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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs According to Some: 11 Reasons

Ashley Bates

By Ashley Bates

Cute ginger maine coon kitten is lying on special cat's furniture

Being a cat person or a dog person is a preference that many folks hold and will fight about their reasoning. Other people love to stay right in the middle, appreciating both dogs and cats for their awesome quirks and individual uniqueness.

However, if you’re the kind of person who swears up and down that cats are better than dogs or dogs are better than cats, you probably have a laundry list of reasons yourself. Granted, everyone is different, and that is why people select the domestic pets they allow in their lives.

So let’s understand why some folks believe cats are the only way to go.

The 11 Reasons Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs According to Some People

1. Cats Require Overall Less Maintenance

The bottom line is that cats require less maintenance than dogs, hand over fist. They have simple needs. As long as you make sure they have a place to go to the bathroom, sleep, and eat, your relationship is probably going to work out just fine.

The lack of extra responsibility appeals to people who like cats over dogs. Sure, you have to scoop out the litter box and give your cat attention, but no extensive daily walks, trips outside, visits to the dog park, or other time-consuming tasks are involved.

Adorable cat near litter tray indoors
Image Credit: New Africa, Shutterstock

2. You Don’t Have to Let Cats Outside

One definite advantage of having a cat is that you don’t have to let them outside to use the bathroom. Granted, there is some controversy here as dog owners might argue that at least they don’t have to clean a litter box.

Any cat owner knows what a big pain in the buttocks it is to keep scooping day after day. However, some people’s living situations make it complicated to take dogs out to the bathroom.

And other people don’t like constantly having to step out in inclement weather just to make sure their pet does their business. It’s much more convenient to have your cat go as they need without having to be on any kind of restrictive schedule.

3. Cats Have a Better Time Being Left Alone

Dogs can be very needy. They very much thrive on the companionship and love of their housemates. They are pack animals that don’t enjoy being alone.

Conversely, cats might miss you while you’re away, but the problems aren’t nearly as significant. For example, you can leave your cat overnight, permitting you put out enough food and water to get them through the time.

So, if you go on a short trip, your cat will be perfectly fine left to their own devices. A dog, on the other hand, we’ll need someone to babysit them. You will have to pay for an expensive pet sitting and boarding, or rely on a friend or family member to come do the job for you.

Sometimes you may have to have your dog tag along, which can rack up some serious expenses with pet fees at hotels or Airbnbs.

Even though some cat owners will have to have some help on long trips away, they don’t need to plan every waking moment away from their cat the way that dog owners do.

Cat inside house looking out the window
Image Credit: rebecaml, Pixabay

4. Indoor Cats Can’t Run Away

Cats simply can’t run off. Granted, they can escape if they slip past you coming through the door, but it isn’t very likely. When you meet a cat’s needs, giving it food, love, and attention, it’s doubtful they will try to escape.

Some cats absolutely adore sitting by windows wishing they could catch the bird at the feeder; these are primal instincts. However, if you have a spayed or neutered cat, the likelihood of them trying to escape the house is very small.

Even if your cat does get outside, most of them will come right back in. This is where they get a sense of adventure. Some of them have it more than others. Some dogs are shadow dogs that won’t leave their owner’s side.

Other dogs will bolt at the first opportunity. These little escape artists are very good at what they do. Some of them dig vigorously under fences or try to climb them altogether. Not only are dogs more likely to run away, but this can also add to injury risk.

So you are much more likely to lose track of your pet if you have a dog that loves to gallivant.

5. Cats Have Less of a Carbon Footprint

If you really care about the environment, you might be interested to know that cats leave less of a carbon footprint than dogs. A medium-sized dog consumes far more meat than the average cat.

So, you can tell all the dog lovers out there that your cat is simply better for the environment. We’re unsure how that holds up in the broader scheme of things, but science is science.

Granted, not even dogs can compare to humans’ massive impact on the environment. Humans create far more waste and burn up more fossil fuel than our domestic friends could ever imagine. So we don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.

brown tabby domestic shorthair cat with breakaway cat collar outside
Image Credit: Baramyou0708, Shutterstock

6. Cats Generally Live Longer

Anyone with a dog will tell you they simply don’t live long enough. Larger breeds have an average of 8 to 10 years with an owner. Smaller dogs live slightly longer. Cats generally outlived dogs in most scenarios.

Most cats have a lifespan of 15 years. But it isn’t unusual for cats to live to 17 and even 20 years of age. Even though some dog breeds can live this long, it’s less typical. Sure, there’s not that big of a difference here, but it’s still something noteworthy.

7. Cats Have Better Hygiene

Cats are master groomers. They take care of themselves immaculately. Dogs require regular baths every 4 to 6 weeks. While generally, the same recommendation goes for cats, they need it less often.

An indoor cat will spend lots of time grooming their own fur. In fact, cats spend 30 to 50 percent of their day self-grooming. Because of this extensive number, cats don’t require the same care to keep themselves smelling fresh.

Even cats that are outdoors a large portion of their time do not need as much help in this arena as a dog. They generally don’t carry as much of an odor, nor do they require the same upkeep as their canine rivals.

grey cat licking its paw
Image Credit: michal dziekonski, Unsplash

8. Cats Are Generally Quieter

Many dogs love to use their voice! That can be a real problem in certain living situations or in neighborhoods. While some cats might be a little vocal, it’s nothing compared to a dog’s bark.

In fact, excessive barking is one of the most frequently seen behavioral issues and common complaints from dog owners. This is often an issue that will require extensive behavioral training and is only sometimes a trainable issue.

Most of the time, excessive barking extends from a lack of proper physical outlets, but it can also be a breed characteristic. Certain breeds are known to be more vocal than others.

Even when cats meow a little excessively, it is generally quieter and less disruptive to folks on the outside. This can be problematic for folks and families living in apartments or close to other people. The same problems don’t exist for cat owners.

9. Cats Keep Pests at Bay

Cats are natural-born hunters. Even though wild wolves might be fierce hunters, they do require a pack to get the job done. But not your cat; these stealthy felines can capture mice and other pests all on their own.

They will certainly keep your house free of these nuisance guests. Sometimes even just the smell of a cat is enough to keep mice at bay because they know the risks involved with tangoing with these fierce predators.

Burmese cat face before pounce hunting to toy mouse
Image Credit: Viacheslav Lopatin, Shutterstock

10. Cats Are Typically Less Destructive

You have to sacrifice your time to clean a litter box. Generally, cats are less messy and destructive than dogs. Your dog is chewing up the piece of furniture, shoe, or children’s toys. Conversely, cats can be quite destructive with their claws; otherwise, they keep your property intact.

Destructive tendencies remain a huge complaint among dog owners. Many folks have to spend a substantial amount of money replacing items that their dogs destroy.

While replacing a pair of shoes here and there might be relatively inexpensive, other items like couches, dining room table sets, and oversized items can be very expensive to replace.

11. Care Costs Are Usually Less

Cats are cheaper right off the rip. Purebred dogs cost a substantial amount of money, typically starting around $800 and rising tremendously. Even hybrid and mixed breed dogs can cost several $100 to bring home a puppy.

Most cats, on the other hand, are free or have very little cost. Even vet care for a cat is typically lower than for dogs. This also includes pet insurance premiums. Almost every pet insurance premium on the market is cheaper for a feline than a canine.

Cats are likely cheaper in every category imaginable across the board. Since most cats are much smaller than dogs, they require a lot less money to take care of. They require fewer supplies and less food in their daily diets.

cat eating food from bowl at home
Image Credit: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

Cats & Dogs: The Truth

The truth is everyone will have a preference. Some people naturally gravitate towards dogs, while others prefer the simplicity of having cats. If you ask either one, they will defend their preference with all their might.

Cats have their fair share of downfalls, just like anything else. But if you prefer felines to canines, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! There really is no wrong or right answer.

Many dog lovers don’t like the idea of having a litter box or dealing with their pets spraying or eliminating in the house. Also, a big complaint among dog owners is that cats are more aloof and less friendly.

While cat owners might try to defend this, and in comparison to dogs, that’s generally true. Dogs are definitely for active people who prefer to have social, amiable pets they can take with them just about anywhere. It’s all a matter of lifestyle when it comes right down to it.

Dogs have equally fantastic traits and characteristics that we all can admire. So regardless of your belief, both kinds of domestic pets have a proper place in our households.

A cute tabby cat and a Dalmatian dog
Image Credit: Katho Menden, Shutterstock


If you think cats are better than dogs, this list can give you some pretty comprehensive ammunition if you’re in a cat versus dog debate. However, it all comes down to a matter of opinion.

You loving cats doesn’t necessarily mean that people who love dogs more are wrong. Both have really fantastic characteristics and deserve to be loved and accepted by their family.

Featured Image Credit: FXQuadro, Shutterstock

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