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What Kind of Dog Is Chase From PAW Patrol?

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Chase from Paw Patrol - Guru Animation Studio, Spin Master Ltd

Chase is a German Shepherd from the animated kids’ show, “PAW Patrol,” on Nickelodeon. If you’re interested in learning more, you’ve come to the right place. Here, we break down what type of dog each member of the PAW Patrol is, and we even highlight the oldest and youngest members!

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What Breeds Are All the Dogs From PAW Patrol?

You already know that Chase is a German Shepherd, but what about the other pups in the show? There were six different dogs in the first episodes (including Chase), and three more dogs were introduced later.

Here, we break down each of their breeds and what makes them special in the PAW Patrol.


Chase is a German Shepherd and a police dog. He has his own police truck and megaphone and likes to lead the team!


Marshall is one of the most notable members of the PAW Patrol, and he takes on the role of a firefighter. Marshall is a Dalmatian.


French Bulldog wearing blue cooling vest harness
Image Credit: Firn, Shutterstock

Rubble is a Bulldog who loves construction. Not only does Rubble love to build things, but as his name indicates, he also enjoys tearing them down.


While most of the dogs in PAW Patrol have a distinct breed, that’s not the case with Rocky. Rocky is a mixed breed pup, and no one knows what his exact makeup is. However, we do know that he loves to recycle and fix things, and that’s his main role in PAW Patrol.


Chocolate Labrador
Image Credit: jatocreate, Pixabay

For water missions, you need a water pup, and that’s exactly what Zuma does for the PAW Patrol. He’s a chocolate Labrador Retriever and loves to scuba dive and explore the seas in his watercraft.


When the PAW Patrol missions head for the skies, Skye is the pup who takes control. Zuma has both a helicopter and a jetpack that she uses to zip from place to place. Skye is a small yet fearless dog, which is why the Cockapoo is the perfect choice of breed for her.


Siberian Husky Dog
Image By: jpgordijn, Pixabay

Everest didn’t join PAW Patrol until the second season, but this Siberian Husky has been a great addition. She helps during ice and snow missions.


Tracker joined PAW Patrol in the third season, and he’s a jungle-loving pup with outstanding hearing and tracking abilities. He’s a Chihuahua, and the signature large ears of the breed help him with various missions.

Robo Dog

Robo Dog isn’t a “real” dog — he’s a robot dog and doesn’t make an appearance in PAW Patrol until the 19th episode of the first season. But he pilots and drives a few of the PAW Patrol’s vehicles for different missions.

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Who Is the Oldest Pup in PAW Patrol?

The oldest member is Ryder, who’s 10. Everest is the second oldest at 8 years old.

Who Is the Youngest Pup in PAW Patrol?

Tracker was the last dog to join the PAW Patrol, and he’s also the youngest. He’s only 4 years old, making him several years younger than Marshall and Chase.

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Final Thoughts

While none of the pups on PAW Patrol are real, that doesn’t mean Nickelodeon didn’t base them off real dogs. It’s a cute show with fun characters, and it does a great job of teaching kids all about teamwork and other great values.

Featured Image Credit: Characters by Guru Animation Studio Ltd., Spin Master Ltd.  All rights reserved to the copyright owners.

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