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310 Viking & Norse Cat Names: Our Top Picks for Your Cat (With Meanings)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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Your life will soon become livelier with a new pet in the house. Taking care of a cat is an adventure, but what do you name the wild creature? If you’re looking for creative titles, you can turn to Viking and Norse history for inspiration. The Vikings were Scandinavian warriors who colonized Europe from the 9th century to the 11th century. Although the terms are used interchangeably, “Viking” and “Norse” are not synonymous. A Viking is usually referred to as a soldier, and a Norse person is an ordinary citizen who’s not engaged in plundering or colonizing.

Naming Your Cat

When watching your furball become accustomed to its new home, observe its movements and body language for clues about its personality. Is the cat timid, or does it strut with authority? What physical characteristics are prominent? Norse and Viking names are fitting for tough cats and those with spiritual personalities. Most of the terms on our list describe gods, war, nature, and strength.

Male Viking Names for Cats

If your cat is a little headstrong, one of these names may be the perfect fit. Several of the titles are from Norse mythology, and they’re primarily focused on war and nature. A feline with a bushy coat could be Bjørn for bear, or an enormous cat could be Njal for giant.

  • Åge: ancestor
  • Arne: eagle
  • Asger: spear of God
  • Bard: peace or battle
  • Birger: keeper
  • Bo: the resident
  • Bjørn: bear
  • Brandt: sword
  • Brynjar: armored warrior
  • Cuyler: archer
  • Einar: one who fights alone
  • Eivor: island or good luck
  • Erik: rule forever
  • Frode: clever and wise
  • Geir: spearman
  • Gorm: he who worships God
  • Gudbrand: sword of God
  • Gunnar: army
  • Halfdan: half Danish
  • Halvar: defender of the earth
  • Harald: lord and ruler
  • Hjalmar: warrior with a helmet
  • Hoder: battle
  • Holger: island of spears
  • Hrooar: spear warrior
  • Kåre: with curly hair
  • Knud: knot
  • Leif: descendant
  • Njal: giant
  • Ødger: wealth
  • Ragnar: army and counsel
  • Randolph: shield or wolf
  • Roar: famous spear
  • Rune: secret
  • Sigurd: victorious adviser
  • Skarde: with a cleft chin
  • Sten: stone
  • Sune: son
  • Svend: freeman who serves another
  • Toke: helmet and Thor
  • Tore: thunder warrior
  • Thor: God of thunder
  • Troels: Thor’s arrow
  • Trygve: Trustworthy
  • Ulf: wolf
  • Viggo: battle
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Female Viking Names for Cats

Viking names are ideal for gorgeous cats because they do not include many titles that describe ugliness or plain features. Estrid, Astra, Åse, Astrid are beautiful, God-like creatures that you can use, or you can try the warrior names. Some of the names for battle-hardened women include Blenda, Gunhild, Hilda, Kara, and Sigrid.

  • Åse: Goddess
  • Astra: as beautiful as a god
  • Astrid: beautiful
  • Audor: wealth
  • Blenda: heroine
  • Bodil: fight and penance
  • Erica: mighty ruler
  • Estrid: beautiful and God
  • Frida: peace
  • Gertrud: spear
  • Gro: to grow
  • Gunhild: fight
  • Gundrun: rune and God
  • Hanne: God is gracious
  • Helga: sacred
  • Henny: home ruler
  • Hilda: fighter
  • Hlife: protection
  • Hrefna: raven
  • Inga: of the God Inge
  • Inge: ancestor
  • Kara: Valkyrie
  • Liv: of life
  • Liva: protection
  • Mille: rival
  • Randi: shrine or shield
  • Revna: raven
  • Rúna: secret love
  • Sif: bride and wife
  • Signe: victorious one
  • Sigrid: victorious horsewoman
  • Solveig: strength of the sun
  • Thudrid: beautiful and Thor
  • Thyra: helpful
  • Tora: of the God Thor
  • Tove: dove
  • Ulfhild: battle or wolf
  • Yrsa: she-bear or wild
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Male Norse Names for Cats

Although the Norse names are not as obsessed with war as the Viking titles, you’ll still find a few relating to battles and armies. However, most of these names are based on spiritual rulers and elemental forces. If you’re fond of Thor, you can scroll down to find several words based on the God of thunder. Torphin means Thor’s son, and Torvald means Thor’s power.

  • Aegir: water giant
  • Aeldiet: from fire
  • Aeldit: belonging to the fire
  • Aelffrith: protection from elf powers
  • Aelfgar: supernatural spear
  • Aelfhere: army or mystical powers
  • Aelfhun: mystical favor from God
  • Aelflead: mystical leader
  • Aelfled: compelled by mystical powers
  • Aelfraed: mystical adviser
  • Aelfred: advisor
  • Aeric: eternal ruler
  • Aesir: of the gods
  • Alfarin: Hilf’s son
  • Alfegir: Elfin’s spear
  • Alfrothul: from the sun
  • Alvis: all-knowing person
  • Amund: bridal gift
  • Andvaranaut: Brunhild’s ring
  • Andvari: guardian of treasure
  • Annar: the world’s father
  • Arkyn: king’s son
  • Armod: Geirleif’s blood brother
  • Aros: from the river’s mouth
  • Arvakl: mythical horse
  • Asbiom: divine bear
  • Asgard: city of the gods
  • Asgaut: divine
  • Askel: divine cauldron
  • Aslak: divine sport
  • Aulay: from ancestral heritage
  • Bakli: Blaeng’s son
  • Balder: prince or brave warrior
  • Baldr: lord or prince
  • Baldur: prince
  • Balmung: Siegfried’s sword
  • Baug: Raud’s son
  • Beini: a smith
  • Bergthor: Thor’s spirit
  • Bersi: Bakli’s son
  • Bionbyr: warrior’s estate
  • Biorn: Norwegian bear
  • Biyn: strong man
  • Bjame: Norwegian bear
  • Bjolf: Iodmund’s blood brother
  • Blesi: blessed man
  • Bodmod: Oleif’s son
  • Borg: from the castle
  • Bothi: begin
  • Broderick: like a brother to someone
  • Brondolf: Naddodd’s son
  • Brun: man with brown hair
  • Bruni: Earl Hark’s son
  • Buri: producing a son
  • Carr: from the marsh
  • Clotuali: cold one
  • Cnute: knot
  • Danal: God has ruled
  • Danb: man from Denmark
  • Danhy: man from Denmark
  • Darbi: town for deer
  • Darrbey: farmstead
  • Davynn: intelligent man
  • Delling: with a shining personality
  • Dellingr: brilliant
  • Denby: from a Danish settlement
  • Dikibyr: from the Dike settlement
  • Duatr: rich guard
  • Durin: mythical dwarf
  • Dyre: dear one
  • Eggther: guardian for giants
  • Egil: one inspiring fright
  • Eirik: eternal ruler
  • Elvis: wise friend
  • Eric: eternal ruler
  • Evinrude: swift boat
  • Fasolt: killed by Fafnir
  • Fenris: mythical monster
  • Finnbogi: Norwegian merchant
  • Fjall: from the rough hill
  • Floki: heroic Viking
  • Flosi: Norwegian chieftain
  • Forseti: Balder’s son
  • Fraener: symbol of greed
  • Freki: Odin’s wolf
  • Freyr: God of weather
  • Frode: man with a clever mind
  • Frye: independent stones
  • Full: to the top
  • Gamble: elderly person
  • Ganger: founder of Normandy
  • Garth: keeper of the garden
  • Gartheride: owner of a place
  • Garthrite: owner of an enclosure
  • Har: man who is high
  • Heidrun: goat who provides mead
  • Hildebeorht: shining one in battle
  • Hildeburh: light of the battle
  • Hoder: Odin’s blind son
  • Hoenir: Odin’s brother
  • Holmstein: Flosi supporter
  • Hord: Ashjom’s father
  • Hoskuld: Thorstein’s son
  • Hrapp: Hrodgeir’s father
  • Hreidmar: dwarf king
  • Hroald: brother to the Eyvind weapon
  • Hrolf: wolf
  • Hrolleif: old wolf
  • Hromund: Thori’s son
  • Hrosskel: Thorstein’s son
  • Hugin: thoughtful one
  • Hunbogi: Alf’s son
  • Illugi: Aslak’s son
  • Im: mythical giant
  • Ingemur: famous son
  • Ingharr: son’s army
  • Inghram: raven of Ing
  • Ingolf: wolf of Ing
  • Isleif: Isrod’s brother
  • Isolf: Hrani’s son
  • Isrod: Isleif’s brother
  • Magnar: great leader of the army
  • Magne: great fighter and leader
  • Merowald: Hereford’s king
  • Modthryth: virgin
  • Molde: mold
  • Odd: chosen one
  • Oden: dear human being
  • Odin: yellow flowers
  • Oeric: eternal ruler
  • Ohthere: great champion
  • Olaf: great success
  • Olaff: triumphant crowd
  • Olan: long-lasting
  • Olanda: rich with jewels
  • Olav: sweet home
  • Olave: shrub orchard
  • Olef: God’s kindness
  • Olen: secret spectator
  • Orm: Ninth one
  • Ormarr: serpent army
  • Osbarn: God warrior
  • Osborn: warrior of God
  • Osborne: soldier of God’s army
  • Osbourn: spiritual fighter
  • Osfrith: God of gods
  • Osgar: radiant
  • Osgarus: world ruler
  • Osgyth: love and peace God
  • Oshern: God of peace and love
  • Oskar: fast as a divine spear
  • Osmond: protected human
  • Ove: ancestor
  • Pollerd: short-haired man
  • Raud: wolf father
  • Roscoe: born in the deer forest
  • Rothwell: red spring settler
  • Rowen: tree with red berries
  • Royd: forest clearing dweller
  • Run: secret character
  • Sceldwa: representing kingship
  • Skye: cloud
  • Tankred: well-taught advice
  • Tappen: hanging rock summit
  • Tarald: thunder power
  • Tate: happy
  • Tidhild: time for battle
  • Tor: thunder god
  • Torbjorn: Thor’s bear
  • Tord: God of thunder
  • Torfi: turf
  • Torgny: noise of Thor
  • Torhild: Thor’s battle
  • Torhtsige: Thor’s victory
  • Tormond: Thor’s courage
  • Torold: Thor’s rule
  • Torphin: Thor’s son
  • Torvald: Thor’s power
  • Trig: trustworthy person
  • Tron: growing one
  • Trym: scream
  • Tuck: experienced man
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Female Norse Names for Cats

Is your pet a sun goddess like Abellona or an animal with a rebellious spirit like Else? If your cat is a well-behaved angel (whose cat isn’t?), you’re in luck because this list is loaded with names that mean pure or purity. You can try Katrin, Katri, Karina, Kajsa, Carin, Atalie, or Agneta for felines brimming with innocence.

  • Abellona: sun goddess
  • Agneta: pure
  • Agnetha: holy
  • Anja: gracious
  • Annalina: graceful light
  • Atalie: pure
  • Carin: pure
  • Carita: affection
  • Cilla: blind
  • Eira: merciful
  • Elise: God’s promise
  • Else: rebellious
  • Embla: elm
  • Evelina: light
  • Kajsa: pure
  • Karina: pure
  • Katri: pure
  • Katrin: purity
  • Klara: clear
  • Krista: believer
  • Lena: tender
  • Lif: exist
  • Lili: abundance
  • Lindy: lime tree
  • Lotta: masculine
  • Lovisa: warrior
  • Lovise: renowned warrior
  • Lulla: female warrior
  • Lycka: happiness
  • Malena: tower dweller
  • Mari: berry
  • Marna: from the sea
  • Mikaela: God-like
  • Moa: mother
  • Monika: advisor
  • Pernilla: rock
  • Petra: stone
  • Rebecka: to tie
  • Runa: secret tradition
  • Sanna: lily
  • Sassa: divine beauty
  • Selma: peace
  • Siri: beautiful
  • Svea: of the Swedes
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Final Thoughts

Naming your pet may seem challenging, but it’s much easier when you have a massive list of mighty Viking and Norse names at your disposal. Scandinavians conquered large territories in Europe and ruled the seas for centuries. Their influence on language, tools, naval engineering, and military strategy lives on today. Whether your pet seems like a Lovisa, Osgar, or Floki, we’re sure that you’ll pick a fitting name for your adorable Viking.

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