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Senior Cat Care

Norwegian forest cat

Everything needed for proper senior cat care is reviewed here in our Senior Cat Care Guide from the ins and outs of health, grooming and sanitation to the fun of toys, furniture, treats and more.

If your beloved friend has been with you for many years, or if you have recently adopted an elderly cat, you know that the requirements for cats change as they grow older, so here is some info to help you sort out the facts…

King Cat

Enjoy the journey and always remember…….Cats Rule!


What is a “Senior Cat?”

So when is a cat considered a senior citizen?

Most vets and cat experts agree there are 4 distinct stages in a cats life cycle:

Kitten hood:    – birth to the onset of puberty, about  6-8 months

Young Adult:   –  puberty (6-8 months) to 6 years old

Middle -age:     – 7 to 11 years

Senior Citizen: – 12 years and older with many cats living up to 20 years!

Cats rarely complain, and living in close consort with your cats you may not notice any changes as they age, but as they navigate the later years of life, different needs may arise.

Consider doing a few simple things like moving litter pans and beds to more accessible locations and adding dietary supplements like glucosamine and chondroitin, known to help all of us – including cats-  age more gracefully.

A dietary supplement specifically formulated for senior cats is a great idea.

A Warm Bed Can Be a Wonderful Place…

Cats Rule!

If you’ve noticed your senior kitty losing a little zip, you might consider upgrading to a warmer, more secure bed, or even a heated cat bed.  

King is 16 years old now, and for the last year or so he only sleeps in his heated bed. He will perch here and there around the house but when he’s ready for some serious zzz’s it’s the heated bed every time. We don’t find him fast asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor anymore, that’s for sure. Check out our recommendations for best heated cat beds


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The long life span and general good health of the domestic house cat are just two of the qualities that make them excellent companions. Cat health care is relatively simple, and following just a few rules will keep the whole family healthy and happy!

Somali cat in the woodsSomali cat in the woods

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