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Best Catios for Apartment Balcony


Taking into account an average apartment balcony size I have picked the five best catios available. As a volunteer at a cat shelter and cat owner for 30 years, I have expert knowledge about the characteristics of a decent cat enclosure: it should be sturdy, it should be weatherproof and it should have a reliable lock. Read about the five best options below and pick one that best fits your personal use case.

How often do you let your cat stay on your apartment’s balcony? In fact, not all cat owners are that confident to let their furry family members breathe fresh air on a balcony. First, it can be really risky for a cat. These creatures have great balance, but living in a multi-storeyed house is a challenge even for cats. Thus, considering all possible risks the majority of cat owners never open their balconies for cats.

But is there any better opportunity to let your kitty see the outside world and spend a little time outdoors? City jungles may be dangerous for our furkids and many cats regularly get lost walking by themselves. Indeed, it seems like a balcony is the only option for urban house cats to breathe fresh air outside the apartment walls. An average apartment balcony is 80in x 40in x 120in – not too much space for a man, but enough for a cat. However, you cannot just leave your kitty alone on it. And here comes a catio – a perfect invention for cats and their owners. As you have probably guessed, it is a mixture of words “cat” and “patio” – a walking place for your kitty looking as a big cage.

Top 5 Catios for Apartment Balcony in 2020

I put this balcony catio in the first place of my product list taking into account the number of great 5-star reviews given by customers at Amazon.com. This catio is a true leader in a number of aspects. First, it is rather budget. Second, the size of this cage will fit any apartment balcony and you will have enough space left. The construction is safe, there is not too much space between the cage bars and your kitty’s paw won’t get stuck in it. All textile pads are washable, so you can easily clean the catio itself and fabric accessories in it.

  • Size: 40.5in x 22.5in x 63in / 101.5cm x 56cm x 160cm
  • Weight: 49 pounds / 22kg
  • Material: rust-resistant metal
  • Construction: 4-level cage with several doors on each level
  • Accessories: hammocks, textile pads

The manufacturer describes the product as a perfect catio for 1-3 cats, and we can see that the size of this cage will fit your apartment balcony. The catio goes in two colors: black and white. It is metal so you won’t have any difficulties with cleaning. One more great thing – the cage is equipped with metal ladders and they are perfect and comfortable for cats. Pay attention to the hammocks and other spots where your kitty can rest staring at the outside world. Every balcony walk will become a pleasure!

  • Size: 34.8in x 23.2in x 66.5in / 86cm x 58cm x 168cm
  • Weight: 40 pounds / 18kg
  • Material: metal, rust- and rot-proof
  • Construction: multi-level cage, three separate doors, ladders inside
  • Accessories: washable hammocks, textile pads

This design is my true love. Just look at this wonderful catio for balcony! I guess such things are made for those pet owners who consider esthetics as one of those aspects that matter a lot. Even if it comes to being a cat owner and choosing the right catio on balcony for your furkid. I absolutely adore these cute doors, the color of this wooden construction. Of course, any product with a sophisticated design is not cheap. However, wood is a perfect natural material. This catio has a waterproof roof and a removable bottom for better cleaning. With all advantages given here, however, better pay attention to the reviews before buying the product. Some customers wrote you may need special tools for assembling this catio.

  • Size: 31.5in x 31.5in x 70.9in / 79cm x 79cm x 177cm
  • Weight: 67 pounds / 30kg
  • Material: painted wood with water-proof roof
  • Features:: lovely design with nice details

This product is the most budget of all catios I could find at Amazon.com. It does not mean that your cat will lack something. The characteristics of this cage are great: it is foldable, lightweight and has got enough room even for several cats. There are no extra accessories, but you are absolutely free to add something your furkid likes most of all. Equip the catio on a balcony with scratching pads, and hung some favorite toys. Even if your kitty has some problems with the toilet, a removable plastic floor is easy to wash. This catio is included into the category “Amazon’s choice” and is offered at best price and quality.

  • Size: 36in x 22in x 51in / 91.5cm x 59cm x 129.5cm
  • Weight: 37.4 pounds / 16.8kg
  • Material: painted metal
  • Construction: multi-level cage with spots for sitting

You can always take this catio with you wherever you go. The metal construction is foldable and provided with a special case. No extra tools are needed to assemble this catio. The process is so easy to understand that even children can assemble the cage! And take into account how much room is inside! No wonder that cats adore this catio and are willing to stay in it even being inside the apartment. Enough space is a great opportunity to add some accessories, toys – just everything your kitty loves. The shelves are made from durable plastic and can be easily cleaned. You can move the construction conveniently thanks to lockable casters.


  • Size: 36in x 23in x 51in / 91.5cm x 58.5cm x 130cm
  • Weight: 38.8 pounds / 17.2kg
  • Material: painted metal
  • Construction: multi-level cage with spots for sitting, playpen and accessories inside

How to Choose the Best Balcony Catio

If you see your cat is really positive and willing to be outdoors, it may be a great thing to have a catio. Poles for catio on balcony of your apartment are a great location to place the construction. Consider these four steps before buying or constructing a catio.

Step 1. Find out the size of your balcony.

Of course, everything depends on the space you’ve got for your kitty’s outdoor lounge area. Measure your balcony, try to understand how much space you can give to your future catio. Do not forget that you need to open its doors somehow and the whole space should be protected from rain drops.

Step 2. Consider the material.

In this guide I have given you some options to choose from. Decide what kind of a catio you would like to have. The most common and budget are metal cages, but wooden catios are more stylish, in my opinion. Pay attention to the finishing. You need a waterproof construction.

Step 3. Consider the number of cats.

Your catio should have enough room if you’ve got several cats. Each of your kitties will prefer to have her own spot for relaxation. Think about cat toilets and places for food bowls if you want to let your cats be outside in the catio most of the daytime. Most catios fitting the apartment balcony size are for 1-3 cats. Otherwise you can have certain problems with feline behavior placing too many kitties inside the cage.

Step 4. Consider how you are going to use it.

Choose the right catio taking into account those tasks this cage is going to perform. If a catio is going to be the main playground for your cat, put enough toys and entertaining stuff into it. For cats who love scratching it is always great to have a special zone with a scratching pole or pad. Foldable catios can also be used in the yard. So take your kitty and its catio next time you go to a picnic. Or you may want to have a separate outdoor catio for this purpose – it’s up to you!


Are balcony catios good for cats?

Many cats like to breathe fresh air and stare at the surrounding world. However, living in an apartment block you have certain safety challenges with a cat walking on a balcony. A catio will be a great solution. Its bars won’t make an illusion your kitty is closed somewhere. But still, you should always think forward and use a good cat tracker to make sure you will find a cat in case she escapes.

How big a balcony catio should be?

Consider the size of your balcony. An average one is about 80in x 40in x 120in. But you should understand that some space will be needed for you to place it on the balcony, to open the catio doors. It is also very convenient to have a foldable catio that can also be used indoors.

So Should You Buy a Balcony Catio?

Of course, there is always an option to have a DIY variant. But just consider how many steps you should take planning the construction and how many tasks you should perform while constructing it. Choosing the right materials, taking measures and drawing a construction plan of your future catio. Many hours of planning and visiting various stores… And you should have special tools to make the cage by yourself.

There is a great variant to buy a ready-to-use catio at such online retail stores as Amazon.com. The range of catios is so wide there that you will definitely find what you’ve been looking for. Just think that instead of several weeks or even months of construction you will get a great product just in a couple of days! Also, you are very welcome to check the guide with the wall shelves for cats as a cool alternative for apartments that don’t have a balcony and a guide about a cat solarium that can be installed into your window.

Find accessories and other things for your catio at Amazon.com too! Surround your kitty with comfort and be sure your pet is safe and entertained.

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