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Are Siamese Mix Cats Good Pets? Breed Temperament Explained

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By Emma Stenhouse

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Siamese cats are some of the most popular pedigreed felines around. They’re also instantly recognizable, with colored points and a sophisticated appearance beset with bright blue eyes. As with many breeds that reach such a level of popularity, the Siamese cat has been crossed with many other breeds, creating mixes that are a hybrid of the two.

The truth is, every single cat is different. Though many in a breed may share a particular trait, there will be drastic individual differences between cats. Still, there are some characteristics common to Siamese crosses that help contribute to their popularity as pets. Many consider them to be great pets, but you have to know what you’re signing up for with a Siamese cat, or you might not be as pleased with the results.

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Are Siamese Mix Cats Friendly?

One reason that Siamese cats are so popular as pets is that they’re incredibly loving, affectionate, and amiable felines. Once you bond with your Siamese, you’ve got a best friend for life. But they can be a bit overbearing for some, as your Siamese won’t ever want to leave your side. That wouldn’t be too bad if it weren’t for the fact that Siamese mix cats are extremely talkative! They’re like small children, commenting on just about everything they notice. For some, this is another thing to endear them to the breed, but for others, this constant vocalization can be a major turnoff.

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What’s the Temperament of a Siamese Mix Cat?

Siamese mixes tend to be very high-energy cats. Pure Siamese cats have tons of energy and want to play all the time. Some mixes are a little less hyper, having been tempered with a calmer breed’s disposition. Still, you can expect that no Siamese mix will be a lazy lap cat, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you may want to start looking at a different breed.

Most Siamese mixes are playful and inquisitive. They’re always getting into trouble, climbing to the highest points in the home, rocketing around at high speeds, and exploring everything they can find. Their high intelligence means that you can’t let them get too bored. You’ll want to provide engaging toys for Siamese mixes, plus plenty of playtime and ways to expend their energy. They’re very athletic felines, so a tall cat tree is a necessity for a Siamese mix.

Do Siamese Mix Cats Get Attached to One Person?

Pure Siamese cats do often choose a single person that they bond closest with. However, they can still be close with other family members; they just tend to pick one person to love the most. Siamese mixes are less prone to this behavior, though it’s still pretty common. Individuals will find this behavior to be perfectly acceptable, but in families, a cat playing favorites can cause some tension, so be aware of the possibility before adding a Siamese mix to your family.

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Image Credit: Stellelia, Shutterstock

How Much Do Siamese Mix Cats Cost?

If you were purchasing a purebred Siamese cat, you could expect to spend more than $1,000 for one with defined features. Many specimens sell for over $2,000! But mixed cats don’t have pedigrees like purebreds, so they’re generally much cheaper. If you find a reputable breeder for Siamese mixes, you might spend $300-$800 per kitten.

Of course, you’re also very likely to find Siamese mixes available for adoption at shelters or humane societies. Adoption tends to be one of the cheapest ways to add a Siamese mix to your life, as you could spend less than $100. Many adopted cats have already been spayed/neutered and could have vaccinations as well, which will save you even more money.

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Are Siamese Mixes Hard to Care For?

Siamese cats are generally considered to be rather low-maintenance felines. They have short coats that require little in the way of care. Grooming is generally minimal for Siamese mixes as well, but this depends on what breeds it has been mixed with. If your cat has a longer coat, then it could necessitate more grooming than your average Siamese.

The biggest need you’ll have to fulfill for your Siamese mix is its need for attention. These cats need constant attention. You won’t be able to go very long without your cat demanding some sign of your continued affection. But this could be exactly what you’re looking for! On the other hand, if you’re looking for a cat that doesn’t really care if you exist so long as you feed it, then a Siamese mix is not for you.

You’ll also need to provide some physical activity and mental engagement for your Siamese mix. Siamese cats are highly intelligent with loads of energy to burn. Even if your cat is crossed with a calmer breed, it will still likely require mental stimulation and a good bit of physical playtime in order to avoid boredom and remain healthy and happy.

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Image Credit: Sari ONeal, Shutterstock

Are Siamese Mixes Loud?

One thing that Siamese cats are known for is how vocal they are. They’re very talkative cats that will express an opinion on practically everything. When your cat is pleased, you’ll know, and when it’s displeased, you’ll definitely know as well. In fact, your neighbors will know too, if they live close enough. This is one of the traits that turns many people away from Siamese mixes. But if you’re the type of person who wants to communicate with your cat all day, then this might be a desirable trait.

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Do Siamese Mix Cats Make Good Pets?

In the end, whether a Siamese mix is a good pet for you or not depends on what you’re looking for in a cat. If you’re looking for a constant companion to converse with that’s never far from your side, then a Siamese mix is probably a great fit. But if you want a lazy cat with minimal needs that will mostly leave you alone other than needing food and water, then you’ll want to look at other breeds instead. Siamese mixes can make amazing pets, which is why they’re so beloved and popular. However, you must have the right personality to fit a Siamese mix, or a Siamese mix won’t be a great fit for you.

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