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10 Best Cat Videos – Cute & Funny Must-See Clips in 2024!

Elizabeth Gray

By Elizabeth Gray

orange cat squinting at laptop

It doesn’t take much to give most of us an excuse to waste time on our phones or computers, especially when there’s something else we should be doing (like writing articles like this, for example.) For cat lovers, the Internet is a boundless wonderland, full of hilarious, adorable, and heartwarming videos of our feline friends. If you don’t have as much time as you’d like to watch, we have a solution! In this article, you’ll find a list of the 10 best cat videos deserving of your views. Read, click, and enjoy!


The Top 10 Best Cat Videos

1. Cat Jump Fail With Music

Number of views: 24,276,947
Video length: 35 seconds
Year posted: 2012

Sometimes all you need for a great cat video is patience, a catchy tune, and a perfectly timed epic fail of a jump. This video is an oldie but a goodie, at least in Internet years, but has over 24 million views and rarely fails to draw a laugh no matter how many times you watch. For those concerned for the safety of the cat, set your mind at ease. The video caption makes clear they survived their failed jump attempt, only to live forever in infamy on the Internet.

2. Kitten Walking With Huskies

Number of views: 2,217,658
Video length: 59 seconds
Year posted: 2015

Is this kitten the original adventure cat? Taking cats on outdoor excursions may seem like a more recent phenomenon but as you see from this video, 4-month-old Rosie was hiking with her Siberian Husky family before the trend took off. Check out those leash manners too! Rosie could teach many pups a thing or two. This happy kitten and her fluffy dog friends are sure to put a smile on your face. Just remember that not every cat is cut out for adventure—or Internet fame.

3. Cat Versus Scary Movie

Number of views: 9,877,366
Video length: 1 minute
Year posted: 2016

And the Oscar goes to…this hyper-expressive feline whose spot-on reactions to the eerie music, creaks, and finally screams of a classic horror film currently have nearly 10 million views. If you’ve ever wondered what happens to a cat’s pupils when they get scared or over-stimulated, well, this video answers that question too. Given that cats have long been (unfairly) associated with evil doing and supernatural beings, perhaps it makes sense that this petite tabby should be so invested in the outcome of a scary movie.

4. Conversations Among (Feline) Friends

Number of views: 95,298,948
Video length: 55 seconds
Year posted: 2007

Anyone who watches this video can be forgiven for spending hours afterwards wondering “What were they talking about?” Whatever it was must have been fascinating, given the dedication with which these two cute kitties chatter on to each other. This video has over 95 million views so far, turning what was an intimate conversation between feline friends into an Internet sensation. This video is for every cat owner who always secretly longed to understand the secret language of animals.

5. Surprised Kitten

Number of views: 79,276,947
Video length: 16 seconds
Year posted: 2009

Short and oh so sweet, this video has almost 80 million views, thanks to its irresistible kitten star and their flailing legs. Kittens are an instant mood booster no matter what and this little one clearly has their owners—and now the entire Internet—wrapped around those cute white paws. Spontaneous reactions are always the funniest, even more so when they keep happening, as they do here. Don’t try this on your cat, however, as most felines have a less-than-adorable reaction to being petted on their bellies.

6. Kitten Steals Dog Bed

Number of views: 31,095,281
Video length: 2 minutes, 20 seconds
Year posted: 2021

Okay, this one is technically a dog and cat video but the kitten is the star of the show here. Come for the audacity of the tiny cat refusing to budge from the comfy confines of the dog bed, despite the best efforts of the horrified Golden Retriever. Stay for the adorableness of the moment both animals decide to share space and get some cuddles in at the same time. Dogs and cats may be constantly depicted as enemies, but that just makes moments like these all the more special.

7. Cat In Baby Swing

Number of views: 380,591
Video length: 29 seconds
Year posted: 2014

Maybe this cat is so popular because we too wish we could just relax in a baby swing and casually snooze life away. Cat owners who are also human parents can testify: cats sometimes love baby gear more than the infants themselves. This fluffy orange kitty has figured out what he needs to be happy in life and all it takes is a baby swing. And Internet stardom. No word on how the baby feels about losing their swing to the cat, however.

8. Shark Cat Rides Roomba

Number of views: 13,067,366
Video length: 1 minute, 54 seconds
Year posted: 2013

This is literally a video of a cat in a shark costume sitting on a Roomba as it bumps its way through cleaning a kitchen. And yet somehow, you can’t stop watching. Maybe it’s the way the cat is completely relaxed on top of the Roomba as if it’s meant to be his personal transportation. Or the fact that he’s, well, wearing a shark costume. Or it could even be the way the cat’s owner casually shucks corn in the background as if this is a completely normal occurrence around her house. Nothing to see here. Just a cat in a shark costume. On a Roomba. Must be a Tuesday.

9. Mama Cat Hugs Kitten

Number of views: 60,476,053
Video length: 1 minute
Year posted: 2011

One of the most popular cat videos ever posted, this precious clip might make you pick up the phone and call your mom. Watching the mini kitten kick their little legs, lost in a dream world, is enough to lift your mood but the sight of the mama cat pulling her baby in close is what will really get you right in the feels. We could all use a good hug these days, especially after living through the stress of the past couple of years.

10. Cat Plays In Snow—Indoors!

Number of views: 5,034,306
Video length: 1 minute, 10 seconds
Year posted: 2019

This happy cat clearly won the pet parent lottery. Not only do her people give her a fun place to play, but they also don’t appear to mind that kitty’s favorite plaything will soon melt all over their floors! We can only hope to get as excited about anything half as much as this cat does over playing in the snow. One almost expects her to lie down and carve out a perfect snow angel cat. Winter may be winding down, but this cat is just getting started. The cold never bothered her anyway.


Final Thoughts

There you have it: 10 cat videos to distract you, make you laugh, make you cry, or just relax a bit in the cutest way possible. Likely none of these cats ever realized they were Internet stars but hopefully, they at least got some good treats out of it when they went viral. Who will the next famous Internet cat be? Only time and the YouTube algorithm may know!

Featured Image Credit: Catherine Heath, Unsplash

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