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8 Wheaten Terrier Mixes: Pictures, Temperament & Facts

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier standing and looking directly at camera

Wheaten Terriers are cheerful, hardworking, and loyal dogs. These desirable qualities lead to them being crossbred with other dogs to create a unique combination of looks and temperament.

Though the common Wheaten Terrier mixes are not official, recognized breeds, there are some combinations that are growing in popularity. Here are the eight Wheaten Terrier mixes.


1. American Eskimo Wheaten Terrier

Weight 25–40 lbs
Temperament Eager to please, docile, loyal

The Wheaten Terrier and American Eskimo Dog are a unique pairing. The Eskimo Dog is smaller than the Wheaten, which is about 30 to 40 pounds. The resulting puppies can grow to be anywhere from 25 to 40 pounds. American Eskimo Dogs are also double-coated, heavily shedding dogs compared to the single-coated, low-shedding Wheaten, leading to a range of different coat types. Their personalities are likely to be an in-between of the stubborn and territorial Wheaten Terrier and the agreeable and intelligent Eskimo Dog.

2. Wheaten Terrier Australian Shepherd Mix

Weight 30–65 lbs
Temperament Hardworking, loyal

Combining a Wheaten Terrier with the stocky Australian Shepherd herding breed can lead to a larger, heavier dog that may approach 65 pounds. The Aussie is also a double-coated, heavy-shedding breed, so the mixed pups can have any coat combination with year-round or seasonal shedding. As far as temperament, these two breeds are hardworking, intelligent, and affectionate.

3. Beagle Wheaten Terrier Mix

Weight 20–40 lbs
Temperament Eager to please, docile, loyal

The Wheaten Terrier and Beagle mix, or Wheagle, combines two medium dogs that will likely be between 20 and 40 pounds in adulthood. They could inherit a partial double coat and distinct Beagle features, including the array of vocalizations that Beagles can create. They could also get the Wheaten’s bark and terrier-like traits. Both dogs are people-centric, intelligent, and active hunting breeds, however.

4. Border Collie/Wheaten Terrier Mix

Weight 30–55 lbs
Temperament High-energy, hardworking

The Wheaten Terrier and Border Collie can create a medium dog on the larger side. Both of these dogs are high-energy and athletic, so it’s likely that the puppies will have these traits. Wheaten Terriers are hunting dogs, however, while the Border Collie is an exceptional herding breed. They may have year-round shedding or seasonal shedding, depending on the parents.

5. Wheaten Terrier Boxer Mix

Weight 30–80 lbs
Temperament Devoted, friendly, intelligent

The Wheaten Terrier and Boxer mix, the Woxer, can be anywhere from 30 to 80 pounds, depending on which parents’ traits the puppies take on. Both the Wheaten and the Boxer have short coats, however, so the puppies will likely shed moderately. Unfortunately, Boxers are prone to a few health problems from the brachycephalic head shape, so it’s possible that the puppies will experience similar problems.

6. Wheaten Terrier Bulldog Mix

Weight 30–50 lbs
Temperament Stubborn, friendly

The Wheaten Terrier and Bulldog mix, the Bully Wheaten, can range from 30 to 50 pounds. These dogs are very different in looks and heritage, but they share stubbornness and a willingness to work. Like the Boxer, the Bully Wheaten may inherit the Bulldog’s brachycephalic head shape, which can cause health problems.

7. Wheaten Terrier Labrador Mix

Weight 30–80 lbs
Temperament Lively, extroverted

The Wheaten Terrier and the Labrador Retriever make a unique combination of two exceptional hunting dogs that serve different purposes. The mixed puppies can grow to be anywhere from 30 to 80 pounds and may inherit the Wheaten’s terrier-like traits or the lively and friendly personality of the Lab. The coat may be short and low shedding like the Wheaten or a shorter double coat like the Lab.

8. Wheaten/Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Weight 25–40 lbs
Temperament Stubborn, independent

The Wheaten Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier mix is likely to have typical traits of both terriers, including independence, willfulness, and high energy. These dogs are known to be fearless and tenacious, particularly the Jack Russell, which excelled at ratting throughout its history


What Will a Wheaten Terrier Mix End Up Like?

The established purebred dog breeds have been honed over generations to produce dogs that fall within the breed standards for appearance and temperament. While mixing a Wheaten Terrier with another breed can produce some of the traits of each, there’s no guarantee which traits the puppies will have. For example, mixing the short-coated Wheaten with a long-coated breed could produce any number of coat types. Similarly, the mixed puppies’ personalities can have traits of one parent or both.



Wheaten Terriers are exuberant Irish farm dogs that are happy, devoted, and stubborn. Mixing the Wheaten with other dog breeds can produce a range of desirable traits and appearances. The breeds on this list are some popular combinations that capture the ideal qualities of each parent.

Featured Image Credit: bohemama,Shutterstock

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