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Top 20 Dog YouTube Channels to Watch in 2023

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By Nicole Cosgrove

best dog YouTube channels

There’s nothing like whiling away an hour or 10 on YouTube, especially if there are puppies involved. Whether you’re looking for useful training tips, inspirational animal rescue stories, or hilarious videos of doggy pranks and challenges, we guarantee that you can find it on YouTube. But instead of wasting your time searching, why not start with one of our favorite channels?

To help you spend your time wisely and find the best channels faster, we rounded up the 20 best dog YouTube channels of this year. Scroll down to find all kinds of great dog content!

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The 20 Best Dog YouTube Channels:

1. Maymo Dog YouTube Channel

Maymo is a coconut-water-loving Lemon Beagle with an incredible 9 million subscribers! His YouTube channel features a whole lot of pranks, games, and costumes. Want to watch a dog fight a giant rubber duck or whip up some spaghetti? This is the dog YouTube channel for you.

2. DomesticatedManners

Want something a little more practical? DomesticatedManners is all about effective, science-based animal training. Founder Chirag Patel covers topics like games to play with your dog, how punishment works, and what your puppy wishes you knew. Chirag also runs WOOF, an animal training conference with workshops and seminars, and offers animal behavior consultations through his website.

3. Mr. SillySpoon Dog YouTube Channel

Don’t say we didn’t warn you: the Mr. SillySpoon YouTube channel could draw you in for hours! This channel is all about funny dog videos, including fails, pranks, and reaction cams. Want to see how a pup responds to sizzling sausage? You’ll find that and more if you become a Spooner.

4. Tucker Budzyn

Want to follow the adventures of an adorable Golden Retriever? Of course you do! The Tucker Budzyn YouTube channel features doggie taste tests, pool “pawties,” puppy sleepovers, and more.

5. Dog Training by Kikopup

Ready for more training tips? Dog Training by Kikopup can show you how to stop your puppy from biting and barking, the best tricks to teach your dog, and how to use food as a training tool.

6. Herky the Cavalier Dog YouTube Channel

Have you ever wanted to own a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel? Herky the Cavalier will give you a sneak peek into the fluffy world of this little dog breed. Learn about bathing puppies, flying with dogs, and how to get an emotional support animal.

7. Husky Squad

Husky Squad is another breed-specific YouTube channel, focusing on life with not one but three huskies! You can expect videos on road trips, hiking, camping, homemade treats, and bathing tips for active dogs. If you’re an outdoorsy dog lover, this channel will be your new favorite—guaranteed.

8. Denver the Guilty Dog

If you’ve seen the viral video of Denver, an adorable pup who got caught red-handed stealing cat treats, you’ll want to check out this channel. The Denver the Guilty Dog channel lets you watch this expressive pup doing things she shouldn’t!

9. Animal Wised

We could all use a few more expert tips on caring for our dogs, and that’s exactly what Animal Wised offers. Learn how to effectively scold your dog or interpret his sleeping position. And if you have cats, you’ll find plenty of information on them, too.

10. Hope For Paws

Hope For Paws is a nonprofit animal rescue organization. Its founder, Eldad, rescues abandoned and stray animals in the LA area, and the YouTube channel lets you ride along! Watch amazing rescues from trash cans, storm drains, and razor wire—and then donate to support these rescue dogs.

11. eHowPets

Do you have any burning questions about your pets? The eHowPets channel will answer them for you! Look for videos on puppy training, surfing dogs, and how to celebrate the holidays with your furry friends.

12. Funny Pet Media

Just looking for doggy entertainment? This channel may be your new favorite place. Funny Pet Media posts an amazing four videos per week showcasing hilarious dog antics. You’ll never be bored again!

13. Haru the Shiba Inu

Haru is an adorable Shiba Inu whose videos feature doggy taste tests, games, and even toddlers! This smart pup goes head to head on IQ tests and snack contests with her owner’s toddler, Abram.

14. MochaMilk

Speaking of kids, MochaMilk is another cute channel featuring the antics of two dogs and a baby. Meet Mocha, a Pomeranian Spitz cross, and Milk, a Samoyed, and watch them react to pranks, play with the baby, and try out sledding.

15. K’eyush the Stunt Dog

Wondering what the life of a stunt dog is like? This is the channel for you, featuring K’eyush, a very expressive Husky Malamute cross. Watch him somersault, play with his friends, and even talk!

16. Crusoe the Dachshund

Crusoe the Dachshund is a verified celebrity: this famous pup is a New York Times bestselling author and People’s Choice Award Winner with over a million YouTube subscribers. If you join them, you can watch this Mini Dachshund dress up for Halloween, take Canadian vacations, and reenact famous movies.

17. Kakoa’s World

Kakoa is a costume fanatic who loves to dress up with his owners. Find fun videos about Elsa, Spiderman, the Easter Bunny, and more—all centered around a cute pup!

18. Louie the Beagle

Here’s one for Beagle lovers: Louie the Beagle is a YouTube Channel featuring two adorable Beagles and a whole lot of Halloween costumes. See these pups battle monkeys, clowns, bananas, and hot dogs—to name a few.

19. Cooking with Dog

Ever wanted to cook with a dog as your sous-chef? You’ll love Cooking With Dog, a Japanese YouTube channel hosted by an adorable poodle named Francis. As the mysterious unnamed chef cooks interesting Japanese delicacies, Francis narrates all of the steps. Sadly, Francis passed away a few years ago, but there’s still a trove of great videos to enjoy!

20. Mayapolarbear

Maya’s a Samoyed, but her owner calls her a “polar bear, cloud, and marshmallow all in one.” On Mayapolarbear, you can watch her encounter balloons, run obstacle courses, and give some serious—and adorable—attitude.

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There you have it: the 20 best dog YouTube channels that are active this year. Laugh at pranks, watch puppies play with babies, or learn how to interpret your dog’s sleeping position. Whatever you’re looking for, you can probably find it on this list! So instead of spending time digging through the thousands of videos on YouTube, get right to the good stuff with one of these top-notch channels.


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