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Medium Cat Breeds

somali cat on purple

All of the Medium cat breeds included on this page usually end up between 10 and 15 pounds as adults.

Of course there are exceptions among individuals, and cats like the Somali and the Turkish Angora may actually be quite tall, but still fall into the medium range based on weight.

Cats Rule!

Check them out and always remember…Cats Rule!


Medium Cat Breeds A to Z


Medium cat breeds are our most popular companions. They make up the majority of domestic cat breeds, and most house cats fall into this range as well.

Large enough to tackle a mechanical mouse, but not too big that they can’t perch comfortably atop the shoulder of someone special.

Many cat breeds of medium size are the result of centuries of domestication and therefore make excellent indoor companions.

These breeds range from the pleasantly plump Exotic Shorthair one of the more recently developed breeds, to the lithe and sublime Somali, one of the oldest breeds in existence.

The amazing and unique Manx cat is a mid-size cat that also excels at bonding with children. The wonderfully weird Don Sphynx, or Donskoy cat, is one of the worlds only hairless breeds.

These breeds should all fall into the average size range for both height and weight, but of course the only way to guarantee adult size is to adopt a deserving adult cat who is already the perfect size for you!

So check these medium cats out! Enjoy the journey and always remember…….Cats Rule!

Exotic Shorthair Closeup!Exotic Shorthair Closeup!


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Persian CatBeautiful Persian Cat


Don Sphynx catDon Sphynx Cat Sunbatheing
  • The Havana Brown cat was developed in Britain, not Cuba – the name “Havana” comes from the unique tobacco color of the Havana Browns fur
  • The Japanese Bobtail is the model for the “beckoning cat” a symbol of good luck, especially towards businesses.
  • Scottish Fold kittens are born with normal ears that fold over at about 3 weeks


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