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Are Heated Cat Beds Safe? Are They Good for Cats?

Luxifa Le

By Luxifa Le

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Cats prefer warmer temperatures than humans. While your cat may cuddle up to you for warmth, they may also want their own warm space away from you from time to time. A heated cat bed is a safe and affordable way to help your cat relax when you aren’t around for a snuggle. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about heated cat beds!

How Do Heated Cat Beds Work?

Electrically heated cat beds feature a low wattage and low-temperature threshold to make them safe for continuous use. They’re safe to leave plugged in for your cat to use at their leisure. Heated cat beds use an internal thermostat to ensure that the heat does not reach a dangerous level for you, your cat, or your home.

Self-heating beds reflect and trap heat in the material of the bed. This allows for the temperature of the bed to be warmer than the air without needing electrical input.

People with outdoor cats can also invest in heated cat houses. These are standalone structures that feature a space heater to keep the inside of the house warm. These are an excellent purchase whether you have an outdoor cat or not, as they provide essential shelter for stray and feral cats.

You can also turn your cat’s current bed into a heated bed by utilizing a pet bed warmer, like this one from K&H Pet Products. People with existing cat shelters can also add heated beds to their shelters to give the space a fancier touch and help keep their cats and neighborhood cats safe and warm in inclement weather.

maine coon lying in a cat bed
Image Credit: Nils Jacobi, Shutterstock

Are Heated Cat Beds Safe?

Heated cat beds are perfectly safe as long as you keep up with maintaining them. Since the beds have an internal thermostat and low wattage, they rarely get hot enough to be uncomfortable to your cat, let alone to ever start a fire.

However, it’s worth noting that any electrical device can short circuit if not maintained properly. If you have a heated cat bed, it’s imperative that you check the wires and electrical inputs and outputs to ensure they’re in a safe operating condition. If you notice there’s damage to the heated cat bed, we advise that you unplug it and replace it. Using damaged electronics is dangerous and is a fire hazard.

Are Heated Cat Beds Good for Cats?

Heated cat beds may have health benefits, particularly for older cats who might have arthritis or joint pain. Additionally, many people and cats have trouble sleeping when it’s too cold. So, getting a heated cat bed may improve your cat’s sleep and help them feel better throughout the day.

Cat sleeping on a cat bed
Image By: Matthew Manuel, Unsplash

Can I Allow My Cat onto a Heating Pad for Humans?

While it might be tempting to repurpose your heating pad for your cat, it is inadvisable to do so since some heating pads for humans may have a higher internal thermostat threshold, which can be too high for cats and could potentially lead to thermal burns.

Final Thoughts

A heated cat bed could be an excellent investment for your cat’s health and wellbeing. While the most potential for health benefits are in older cats with joint pain, all cats may benefit from the extra warmth in the winter months (or if you’re like us, in the summer months when the AC is on full blast.) There are many excellent heated cat beds in different sizes, shapes, and made of different materials. So it shouldn’t be hard to find a perfect addition to your home’s aesthetic.

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