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Akita Samoyed Mix: Pictures, Care, Temperament & Traits

Jordyn Alger

By Jordyn Alger

Fluffy dogs are adorable, with thick, puffy coats that you just want to bury your face in! If a fluffy dog is on your radar, you may have considered the Akita and the Samoyed—but why not get both in one?

The Akita Samoyed Mix is also called the Samkita and is a loving, intelligent canine that is an ideal companion for the right family. To decide whether this mixed breed is the right fit for you, keep reading for more information.

Height: 19–27 inches
Weight: 45–130 pounds
Lifespan: 10–14 years
Colors: Black, white, brown, gray
Suitable for: Experienced dog owners, active families
Temperament: Loyal, intelligent, stubborn, affectionate, independent

Since the Akita Samoyed Mix is a combination of the Akita and the Samoyed, the dog will have physical and personal traits that match both parents. How much of each parent they get may vary from dog to dog, but for the most part, the Akita Samoyed Mix’s size and personality can be predicted.

The Akita is a dignified, courageous breed with a muscular build. It is a dedicated defender of the family and an excellent guard dog. The Samoyed is powerful and tireless since it was bred for hard work as a sled dog. Together, the Akita Samoyed Mix is a strong, hardworking, and devoted companion.

Akita Samoyed Mix Characteristics


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Akita Samoyed Mix Puppies

Finding an Akita Samoyed mix at your local animal shelter will not be easy since they are bred intentionally and are not often given up. However, calling in or stopping by to visit and verify for yourself never hurts. If you are able to adopt an Akita Samoyed Mix, the price will vary depending on your local animal shelter’s adoption fees. Around $150 is the minimum you will pay at a shelter to adopt the Akita Samoyed Mix.

On the other hand, purchasing an Akita Samoyed Mix from a breeder will be easier yet more expensive. You may find an Akita Samoyed Mix on the low end for $600. However, it is more realistic that you will spend around $1,500 on your Akita Samoyed Mix. The high end can be anywhere from $2,500 to $3,000 or more.

After bringing your Akita Samoyed Mix home, there will be other upfront expenses to pay. For instance, leashes, collars, food bowls, water bowls, crates, toys, and more will all need to be purchased so you can take proper care of your dog. Depending on the quality of the items you buy, these upfront charges can easily surpass a few hundred dollars.

Parent Breeds of the Akita Samoyed Mix
Image Credit: (L) maxxxiss, Pixabay | (R) Beate, Pixabay

Temperament & Intelligence of the Akita Samoyed Mix

The personality of your Akita Samoyed Mix may vary somewhat depending on which parent it takes after more. However, there are some general consistencies in this mixed breed’s temperament. For instance, the Akita Samoyed Mix is known to be remarkably affectionate and loving with family members. To properly care for this dog, you must provide a lot of attention.

The Akita Samoyed Mix is highly intelligent, which brings its own pros and cons. The breed’s intelligence makes it easier to learn new tasks but can also make your dog more stubborn and independent. Because of this, the Akita Samoyed Mix is not a good choice for a first-time dog owner.

Are These Dogs Good for Families? 👪

The Akita Samoyed Mix is an excellent candidate for a family watchdog. The Akita and the Samoyed are protective, so the combination creates an unwavering, vigilant family guardian. They are affectionate with their families and great companions.

Assuming your Akita Samoyed Mix has been properly trained and socialized, they can get along with children. Still, you must supervise all interactions between your child and the Akita Samoyed Mix since the dog is large and powerful.

Does This Breed Get Along with Other Pets?

Samoyeds are moderately good with other animals, while Akitas are not recommended for multi-pet households. So, there are better candidates than the Akita Samoyed if you have several pets. They can be trained to tolerate other pets when they’re puppies, but the training and socialization process may be too taxing for new owners.

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Things to Know When Owning an Akita Samoyed Mix

Food & Diet Requirements 🦴

High-quality dog food should be fed to your Akita Samoyed Mix to ensure proper growth and development. Some breeders recommend that the Akita eats a diet that is lighter in calories to defend against the onset of health issues; however, this may not be an issue with your Akita Samoyed Mix. To know for sure, consult your vet and discuss your dog’s dietary plan.

Exercise 🐕

Activity is essential to the well-being of the Akita Samoyed Mix. The Akita and the Samoyed are categorized as Spitz dogs, which means they need tasks to perform and plenty of open space to run around.

At least 90 minutes of exercise will be needed to keep your Akita Samoyed Mix healthy and happy. Suitable activities to do with your Akita Samoyed Mix include jogging, playing in the backyard, or long walks. Also, the Akita Samoyed Mix will need mentally stimulating toys to keep from growing bored. Interactive dog toys are a great way to get your dog moving and thinking.

Training 🎾

As mentioned earlier, the Akita Samoyed Mix is intelligent but somewhat stubborn; training can be difficult as a result. Inexperienced dog owners should reconsider adopting the Akita Samoyed mix.

It is essential that the Akita Samoyed is trained and socialized well and early. The Akita’s natural urge to defend its family can make it a wary dog, and without proper training and handling, this can turn to aggression. Since the Akita and the Samoyed are so powerful, an unmanaged Akita Samoyed Mix can quickly become dangerous to strangers or other pets. If the dog is trained correctly, it can be incredibly dignified and well-behaved.

Grooming ✂️

The Akita Samoyed Mix will almost certainly have a double coat. This means that you will need to expect a lot of shedding, especially when your dog blows its coat. Brushing your Akita Samoyed Mix several times a week (daily is best) will help collect the loose hairs from its body and prevent them from spreading around the house. It will also keep your dog’s skin and coat clean and healthy.

Health and Conditions 🏥

The Akita Samoyed Mix is typically considered a healthy dog, but there is always a chance that it will inherit a condition that its parents are prone to developing.

Serious Conditions:

Von Willebrand’s disease is a condition in which your dog has an inadequate amount of von Willebrand Factor (vWF) proteins. This impedes your dog’s ability to form blood clots. In severe cases, your dog may be unable to stop bleeding once the bleeding has begun.

Signs of this condition include:

  • Bloody urine
  • Bloody feces (may appear bright red or dark black)
  • Frequent nose bleeds
  • Bleeding of the mouth and gums
  • Bruising
  • Anemia
  • Prolonged bleeding after trauma

In severe instances, this condition can lead to death. Therefore, if you suspect that your dog is showing signs of von Willebrand’s disease, contact your vet for a diagnosis immediately.

Minor Conditions:

Hip dysplasia is a common condition among large-breed dogs, but it is not exclusive to them. It occurs when the hip joint is loosened, leading to improper function and pain. It most often develops when your dog is still growing.

If your dog has developed hip dysplasia, you may notice signs such as:

  • Frequent bouts of lameness
  • Limping without a previous injury or hopping when running
  • Difficulty standing
  • Sitting abnormally
  • Struggling to get on and off of high places
  • Difficulty traveling up and down stairs
  • Strange cracking or popping sounds coming from the joints

In Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), dogs begin to lose their ability to see. It is an inherited disorder with no treatment options. Some dogs may acquire it later in life, while others develop it early on. If you believe that your dog has PRA, look out for the following signs:

  • Wariness of dark spaces
  • Pupils constricting slowly when exposed to light
  • Heightened reflectiveness of eyes in the dark
  • Clumsiness or running into people, objects, or walls
  • Cataracts

Male vs Female

While there may be minor differences between each Akita Samoyed, most differences come down to personality rather than gender. However, the size of your Akita Samoyed Mix will vary depending on whether your dog is male or female. Males are usually larger than females. Still, the size of your Akita Samoyed Mix will be imposing regardless of the sex, making either option an excellent choice for a guard dog.

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3 Little-Known Facts About the Akita Samoyed Mix

1. The Ideal Climate for an Akita Samoyed Mix Ranges from Cold to Subtropical

The ideal temperature range for the Akita Samoyed Mix is between 0°–75° Fahrenheit. The Samoyed was bred for cold climates, and its coat acts as an insulator. Environments that are too hot can lead to heat exhaustion in the Akita Samoyed Mix, so be vigilant when taking your dog outdoors during the warmer months.

2. The Samoyed’s Namesake Is the Samoyedic People

The Samoyedic people, also called the Samodeic people, are a group of semi-nomadic people who migrated to Siberia over 1,000 years ago. They bred dogs that could help them with their demanding work while withstanding the immense cold. The result of their breeding efforts was the Samoyed.

3. Akitas Were Developed in 17th Century Japan

The Akita breed has an equally fascinating history as the Samoyed. It was developed in the early 17th century in Japan in the Akita prefecture, from where the breed received its name. The dog was developed to create a massive, adaptable hunting canine. During that time, the Akita was used to take down wild boar and bears.

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Final Thoughts

The Akita Samoyed is a remarkable dog with the best qualities of both the Akita and the Samoyed. Few dogs are as vigilant and fluffy as this courageous yet adorable mixed breed. Families of the Akita Samoyed will find that the dog is affectionate and loving, although strangers may be met with indifference.

The Akita Samoyed will thrive best in an active family with experience training large guard dogs. They don’t tolerate other pets very well, so anyone in a multi-pet household should reconsider this breed. However, if you have dog training experience and plenty of room to offer, the Akita Samoyed mix could be the perfect fit for your family.

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