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When Is World Collie Day? 2023 Update & How to Celebrate It

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By Nicole Cosgrove

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There is a designated day to celebrate almost every occasion or thing. And, because of how close people are to their pets, it is no surprise that there are national and world days to celebrate pets. As well as days to celebrate pets, in general, and species of pets, there are also days dedicated to certain breeds.

World Collie Day occurs on July 21st every single year and as well as using it as a good excuse to give your Collie an extra long walk followed by a healthy, tasty treat, there are also organized events typically run by Collie clubs and dog clubs in many areas. These are a great opportunity to meet up with fellow Collie lovers and they can also be a good opportunity to socialize your dog with others.

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What Is World Collie Day?

World Collie Day is the one day of the year when owners and Collie lovers are actively encouraged to show even more appreciation for one of the hardest working and most intelligent dog breeds there is.

World Collie Day takes place every year on July 21st although some groups and people arrange events to take place on weekends around this day.

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Things to Do on World Collie Day

To celebrate World Collie Day, there are different things you can do to commemorate the breed or your own dogs.

1. Go for a Long Walk

Collies have boundless energy. They can work the fields the whole day, tending to flocks, and then still have enough energy to go for a long walk and play for a few hours with their families. Most Collies love nothing more than getting out of the house and charging around a field.

2. Take Part in Canine Sports

Collies excel at events like flyball, as well as some of the more obvious Collie events like herding. Why not use World Collie Day to enroll in one of these classes or to try out agility to see whether it is right for you and your dogs.

3. Meet Up with Fellow Collie Owners

Although Collies are prone to herding people, as well as animals and even toys, you can meet up with other Collie owners for organized events. Some groups will arrange days and even carnival-type events open to Collie owners and their dogs. It could be a good opportunity to socialize your dog and make new friends.

4. Attend An Arranged Walk

One popular type of arranged event is an organized walk. Owners and their dogs get together and walk en masse along an organized route. These are popular events because dogs like to walk, and because walking is a good way to socialize dogs.

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The 5 Different Types of Collie

1. Border Collie

two border collie dogs hugging each other
Image Credit: dezy, Shutterstock

The Border Collie hails from the borders of Scotland and England where it was used to herd sheep and became very popular in the area. The Border is smaller than the standard Scottish Collie and can have a smooth or rough coat, but while it might be smaller, it is certainly no less energetic. Daily walks will not be enough to meet this breed’s exercise requirements and you will need to look for other ways to tire a Border Collie out.

2. Rough Collie

Rough Collie
Image Credit: Rita_Kochmarjova, Shutterstock

The Rough Collie has a double coat that includes both a smooth undercoat and a rougher topcoat. The coat is also long, and it has a rougher feel because of this combination. As well as needing a lot of daily exercise, the coat of the Rough Collie needs daily brushing to avoid matting, which makes the Rough Collie a demanding breed.

3. Bearded Collie

Two bearded collies
Image Credit: Zuzule, Shutterstock

The Bearded Collie has a wavy coat and is described as being bouncy and athletic, which gives some indication of what you should expect if you take on one of these dogs. It is an affectionate dog that will get along with everybody, but you should expect to have to walk your Bearded Collie in any weather and over long distances.

4. Shetland Sheepdog

shetland sheepdogs in the garden
Image Credit: Lisjatina, Shutterstock

The Shetland Sheepdog might not have Collie in its name, but it is a Collie breed. It is smaller than a standard Collie and they differ in other ways, too. The Sheltie, for example, gets along better with other dogs, can be wary around strangers, and has an even higher energy level.

5. Old English Sheepdog

old english sheepdog bobtail
Image Credit: Svetlana Valoueva, Shutterstock

The Old English Sheepdog is a stunning breed that can grow to 100 pounds in weight, and it is considered a very good family breed because Old English Sheepdogs get along well with children. However, the Old English does have high grooming requirements but doesn’t need as much exercise as some other Collie breeds.



Collies are high-energy dog breeds that need a lot of exercise, and daily walks won’t be enough to meet the needs of this working breed. It is also widely considered the most intelligent dog breed and is capable of picking up new commands after just a few repetitions, responding the first time to learned repetitions almost every time.

To celebrate this incredible breed, owners and fans of the breed celebrate World Collie Day on July 21st every year, typically by attending organized walks or other organized events. Alternatively, owners can use the day as an excuse to embark on an especially long walk or to try signing up for something new like flyball or dog agility classes.

Featured Image Credit: Ayla Verschueren, Unsplash

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