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What Kind of Cat Is Bingus? Famous Cat Breeds Revealed

Chelsie Fraser

By Chelsie Fraser

canadian sphynx cat sitting in a dark background

Bingus is a hairless cat that originally appeared in an Instagram video posted by his owner in March 2020. He is either a Sphynx or a Don Sphynx, and his popularity has skyrocketed to such a level that many online hairless cats are now generally referred to as “Bingus.”

Let’s take a look at Bingus, the Sphynx cat. Why is he so popular? What is it about hairless cats that people can’t enough of?

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The “Hi Bingus” Meme

In March 2020, Instagram user “Subaru Rocks” posted a meme involving Bingus the cat. The original video from Bingus’ owner was popular at the time, and many memes involving Bingus developed. We don’t know if Bingus is the cat’s real name, but it’s their official name now — at least with regard to posts of hairless cats on social media.

The Hi Bingus meme is the most famous of all Bingus memes. While it was originally posted on Instagram, it eventually went viral on Reddit. The Reddit post racked up over 3,700 upvotes and won multiple “Reddit post of the month” awards. Subsequently, the member made their way over to Twitter, where it continued to be shared.

Corpse Husband Made Bingus Go Viral

As memes and Instagram videos do, Bingus ran what was thought to be his natural social media “lifespan.” Posts about Bingus died out and were replaced with new memes — until the cat was noticed by YouTuber Corpse Husband, who has 7.58 million subscribers.

The horror YouTuber/recording artist/Among Us streamer Tweeted about the hairless cat in late 2020. “Bingus” was used as an activation word on Corpse Husband’s various Among Us streams. The name has become an inside joke between Among Us fans and Twitter users, being used as part of team play modes to kill off other players.

Is the Real Bingus Cat on Social Media?

The cat from the original Instagram video is from China. The owner has been tracked down through several social media accounts, most recently on TikTok, but the account has since been deleted. The trail runs dry beyond that. We’re not even certain that the cat’s name is Bingus. Basically, someone called a hairless cat on Instagram “Bingus,” and it became a meme.

Today, there is an official Instagram page dedicated to Bingus the cat. It’s called bingus.official and has over 310K followers. All the memes, images, and videos that you could ever want are there, including a blurry picture of a 17-pixel Bingus that has been liked 41.3K times.

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Bingus the cat is a shining example of how powerful social media is. No one knows if he’s real or what his actual name is. But his popularity has spread worldwide.

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