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How Much Does a Sphynx Cat Cost? 2024 Price Guide

Kristin Hitchcock

By Kristin Hitchcock

grey sphynx cat on a wooden table

Sphynx cats are one of the most expensive cats in the world even though they are somewhat easy to get. There are many breeders who specialize in these cats. However, you have to be willing to pay a pretty penny for them.

A purebred Sphynx often costs between $2,000 to $5,000. Some champion-bred cats will cost even more than that. This assumes that you’re getting the cat from a qualified breeder who knows what they’re doing. It is sometimes possible to find cheaper kittens from lower-quality sources. However, these kittens usually do not receive the same level of care, often resulting in a sicker and less-friendly cat.

On top of this, Sphynx cats require a bit more care than most cats. This leads to them costing more money in the long run as well. They are a huge financial commitment that you should carefully consider before setting out to adopt one. So, if you’d like to know the full answer to the question “How much do Sphynx cats cost?”, read on!

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Bringing Home a New Sphynx: One-Time Costs

These cats require supplies that you should have before bringing your pet home. These include beds, cat bowls, toys, and similar items. Most of these aren’t expensive on their own, but they can be pricey when you put them all together.

It is important to have these costs figured out and budgeted for before you bring your kitten home. You preferably should purchase high-quality items that are going to last a while, which should allow you to save money in the long run. You also need to consider these cats’ special needs, which may increase the cost.

Of course, a big expense will be purchasing the cat themselves. These are among the most expensive cats around, so you should be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on them.

grey sphynx cat
Image Credit: Lightspruch, Shutterstock


It is extremely rare to find a Sphynx cat for free. Most breeders even have contracts that prevent the buyers from simply giving their cats away. Therefore, if someone is simply offering you a Sphynx for free, you should be careful. Sometimes, these are scams. The person might be “giving” the cat away but may ask for help paying vet bills or transportation costs. You should never send someone money in these circumstances.

Other times, it may be a friend or family member giving the cat away. While this person may only be looking for a good home for their feline, it is important to ask about where they got the cat, as well as whether they are under contract or not. If the breeder finds out, they can easily void the contract and take back the cat.



These cats usually don’t end up in adoption agencies. However, when they do, they are often much cheaper than purchasing from anywhere else.

Most of the time, these cats are adults. Many of them have health conditions, which is probably why they have been given up. Most people don’t simply give up a cat that they paid thousands of dollars for. Kittens of this breed are extremely rare in rescues and adoption centers.

Often, your best bet at finding one of these cats is to look at breed-specific rescues, though these are often few and far between.



The only sure way to get this breed is through a breeder. These cats are often the highest quality option as well, as most breeders check their cats for many different genetic diseases before breeding. Since only the healthiest cats are bred together in these circumstances, the kittens are extremely healthy as well.

It is important to find a high-quality breeder, especially when you’re paying thousands for a cat. Be sure to ask about what vet care the kittens received before adoption, as well as what genetic testing was done.

Grey Canadian mink point sphynx
Image Credit: evrymmnt, Shutterstock

Initial Setup and Supplies


Before you bring your Sphynx cat home, you should have these supplies ready and waiting. Often, it is best not to purchase your Sphynx and then bring these items home. You may find yourself unable to find the time to buy them with a new kitten to take care of. Plus, it is best if things like the litter box are already there when your cat is brought into the house.

ID Tag and Collar $15
Spay/Neuter $50–$200
Microchip $5–$50
Litter Box $25–$200
Crate $30
Bed $20–$50
Litter Scoop $5–$25
Toys $30–$75
Food and Water Bowls $10


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How Much Does a Sphynx Cost Per Month?

On top of paying for one-time supplies, you’ll also need to take care of the monthly costs of owning a cat. This includes things like food, pet insurance, grooming costs, and similar expenses. These can add up rather quickly, so it is important to budget for your cat appropriately.

The Sphynx is a little more expensive to take care of than most cats, largely due to their increased medical costs. They aren’t the healthiest breed, and the costs of caring for them can add up.

black sphynx cat
Image Credit: photosounds, Shutterstock

Health Care


These cats are generally more expensive to care for than most. They require a decent amount of food, despite their smaller size. They spend more calories controlling their body temperature because they don’t have extra fur to help out. Therefore, their food tends to be more expensive.

Even though they don’t have fur, they also require grooming, which can be pricey. Medication and regular vet visits can also get expensive, especially since these cats aren’t the healthiest. Many have a chronic health problem of some sort, which can greatly increase your overall costs.



These cats often do fine on regular commercial cat food. However, those with health problems will likely need to eat a special diet. Many Sphynx cats may need a diet like this because they are prone to skin problems of all sorts.

You should plan on feeding your cat a high-quality diet packed full of meats. Omega fatty acids are particularly good for these felines, as they may help keep their skin healthy.



These cats don’t need to be brushed, but they do need to be bathed regularly with high-quality shampoo. They don’t have fur to pull oil from their skin, so it will just sit there until you bathe them. However, their sensitive skin often means that they need high-quality shampoo. They may also need things like sunscreen to protect their skin if they spend any time outdoors.

You’ll often need to perform weekly baths at least. Shampoo will need to be purchased regularly. You’ll also need random supplies, like Q-tips for cleaning their ears.

Medications and Vet Visits


You’ll need to pay quite a bit in health care for these felines. They will need an annual vet visit at the very least, where they can receive preventative health care. This includes things like vaccinations. These visits are important to catch any potential health problems early and keep your cat up to date on their vaccinations.

These cats are prone to skin problems, which may add to your monthly costs. Cats that need special creams and similar treatments may end up costing hundreds of dollars a month on vet bills. Of course, cats with medication will also raise vet bills significantly. Emergency health problems may suddenly cost you thousands of dollars.

sphynx cat vet check up
Image Credit: Irina Vasilevskaia, Shutterstock

Pet Insurance


It is highly recommended that you get pet insurance for your Sphynx. These cats are not the healthiest, so vet bills are common. They are particularly prone to skin problems due to their lack of fur. Having pet insurance can keep these costs lower when they do pop up.

However, many pet insurance companies also know that Sphynx cats are less healthy than others, so they will likely charge more to cover these cats. Your monthly bill is likely to be a bit higher than it would be with other cats.

Be aware that pet insurance usually increases with age, so it is likely to get more expensive as your cat gets older.

Some plans may include preventative care, which can provide you with extra savings. However, these usually cost even more.

Environmental Maintenance


You’ll need to keep your cat’s litter box clean and well-taken care of. These cats usually have sensitive skin, so the cat litter that you purchase can be important. Some may not like the highly-scented options, which may upset their skin. Therefore, you may need to use a more expensive, all-natural cat litter.

You may also want to consider the cost of deodorizing options, like sprays and liners. Not every litter box needs a liner, of course, but it can add up quickly if you decide to purchase these extras.

Cat Litter: $30–$70/month
Litter box liners: $5/month



Like any pet, cats need things like toys, cat trees, and similar structures. You cannot simply leave your cat alone all day and expect them to thrive. The Sphynx is typically not extremely active. However, they do enjoy cat toys and like somewhere high that they can climb as well.

A cat tree of high quality usually costs at least $50 for one cat. The larger options for multiple cats will cost as much as $200. This is an extremely high price, especially if you have multiple cats. However, it is a one-time purchase, so you won’t be spending it monthly. That said, you may need to replace the cat tree after a few years, as the scratching portions will slowly wear down.

You should also plan on purchasing toys regularly. These cats are usually not hard on their toys, so you may not have to purchase them as often as you would for other breeds. Usually, around $15 to $30 a month for toys is plenty for most cats. Younger kittens will often be more playful than older cats, so they may need more toys.

smart donskoy sphynx
Image Credit: BLACKDAY, Shutterstock

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Sphynx


Much of your monthly costs will come from your cat’s food, medical needs, and litter box. Other costs are often quite low, depending on your cat’s particular needs. If you purchase pet insurance, your average monthly cost may be a bit higher on paper. However, it will save you from the cost of emergency vet bills. These can cost thousands of dollars and aren’t factored into the monthly costs because every cat is going to be different. We recommend either getting pet insurance or saving up an emergency fund of $5,000 at least.

This cat is somewhat more expensive than others. They often need more food than other felines, though this may not actually translate to a much higher price. It is mostly their specific care needs, such as high-quality shampoo and lotion, that add to their monthly care costs.

Additional Costs to Factor In

On top of the usual monthly costs, there are a few other costs that you’ll need to consider. Emergency vet care can be very expensive. However, pet insurance can help dissipate some of these costs. If you choose to get pet insurance, you’ll often have to pay less in emergency vet bills.

You’ll also need to consider what you’ll do when you’re on vacation. You may need a pet sitter, which will add to your pet budget. If your cat does any damage to your home, you may have to pay to replace pieces of furniture or repair them. This can cost both money and time on your part.

In the case that your cat gets lost, you’ll need to invest in things like flyers to relocate them again. Of course, if you microchip your cat, you may have a better chance of being reunited. These cats are commonly cat-napped by those looking to make a quick buck, so it is important not to allow them outside and to microchip them. It may be the only way that you can prove ownership if they get stolen.

Owning a Sphynx on a Budget

While these cats can be more expensive than most, they don’t necessarily have to be. The major expense that you’ll end up paying is vet costs. However, this can be offset by purchasing pet insurance. This service will take care of some of these costs for you.

You can also purchase your cat food in bulk, which will save you a bit of money. You may be able to purchase other things in bulk as well, such as subscribing to a cat toy subscription box. This is typically cheaper than purchasing all the toys separately.

Shopping around for cheaper supplies is also an option. Current sales and regular pricing vary between stores. If you’re really looking to save money, be sure to price-check.

In some cases, you can make your own cat supplies. For instance, you can make cat treats. You can also make cat toys, depending on how crafty you are.

Saving Money on Sphynx Care

The easiest way to save money on the care of your Sphynx is with pet insurance. Shop around, and consider what you need before deciding on a specific company. There is a huge variance in price between companies, depending on your zip code and your cat’s age.

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Conclusion: How Much Are Hairless Cats?

A Sphynx often has more health care and grooming needs than other cats. This can make them more expensive to take care of. The most important thing that you can do to keep your costs down is to purchase your cat from a high-quality breeder. Ask about what genetic testing they do and the vet care that their kittens receive. This will often ensure that the cat that you purchase has a lower chance of developing certain genetic conditions, which in turn, lowers the amount that you’ll pay on future vet bills.

However, you shouldn’t expect to get out of the vet costs and grooming needs completely. These cats need things like high-quality shampoos and plenty of preventative care to keep them healthy. Skipping out on these things often results in higher bills later on.

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