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10 Weimaraner Pros & Cons: Mental & Physical

Codee Chessher

By Codee Chessher



The sleek, regal Weimaraner is a distinctive hunting dog from the 19th century used to track down boar and other large game. Today, we love them as devoted, loyal, and exceptionally hyper dog athletes. If you’re interested in learning more about this noble German hunting hound and the pros and cons of these dogs, read below for the details.

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The 5 Pros of Owning a Weimaraner

1. Weimaraners Are Very Smart

Bred for traits like loyalty and intelligence, the Weimaraner is smart enough to learn basic commands with ease. That means they can reason how to solve basic dog problems better than the average dog, such as solving puzzle toys.  Smarter breeds like Weimaraners also tend to be better at figuring out your emotional state and responding appropriately than the average dog, which is an incredible skill for any dog.

Weimaraner on training
Image Credit: SaraCh13, Shutterstock

2. They’re Social

As we mentioned in the last section, socializing a Weimaraner when they’re a puppy is critical to molding them into a well-behaved adult dog. They’re smart and strong-willed but will respect you if you set strict boundaries. Negative punishment methods should never be used when training. Praise and food are typically your best motivators, and Weimaraners love both.

Weimaraners love to check out new scents, animals, and people, and won’t learn how to behave without you. The best way to introduce a new person, place, or animal to your dog is to keep them in a sturdy harness and on a retractable leash. You can shorten the leash at first and slowly relax it if your Weimaraner responds positively. By the same token, you can suddenly retract it in an emergency.

3. They’re Excellent Watchdogs

Their reserved, aloof attitude toward strangers and strong loyalty to their owners make Weimaraners great watchdogs, and the shockingly deep, booming bark doesn’t hurt either. Their high prey drive and sense of smell could drive an excitable Weimaraner to chase other animals in the house, but they can be socialized young to treat other animals kindly.

male silver weimaraner
Image Credit: Dmitry Veryovkin, Shutterstock

4. They’re Easy to Groom

Weimaraners have a short, sleek coat that’s easy to care for. They don’t need grooming more than once a week, and that’s mainly for de-shedding anyway. Weimaraners that get a lot of outside time—and that’s most of them—might get dirty, but baths are on an as-needed basis. As far as low-maintenance breeds go, you can’t beat a Weimaraner.

5. They’re Good With Children

Families with kids should always check a breed’s reputation for getting along with children to keep them safe. Thankfully, Weimaraners are very well-behaved with small kids. Just in case, we recommend keeping an eye on your Weimaraner when they’re around younger kids. Older kids should do fine as long as they’re taught how to behave appropriately.

Image Credit: Ulza, Shutterstock

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The 5 Cons of Owning a Weimaraner

1. They’re Too Smart for Their Own Good

Intelligence makes training easier because they’ll learn fast, but it has its curse. Those same smarts mean a Weimaraner will run circles around an inexperienced dog owner. You’ll need to use plenty of positive reinforcement and treats when training them, and discipline is especially important if you’re going hunting with the dog later on in life.

weimaraner dog standing outdoor
Image Credit: BIGANDT.COM, Shutterstock

2. They Can Become Destructive When Bored or Anxious

Among their other traits, Weimaraners were valued for their athletic build and endurance, which let them hunt all day long. Today’s Weimaraners need tons of physical and mental stimulation to prevent destructive chewing or digging, which happens when they don’t get enough exercise or become very bored or lonely.

Expect plenty of daily walks, and ideally, you should have a large, secure yard that your Weimaraner can run around in to get their abundant energy out in a healthy, active way. They’re particularly notorious for digging in yards, which can be mitigated by ensuring they get tired out each and every day. If you’re not an active person, a Weimaraner will make you one! With that said, don’t get this dog if you can’t commit to its physical demands.

3. They Have Strong Noses

Weimaraners were originally bred as hunting hounds in Germany’s Weimar region, which looks like your average fairy tale forbidden forest. They were prized by nobles for their strong tracking ability, which has carried on to the modern-day Weimaraners. So, how is this a con?

Weimaraners are easily distracted by strong scents, which can interfere with training when the pup sniffs out something new every few seconds. That also makes garbage a tempting late-night snack, so owning a Weimaraner means securing all your garbage cans with locking lids and keeping all food in secure containers in a cupboard, pantry, or fridge.

weimaraner puppy with stripes
Image Credit: mtajmr, Pixabay

4. They’re Prone to Some Negative Health Conditions

Like all dogs, Weimaraners are more susceptible to certain diseases and health conditions than others. Let’s briefly check out a bulleted list of what diseases are most common in this German hunting breed.

<strong>Weimaraners Are Prone to the Following Conditions:</strong>
  • Hip and elbow dysplasia
  • Von Willebrand’s Disease
  • Bloat
  • Weimaraner Immunodeficiency Syndrome

5. They Can Suffer From Separation Anxiety

It’s important that you give Weimaraners lots of mental stimulation, or else they can get super attached to you. Normally that’s not bad, but unhealthy co-dependence in loyal dogs like Weimaraners can manifest in destructive chewing or other anxious behaviors. Providing lots of socialization and ways for them to stay busy is key when raising a well-adjusted Weimaraner.

woman hugging a silver gray weimaraner
Image Credit: Romuald_Gałęcki, Pixabay

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Weimaraners are lovable, devoted dogs with plenty of energy and a standoffish demeanor toward strangers. With enough love, patience, and walks, Weimaraners are a great choice for active households. Before buying any dog, though, be sure to consider all the pros and cons related to the breed.




Featured Image Credit: DragoNika, Shutterstock

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