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How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Cost? 2024 Price Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Belgian Malinois in the forest

Most of us enjoy pets because they become loyal companions, but some people want that companionship with the added benefit of protection. The Belgian Malinois is a specific breed known for being protective, territorial, and strong. They are intelligent dogs that look similar to a German Shepherd. Their brave yet loving temperament makes them ideal work dogs, but these pups are also good to have around a family to keep them safe.

You might not have heard of this breed before, but once you see all their good qualities, it’s a little too easy to decide that you want one as your next pet.

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Belgian Malinois Dog Cost: One-Time Costs

The Belgian Malinois dog has a variety of colors like grey, black, red, and fawn. The puppies are small, but they grow to stand 26 inches tall and weigh up to 60 pounds. These are the dogs you want if you’re looking for someone to protect you. They were originally bred to protect livestock, and they now use those traits to dedicate their time and energy to look out for you.

You can’t put a price on having a sense of security and a furry friend all in one. These aren’t the cheapest dog breed, but they are definitely one that is affordable for those who are on a strict budget.

belgian malinois dog out in the field
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Free Belgian Malinoises

It is rare to find a Belgian Malinois for free unless it is being rehomed. If that’s the case, you might want to look into their behavioral or health issues. Ask questions about why the dog is free to get an in-depth understanding of their background and present situation. As we said before, free dogs are rare, and adoption is the next cheapest option if you can’t afford to pay the upfront price to a breeder.

Belgian Malinois Adoption


Many dogs put up for adoption are full-grown. This takes away the new charm of a puppy but increases your chances of buying a trained dog at a much more affordable price. Adoptions usually include a variety of first-time costs like shots and spaying or neutering. You won’t always have a detailed medical history, but they will have gotten several health screenings before you bring them home.

Belgian Malinois Breeders


Buying your Belgian Malinois from a licensed breeder is the best option for most people. It is a bit more expensive but one of the only ways to have information on your pet’s bloodline and health predispositions.

This smart breed requires a lot of training and patience throughout the process. There are breeders who put their dogs through training and then sell the trained dogs for a higher price. This is ideal if you’ve never raised a dog before. Remember, these dogs are smart and, as their master, you must be firm with your demands.

Belgian Malinois Price: Initial Setup and Supplies


Setting up a home for a new Belgian Malinois dog isn’t much work, but it will require you to spend a few extra bucks. Make sure your dog has a bed that is large enough for them to comfortably lay on. Use clean food and water bowls and buy them a collar with an ID tag on it in case they wander and get lost in their new neighborhood.

belgian malinois dog sitting with a bowl
Image Credit: BoJack, Shutterstock

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List of Belgian Malinois Care Supplies and Costs

ID Tag and Collar $20
Spay/Neuter $150
Microchip $50
Teeth Cleaning $150–$300
Bed $20–$40
Nail Clipper $10
Brush $10
Bathroom Bags $8
Pooper Scoop $12
Toys $30
Cage $40
Food and Water Bowls $10

How Much Does a Belgian Malinois Cost Per Month?

$200–$700 per month

It isn’t so much the up-front costs of owning a dog that concerns people than it is the monthly costs. Between food, vet trips, and toys, owning a pet isn’t always cheap. Thankfully, there are ways to budget for monthly costs and a variety of products and services that fit in your range.

Belgian Malinois on a mountain
Image By: Ekaterina Brusnika, Shutterstock

Belgian Malinois Health Care Costs

$150–$600 per month

A dog that isn’t in good health is going to cost a lot more than a healthy one. Keep up on their basic food, exercise, and grooming needs to avoid countless visits to the vet in both the present and future.

Belgian Malinois Food Costs

45–$55 per month

The Belgian Malinois is a large, active dog. When they aren’t running around and protecting their territory, they are begging for a play session with their family. This breed requires two to three cups of food per day. Do not overfeed them, or you’ll lose money and increase their chances of obesity.

Belgian Malinois Grooming Costs

$40–$60 per month

As a high-energy breed, this dog benefits from a lot of baths to keep their skin and coat healthy. They have a dense topcoat, and it isn’t uncommon to brush them every day to keep shedding to a minimum. Taking your dog to the groomer once to twice per month is usually enough to keep them clean, though this cost could go up or down depending on your location and how often you go.

Belgian Malinois Medications and Vet Visits

$35–$500 per month

The prices of medications and vet visits depend on how healthy your dog is. A yearly checkup isn’t going to cost much, but obesity is a common issue with these dogs, and it leads to an assortment of other problems that cost a lot of money to fix. Give your dogs plenty of exercise and do not overfeed them to decrease your chances of monthly vet visits.

belgian malinois dog in vet clinic
Image Credit: absolutimages, Shutterstock

Belgian Malinois Pet Insurance Costs

$40–$50 per month

Pet insurance is ideal for a lot of dog owners who find themselves stuck at the vet all the time. This is a fairly cheap insurance to pay for, but it also might not be worth it if you have a fit dog.

Belgian Malinois Environment Maintenance Costs

$10–$15 per month

Dogs aren’t like cats or reptiles where you have to constantly be tending to their surroundings. A dog’s only environmental maintenance includes keeping their waste cleaned up and giving them a comfy place to rest after a day full of exercise. Here are a couple of things you might need to keep their home clean and cozy:

Bathroom Bags $8/month
Dog Bed $4/month

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Total Monthly Cost of Owning a Belgian Malinois

$200–$700 per month

There is a huge range of monthly costs when you own a Belgian Malinois. In general, a healthier dog is much more affordable than an unhealthy one. Ask your vet for safe but affordable food and supply brands if you’re trying to keep pet costs to a minimum.

belgian malinois dog in the park fields
Image by: Irantzu Arbaizagoitia, Shutterstock

Additional Costs to Factor In

You always want to allow for a few unplanned situations to arise while you own a Belgian Malinois. Whether you’re going on vacation, have a medical emergency, or need to pay for additional behavioral training, anything could arise as a dog owner. Although these additional costs aren’t always coming up, it doesn’t hurt to have some money set aside in case it doesn’t.

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Final Thoughts: Belgian Malinois Cost

A Belgian Malinois is the perfect breed if you want someone who will love you fiercely and protect you from danger. It does take a lot of training to get these dogs to behave to your preferences, but their loyalty is truly unmatched. These dogs are well worth the price. If you have been concerned about whether or not you could own one without going broke, we hope this guide has helped you realize that your dreams of having a Belgian Malinois are achievable.

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