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What Kind of Dog is Rocky from Paw Patrol? The Surprising Answer!

Lindsey Lawson

By Lindsey Lawson

Rocky from Paw Patrol - Guru Animation Studio, Spin Master Ltd

Of all the search and rescue dogs of Ryder’s crew on Paw Patrol, it’s easy to tell the breeds of each pup except for one. We know the crew comprises Chase the German Shepherd, Marshall the Dalmatian, Rubble the English Bulldog, Zuma the Chocolate Labrador, and Skye the Cockapoo, but what breed is Rocky? The truth is, Rocky is a mixed breed dog and unlike Skye, there’s no mention of what breeds Rocky is made up of.

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Rocky’s Role in Paw Patrol

Rocky is known for being a clever and environmentally friendly member of the Paw Patrol crew. He is always ready to fix any problem by taking items that can be repurposed and finding a use for them. Reduce, reuse, and recycle are Rocky’s primary goals.

Rocky has plenty of tools and ideas in his pup pack, but he never uses his own material. He’d much rather use his claw to go around picking up things in need of recycling because he is bound and determined to make it work. His mechanical skills are close to Ryder’s, and he’s a true Mr. Fix It.

One thing to note about Rocky, aside from being the most eco-friendly of the bunch, he is terrified of water. His aquaphobia is no secret; he hates taking baths and doesn’t like getting accidentally sprayed by Marshall’s hose. When it comes down to it, Rocky will face his fear of water to help others in need.

Rocky’s Appearance

Image Credit: Characters by Guru Animation Studio Ltd., Spin Master Ltd.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

Rocky is a medium shade of gray with a dark gray circle around his left eye and two circles on his back. He has white paws, a white tip on his tail, and white tips on the fur tufts along his face. He has vibrant brown eyes and a black nose. His right ear is floppy, while his left ear stands erect with a noticeable nick in the middle.

Rocky wears a green vest with a green pup pack, which suits his environmentally friendly ways. He has a recycling symbol as a dog tag that hangs from his orange collar. He also sports a matching green and white hat with a gray paw print in the center.

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Tips for Living an Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Like Rocky

In honor of Rocky’s hard work and dedication to caring for the planet and being as environmentally friendly as possible, we’ve listed a few ways you can bring out your inner Rocky and provided tips on being more eco-friendly both as a pet owner and overall.

Use as Many Sustainable Products as Possible and Try to Shop Locally

When shopping for yourself or your pets, keep an eye out for products that are sustainably sourced, packaged, or made from recycled material. Also, try to keep your purchases limited to recyclable packaging so that you can recycle when you are finished.

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Image Credit: congerdesign, Pixabay

Buy Sustainable Food Sources or Create Your Own Garden

Some ways to be more eco-friendly in the kitchen are to buy organic or minimally processed, sustainably sourced food for you, your family, and even your pets. Make sure the packaging is recyclable or reusable to help eliminate excess trash. You can try growing your fruits and vegetables in your garden, which can be financially and environmentally beneficial.

Recycle and Compost

Try to recycle any waste you can to prevent more trash from piling up in landfills. Instead of throwing away old food, you can choose to compost. This can be very beneficial if you have a garden since you can use the composted product to feed your plants.

As a pet owner, you can look into composting the feces, which sounds gross but is better (and cleaner) than throwing it in the dumpster. If you take your dog out for frequent walks, grab biodegradable poop bags rather than the typical plastic ones.

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Image Credit: Sigmund, Unsplash

Use Eco-Friendly Toys

When buying children’s or pets’ toys, look for recycled or upcycled materials or even gently used secondhand items. This helps reduce waste and is one way to help reduce your carbon footprint.

Make DIY Treats for Pets

Not only will this help save money, but you can be eco-friendly by skipping out on buying expensive pet treats and whipping them up at home. This eliminates the need for packaging and allows you to control the ingredients in your pet treats.

Plenty of recipes are available online but check with your veterinarian before adding anything new to your pet’s diet.

Adopt From a Shelter or Rescue

If you are looking to bring home a new pet, adopt them from an animal shelter or rescue. The homeless pet population in the United States is out of control and is an unfortunate situation surrounding our beloved domesticated animals.

Many unwanted dogs and cats wind up in shelters, and a staggering number are euthanized yearly due to overcrowding. It’s a rewarding and environmentally friendly way to add to your family, and the best part about it is that you are saving a life.

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Image Credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock

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Rocky is a mixed-breed dog in the Paw Patrol crew who is afraid of water but has a lot of heart and a deep appreciation for the world around him. This eco-friendly pup is always first in line to use his claw and recycle and reuse items to fix everything he comes across. His enthusiasm, intelligence, and handy skills are an asset to the Paw Patrol team and an inspiration to the little ones who watch the show.

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Featured Image Credit: Characters by Guru Animation Studio Ltd., Spin Master Ltd.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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