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Top 20 Dog Instagram Accounts Every Pet Lover Should Follow

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Instagram is taking over the world. You can find ads for products you never knew you needed, as well as the latest news from famous celebrities, organizations, and magazines. More importantly, you can find the cutest pet accounts to look forward to seeing on your feed every day.

In this day and age, following pet accounts is like following your own friends or your favorite celebrities; you get invested in what these pets do every day, and some of them can even become famous, with their accounts reaching hundreds of thousands to millions of followers.

Regardless of whether you like seeing promoted pet products via these adorable influencers or if you just want to follow a cute, funny pet account to brighten up your Instagram feed, here is a list of the top 20 dog Instagram accounts you should follow.

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Top 20 Dog Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

1. Tuna (@tunameltsmyheart)

Tuna is a Chiweenie, a Chihuahua and Dachshund mix, with an awkwardly funny smile. He likes to show off his festive outfits, including cozy sweaters, hats, and hoodies, while building his empire with sponsored content and merchandise.

2. The Dogist (@thedogist)

Elias Weiss Friedman loves dogs so much, he literally wrote the book on them. Author of the NYT bestseller, “The Dogist & Puppies,” Elias enjoys photographing dogs all over the world and sharing their stories on his Instagram. The Dogist is a great place to see dogs from all walks of life together on one page, loving life and making the most of their circumstances.

3. Jiffpom (@jiffpom)

Jiffpom is a talented Pomeranian costume-wearer and hand-stander who always gives the camera a winning smile. He likes to try new foods and travel the world, looking fabulous while doing so. Don’t mistake him for a teddy bear; he’s a real pup with a perfectly round, fluffy haircut. Make sure to catch Jiffpom on all his Instagram adventures.

4. Doug the Pug (@itsdougthepug)

Doug isn’t just an internet icon; he’s also a People’s Choice Award winner, and he’s famous on TikTok. His fame comes from his ability to make any situation relatable and funny with his expressive pug eyes and double chin. One of his favorite activities is eating pizza in bed with just his T-shirt on, and honestly, we feel that.

5. Marutaro (@marutaro)

Marutaro is a famous Shiba Inu, based in Tokyo. She appears in several photo books, and her antics include lying down on walks and, of course, that irresistible Shiba Inu grin. Most of the posts are in Japanese, but don’t worry — the adorable photos work in any language.

6. Milperthusky (@milperthusky)

Milperthusky follows the journey of a family of seven (four humans, three dogs) as they live loving lives together. One of the cutest parts about their page is seeing how the three huskies, Millie, Rupert, and Lola, interact with the owners’ young children, napping together and giving kisses. It will melt your heart to see a family so full of love.

7. Boop My Nose (@boopmynose)

Boop My Nose is a page dedicated to all animals, not just dogs, where you are encouraged to “boop” their close-up noses. The expressions on their faces make this page so adorable. You’ll want to “boop” all the noses.

8. Trench (@acoustictrench)

If you love dogs and music, you’ll love this page. Trench listens to his owner play the acoustic guitar, sometimes intently and sometimes just while taking a nap. Trench enjoys his owner’s music anywhere, from the comfort of his home to the great outdoors. You’ll feel just as relaxed as Trench when you listen to the gently plucking guitar.

9. Dougie the Shih Tzu (@dailydougie)

Dougie the Shih Tzu is just along for the ride of life, playing with sticks, going on walks, and celebrating holidays. You can enjoy the simple pleasure of watching Dougie put his harness on and scamper down the stairs on his way outside. Follow Dougie to keep up with all his exciting life moments.

10. Norbert (@norbertthedog)

Norbert may be small, but he is mighty. Only 3 pounds, this little guy is a “therapy dog, author, and philanthropist.” He likes to explore the world — with his tongue hanging out. Sometimes, he gets shy in front of the camera and needs to close his eyes for a minute, but he knows how to catch the right angles regardless.

11. Menswear Dog (@mensweardog)

Is Bodhi a dog or a man? It’s hard to tell because he dresses so well. Bodhi is basically a model, sporting all the latest men’s fashion trends. He’s the coolest dog on the block, rocking different shades that match his outfits, and he always knows how to dress for the occasion, whether it be a golf tournament or just attending the neighborhood barbeque.

12. BarkBox (@barkbox)

You may know BarkBox as the monthly subscription service of fun dog toys and treats, but did you know that it also has a delightful feed filled with original dog memes on Instagram? BarkBox takes funny dog photos and makes them even funnier with captions that will make you LOL.

13. Sunny (@fortheloveofsmiley)

Sunny knows how to enjoy life, even though he doesn’t have eyes to see it. He enjoys scratches, playing in the snow, and spending time with the horses because he has learned how to see with his heart. His smiling face will remind you every day how exciting life should be, even when faced with difficult circumstances.

14. Daisy Underbite (@underbiteunite)

Daisy may not be able to walk or run like other dogs, but she doesn’t let that stop her from having a good time. Daisy lets her smile speak for her with an ever-present underbite. Her bio delightfully says, “My maxilla is shy while my mandible is outgoing.” Daisy loves watching the ducks at the park, going for brisk runs through the fields, and spending time with her Pug friend, Dixie. Catch Daisy and all her cuteness on her Instagram.

15. Reagandoodle (@Reagandoodle)

Reagan loves to spend time with his family, particularly the little kids. They have the same amount of energy when it comes to celebrating holidays, doing handstands together, and wearing matching outfits.

16. The Pawster (@thepawster)

The Pawster is a page that promotes and sells clothing and gifts for animal lovers. It has personalized options like Christmas ornaments and dog bowls with your pet’s name. It also has fun clothing for you or other dog moms and dads. You can even find onesies for younger dog lovers. Basically, any kind of cute, fun dog gift can be found on The Pawster.

17. Loki the Wolfdog (@loki)

Loki is a powerful force of nature, at one with the world around him. His striking two-toned eyes will instantly capture your attention when you scroll through your feed, and his many outdoor adventures through gorgeous mountain regions or on the cliffs will have you saying, “Wow. This dog has more fun than I do!” He’s an inspiration to get out there and explore nature.

18. Rover (@roverdotcom)

Rover is a pet supplies company, as well as a site where you can become a dog sitter or hire one. Its Instagram feed is filled with adorable pictures that they receive of pets from all over the world and caption perfectly. Rover connects dog owners and dog lovers through photos and stories. Every day, you can expect an adorable new face.

19. Sprout (@brussels.sprout)

Sprout may have a permanent frown on his face, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t as happy as he can be. Sprout gets to try on fun outfits and go out with his mom to different places. Sprout is always picture-perfect because he knows that the best models don’t actually smile for their photos.

20. M A Y A the Mini Dachshund (@mayathedox)

Maya is a long-haired dachshund who loves the color pink and wearing bows and flowers in her hair. She is the CEO of Sassy Woof, where she sells modern accessories and apparel for dogs and their owners. Maya is the definition of a “boss babe” because she gets stuff done and looks good while doing it.

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These are 20 of the best dog Instagram accounts that you will find showcasing dogs that have become quite famous. They live their lives so full of joy, and they bring that joy to thousands of people every day. Some of these accounts are also great for finding unique and personalized pet supplies and apparel or simply connecting with other dog owners. We hope that this list brought a few new Instagram accounts into your life that you will enjoy seeing in your feed and Stories.

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