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How To Keep Litter From Sticking To Litter Box – Easy Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

clean litter box - prevent sticking

How do you keep litter from sticking to the box?

This question likely bewilders many cat lovers. After spending countless hours scraping out the corners of your cats litter box and a few failed attempts to keep the box free of saturated litter, some might even wonder if it is possible.

Alas, we have found a few tried, tested and true ways that will help prevent and, in some cases, eliminate this sticky situation. Read on to find out what you can do the help ease the hassle of your litter box clean-ups.

How to keep cat litter from stinking and sticking?

Below are the alternatives you can use to clean and prep your cat’s litter box to prevent sticking, help you clean in a quicker more efficient way, and control lingering odors.

Anti-Stick Spray & Baking Soda

baking soda
Image Credit: evita-ochel, Pixabay

The first possible solution is a combination of anti-stick spray and baking soda. This method offers many advantages and the ingredients can be found in almost every kitchen pantry. Coat the inside of the litter box with a non-stick cooking spray and sprinkle baking soda, covering the cooking spray evenly before pouring in your litter. These simple elements work so well together that scooping waste from the litter box is quick and hassle-free.

While cooking spray might not be every cat owner’s first choice, you can alternatively purchase a litter-specific spray such as  Litter Care non-stick spray, which was designed for this exact purpose.

The only drawback of this method is the short duration that the non-stick coating lasts. It might offer you only 2-3 days of work after losing its effects.

Wax Paste

wax bars paste
Image Credit: Tom Gowanlock

Using a wax paste on a freshly cleaned litter box is the second alternative that can prevent litter from sticking to the walls, corners, and bottom of the box. Wax is known to be water repellent and non-stick which makes it the perfect catalyst.

Various brands will offer different ways of applying the wax – pastes can be applied with a rag and once dry, litter can be added to the box. Stick waxes will require a manual coating of the box but need no time to dry!

Although the initial application may take longer, the results may last your cat’s litter box for up to two months.

How to keep cat urine from sticking to the litter box?

If you are looking for an instant solution, or perhaps one that requires very little preparation, you can try one of the following.

Keeping the litter deep

Increasing the amount of litter that you use in your cat’s litter box will provide your feline with more areas to dig through and bury. The extra litter will also act as a sponge, drying up any excess moisture left behind. 

While this might seem like an easy and quick fix, there is one important note that you should consider and that is overall litter depth. The idea that more is better is only beneficial to a point. Many cats prefer not to use the litter if it is too deep. So, litter should be kept at a maximum depth of 4 inches.

However, as cats love to dig before starting their job, this solution might be meaningless depending on how your cat does their business. 

Scoop the box more frequently

Scheduling more frequent trips to scoop out your cat’s litter box might not seem like an easier fix, but can save you a ton of time in the long run. It might require a little more effort to scoop the box daily, but will soon become habitual if you keep at it!

cat looking at crystal in litter box eco friendly
Image credit: Axel Bueckert, Shutterstock

How to keep cat litter from sticking to paws?

Using non-clumping cat litter

Clumping litter is the most commonly used type of cat litter but could also be the main cause of sticking. When exposed to moisture, the particles soften to bind to each other which can result in the clumps sticking to the bottom and sides of the box. 

You can eliminate this issue by choosing a non-clumping litter like the one offered by World’s Best Cat Litter. This cat litter might be inferior to other products when it comes to odor control and tracking. However, incorporating baking soda into the litter will help absorb unpleasant odors and a litter mat will contain any tracking litter particles. 

cute paws polydactyl
Image Credit: Sel_Sanders, Shutterstock

How to prevent urine clumps from sticking to the litter box?

Using liner

natures miracle litter box liners

Liners are a great way to clean the litter box more conveniently. You can use a liner, like these by Nature’s Miracle, at the bottom of the box and pour cat litter on top. You’ll only need to lift the liner when it comes to cleaning, and litter and waste will be quickly collected – no scooping or sticking!

The drawback of liners is the cost. They are not cheap and consistent use would quickly rack up an extensive bill. A possible alternative for liners is a trash bag. You should measure your litter box before purchasing bags in bulk to ensure they fit around the rim.

The quality of plastic liners seems to be less effective than sifting liners, as they can rip and tear apart. Plus, finding the right size of the liner is a long journey of trial and error.

This might a great alternative in theory, but using a liner regularly is not an ideal method to keep cat urine from sticking to litter boxes since your cat might scratch the liner and destroy it anyway. 

Non-stick litter box

pet fusion non stick litter box


Plastic is the most inexpensive material for a cat litter box but comes with a few flaws. Over time, plastic can become scratched. As a result, the litter might become stuck to the surface and create a lingering odor. You can switch to a non-stick cat litter box that is scratch resistant which will in turn be less prone to litter sticking.

You can find many anti-stick litter boxes like this one by Pet Fusion on the market. The best option is a stainless steel litter box with a non-stick coating like a frying pan. The tough material can withstand extended use.

Automatic Litter Box

petsafe automatic litter box

Our final recommendation is an invention of technology that might cost you a considerable amount of money. This automatic litter box by Pet Safe can save you a ton of time cleaning out your cats litter box. It features a self-cleaning function that uses rotation to scoop itself. You only need to clean the robot once a week by removing the litter that was placed in the trash can by the self-cleaning rotation.

The biggest downside of an automatic cat litter box is the cost. However, if you can afford it, we say give it a go!


We have discussed eight different ways to remedy sticky litter box clumps. Whether you choose to invest in a new litter box or some non-stick spray, we hope you have found a solution that will work for both you and your kitty.

If you have found another effective way of preventing sticky litter, please share in the comments below!

Feature Image Credit: Enki Photo, Shutterstock

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