest-prevention method.

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