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10 Best Covered & Enclosed Cat Beds in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Best Pet Supplies Fleece Tent Covered Cat & Dog Bed

Covered or enclosed cat beds are arguably the best type of bed for cats. These beds serve two of the most important feline needs: warmth and cover.

House cats originated from the deserts, which is why they prefer to hang out in warmer areas. Due to their design, enclosed cat beds prevent heat from escaping into the environment, making them the ideal napping spot for cats.

Your kitty might not look like it, but it is one of the most lethal predators in the animal kingdom. Like any other solitary predator, your cat is extremely cautious about its surroundings, especially when it comes to where it sleeps.

They do not want to be caught off-guard by other predators while sleeping. As such, the ideal sleeping spot for cats is one that is enclosed, as it provides them with a sense of security. This is where a covered cat bed comes in.

However, with so many enclosed cat beds on the market, choosing the most suitable one for your cat can be an arduous task because these things vary in design and quality. Fortunately, we have reviewed the 10 best covered and enclosed cat beds on the market today. We have also included a buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision.

A Quick Comparison of Our Winners in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Hepper - Pod - Modern Cat Bed, Perch, House or Condo Hepper - Pod - Modern Cat Bed, Perch, House or Condo
  • Dual-purpose design
  • Stylish
  • Durable
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Frisco Igloo Covered Cat Bed Frisco Igloo Covered Cat Bed
  • Great value for money
  • Cave design
  • Comes with a comfortable, reversible cushion
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Snoozer Pet Products Covered Cat Bed Snoozer Pet Products Covered Cat Bed
  • Ideal for larger cats
  • Premium construction
  • Comfortable fleece bedding
  • Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat Bed Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat Bed
  • Plush velvet and faux-fleece lining
  • Thick cushioning
  • Non-skid base
  • K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Covered Cat Bed K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Covered Cat Bed
  • Dual-purpose design
  • Plush interior
  • Self-warming due to interior insulation
  • The 10 Best Covered & Enclosed Cat Beds

    1. Hepper Pod Covered Modern Cat Bed – Best Overall

    hepper pod bed living room hairless sphynx

    Check Price on Hepper

    The first thing you will like about the Hepper Pod covered cat bed is its striking appearance. It sports a stylish, contemporary design that would make a great addition to any modern home.

    The Hepper Pod’s design features a bed on tall, stilt-like legs. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also ensures the circulation of fresh air around the bed as the cat sleeps. It also makes cleaning the ground beneath it a lot easier.

    The Hepper Pod’s frame and legs are made from steel to ensure maximum stability for your kitty as they climb and sleep in the bed. Additionally, the steel features a powder-coated finish to enhance the bed’s durability.

    The actual bed is made of flexible foam for maximum comfort. The foam allows the cat to sink into the bed, thus relieving pressure off its joints, making it a great option for heavier or senior cats. Additionally, it is covered by a washable liner made from soft sherpa fleece and microfiber for further comfort. You will also appreciate that the liner is reversible.

    The Hepper Pod’s lid is removable, allowing this bed to act as both a lounge and enclosed cat bed. The lid is also made from flexible foam.

    Setting up the Hepper Pod cat bed is remarkably easy. Simply attach the legs to the base, and then use the Allen wrench it comes with to tighten the bolts. This unit also comes with rubber feet that you can put onto the legs to prevent the bed from sliding as the cat hops onto it. The rubber feet also save your floor from scratching.

    Maintenance is also a cinch. As mentioned, the fleece liner is washable, while the pod base can stay in good condition with simple vacuuming and wiping,

    The only drawback to the Hepper Pod cat bed is that it is rather small. Nonetheless, cats are known for their love for tight spaces, meaning that your larger kitty might not mind squeezing into the pod. And if they cannot fit, you can simply remove the lid and let the cat use it as a lounge or perch.

    All in all, we think this is the best enclosed cat bed out there.

    • Dual-purpose design
    • Stylish
    • Durable
    • Cozy
    • Easy to set up
    • Easy to clean
    • Might be small for some cats

    You might have guessed, this is our own product – but we love it so much we just have to share it, and hope you get to own one too!

    2. Frisco Igloo Covered Cat Bed– Best Value

    Frisco Igloo Covered Cat & Dog Bed

    If you are not looking to spend too much, the Frisco Igloo Covered Cat Bed is an excellent option. It might not have many bells and whistles, but it has everything you want in a good enclosed cat bed.

    This bed features the pertinent cave design that cats love. Its opening is tiny, but the enclosure itself is roomy. This design helps the cat feel safe and stay warm since it does a great job at retaining the cat’s body heat.

    Your cat will also appreciate the soft and fluffy cushion that is the bed. The cave’s walls are made from a fully lined and padded fleece to ensure maximum comfort.

    Maintenance is a breeze, thanks to the entire bed being machine-washable.

    Nonetheless, the Frisco Igloo isn’t perfect. Due to its lack of a non-slip base, it tends to move around as the cat adjusts itself inside, which can be annoying to cats. Additionally, it needs regular reshaping to maintain its cave design.

    If you do not mind this bed’s drawbacks, the Frisco Igloo is arguably the best covered & enclosed cat bed for the money.

    • Great value for money
    • Cave design
    • Comes with a comfortable, reversible cushion
    • Durable
    • Machine-washable
    • Does not have a non-slip base
    • Requires regular reshaping

    3. Snoozer Pet Products Covered Cat Bed – Premium Choice

    Snoozer Pet Products Cozy Cave Covered Cat & Dog Bed

    The inherent nature of enclosed cat beds makes them unideal for larger cats. Fortunately, Snoozer had your big kitty in mind when making this covered cat bed, as it can accommodate large cats and even dogs comfortably.

    This model comes with a unique design that hugs your pet to provide them with a cozy environment. Both the liner and cover are made of soft fleece to enhance comfort and are both removable to allow for machine washing.

    The bed also features polyester fill construction with cedar fiber, which is excellent at odor control, in addition to keeping insects away. This ensures that your kitty remains comfortable and unbothered when sleeping.

    The premium quality of this bed’s build makes it one of the most expensive covered cat beds in the game. The good news is that it is worth its price in the value it offers you and your cat.

    So, when it comes to premium options, we think this is the best covered cat bed out there.

    • Ideal for larger cats
    • Premium construction
    • Comfortable fleece bedding
    • Wear-resistant stitching
    • Inbuilt odor control
    • Keeps insects away
    • Pricey

    4. Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat Bed

    Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat & Dog Bed

    The Armarkat covered cat bed comes with a unique tube design to encourage your kitty to squeeze in. It also does an excellent job at retaining warmth.

    This enclosed bed is made of luxe velvet fabric with a faux-fleece lining to accommodate your kitty’s love for finer things. The dense cushioning inside ensures that comfort is not an issue.

    Despite the tube design, the opening is rather large to facilitate easier entry and exit. Moreover, the base is anti-skid to prevent the bed from shifting around as the cat moves in and out.

    Maintaining the Armarkat cave bed is easy. This bed is not only waterproof but also machine-washable. The only issue we have with this enclosed bed is its need for regular shaping.

    • Plush velvet and faux-fleece lining
    • Thick cushioning
    • Non-skid base
    • Waterproof
    • Machine-washable
    • Requires constant reshaping

    5. K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Covered Cat Bed

    K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Hooded Cat Bed

    This self-warming bed by K&H is yet another model that allows you to transition between an ordinary cat bed and an enclosed cat bed. It comes with a removable hood that you can simply zip or unzip depending on how your cat is feeling, making it very convenient.

    The bed’s interior features a plush cushion base for comfort, as well as an insulated lining that reflects your cat’s body heat, ensuring they stay cozy. We also appreciated its relatively high, soft walls that provide the perfect snuggling environment.

    As mentioned, the cover is removable, facilitating hassle-free maintenance. Unfortunately, the cover is rather flimsy, but we do think it’s still one of the best covered cat beds of the year.

    • Dual-purpose design
    • Plush interior
    • Self-warming due to interior insulation
    • Machine washable
    • Comes in various sizes
    • Flimsy hood
    • Rather expensive

    6. Best Pet Supplies Tent Covered Cat Bed

    Best Pet Supplies Fleece Tent Covered Cat & Dog Bed

    This enclosed bed by Best Pet Supplies Tent Covered Cat Bed comes with an ingenious tent design that provides your cat with a hideout, a playing area, and a comfortable resting place.

    This cat bed is also one of the easiest enclosed cat beds to maintain. The interior cushion is not only removable but also machine-washable. What’s more, the bed is waterproof, making it a great choice for cats with incontinence issues.

    Your pet will be grateful for the non-slip bottom, as it ensures that the bed does not move around as they adjust themselves.

    However, this bed comes with a strong plastic smell that can be revolting to some cats. Fortunately, the odor dissipates within a few days. All in all, it still earns its spot on our list of best enclosed cat beds of the year.

    • Ideal hideout
    • Large entrance
    • Anti-skid base
    • Strong structure
    • Machine washable
    • Strong plastic smell when new

    7. Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler Covered Cat Bed

    Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler Covered Cat & Dog Bed

    This enclosed cat bed by Best Friends by Sheri is designed with anxiety-prone cats in mind. It features a soft faux-fur interior to allow your cat to burrow inside for some warmth and comfort. Moreover, the faux-fur is reminiscent of a mama cat’s coat, thus acting as a psychological source of reassurance to timid cats.

    The Cozy Cuddler’s walls are bolstered to provide cushioning to your kitty’s head and neck as they sleep. And don’t worry about maintenance because it comes with a detachable cover and water-resistant bottom.

    Unfortunately, the cover is quite flimsy. Additionally, the bed slides around a lot due to the lack of a non-skid bottom.

    • Soft and luxe faux-fur interior
    • Bolstered walls for neck and head support
    • Waterproof bottom
    • Machine washable
    • Flimsy flap
    • Tends to slide around

    8. K&H Pet Products Covered Cat Bed

    K&H Pet Products Lounge Sleeper Covered

    Another product by K&H has made this list. The K&H Lounge Sleeper is a dual-purpose cat bed, meaning that it can transition between an enclosed design and an open design. In this bed’s case, the open design reveals an incredibly stylish and comfortable lounge that is perfect for lazy, warm days.

    The cover is easy to install, as all you have to do is zip it on. This design makes the Lounge Sleeper easy to maintain. Moreover, it is also machine-washable. Comfort is assured, thanks to the plush microfleece pillow and bolsters for support.

    Unfortunately, we found the Lounge Sleeper’s padding to be rather lackluster. Additionally, the cover is quite flimsy.

    • Dual-purpose design
    • Comfortable interior
    • Easy to set up
    • Machine washable
    • Insufficient padding
    • Flimsy cover

    9. Ethical Pet Covered Cat Bed

    Ethical Pet Sleep Zone Cuddle Cave Cat & Dog Bed

    This covered cat bed by Ethical Pets is perfect for smaller cats. It features a unique tubular design that resembles a plush sleeping bag. This ensures a snug fit for your kitty to create a warm environment. Comfort is not compromised either, thanks to its plush micro-suede and faux-fur interior.

    Additionally, the Ethical Pet Sleep Zone Cuddler’s unique design prevents clumping, thus allowing the bed to maintain its original shape even after washing. Speaking of washing, the entire bed is machine-washable, ensuring easy maintenance.

    However, this cute bed does have its drawbacks. Its lack of a non-slip base means that it moves around a lot, which is incredibly annoying to cats. Additionally, it is designed for smaller cats and kittens only.

    • Compact size
    • Machine-washable
    • Does not come with a non-slip base
    • Only for smaller cats and kittens

    10. Pet Magasin Self Warming Covered Cat Bed

    Pet Magasin Self Warming Cat Cave

    This self-warming bed by Pet Magasin features a unique design that allows it to switch between various cat bed configurations. It can be a flatbed, a cat cave, or a snuggly pod.

    The bed’s exterior is made from an antibacterial microfiber to ensure a disease-free environment, while the interior sports soft fleece for ultimate comfort.

    Despite its ingenious design, the Pet Magasin cat cave’s top lacks proper support, meaning that it does not stay wide open, thus defeating the bed’s purpose. It is also quite expensive.

    • Great design
    • Cover is too soft to maintain an accessible opening
    • Expensive

    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Covered & Enclosed Cat Beds

    When looking for an enclosed cat bed for your kitty, there is a lot more to consider than comfort. You also want it to be safe and durable.

    In this section, we shall discuss the most important factors to consider when comparing the numerous enclosed cat beds on the market. This will help you find a bed that suits not only your cat but also your preferences too.

    Material and Design

    The material used in the construction of a covered cat bed is an extremely important factor to consider, as it determines the bed’s quality, comfort, and durability.

    Enclosed cat beds can be made from a wide array of materials. However, we recommend giving priority to beds that feature the following materials:

    Natural Wool

    Natural wool is an organic material, meaning that no chemicals are used to manufacture it, thus making it the safest bedding material for your kitty. Moreover, wool is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it great for your pet’s skin and fur.

    The only drawback to enclosed wool cat beds is how costly they are.

    Natural Cotton or Linen

    Some covered cat beds feature a natural linen or cotton construction with a poly-foam-filled pillow or cushion. Natural cotton or linen is also organic, meaning that it does not pose any health risks to your kitty. Moreover, cotton or linen cat beds come with the advantage of being suitable for all-weather use. Additionally, they are breathable and easy to maintain.

    Natural cotton or linen beds also tend to be cheaper than natural wool cat beds.

    Faux Fur and Faux Microsuede

    If you are on a budget, consider enclosed cat beds with faux fur interiors and microsuede shells. These beds typically come with poly-foam cushions and bolsters for comfort and support.

    In addition to being cheap, these beds are durable and easy to maintain. However, they are not organic, meaning that chemicals were used in the manufacturing process.

    In terms of design, you will notice that enclosed cat beds come in all sorts of shapes, ranging from caves, cubes, and pyramids to dens and tents. Some designs create a dark, quiet environment that is ideal for sleeping, while others are more open.

    Choose a design that matches your cat’s preferences, as well as your home décor.

    Armarkat Cave Shape Covered Cat and dog bed


    Due to their enclosed nature, covered cat beds tend to be smaller than they appear. Therefore, you want to be sure that the bed’s internal dimensions are large enough to accommodate your kitty. The same goes for the bed’s entrance.

    For the average domestic cat, an enclosed cat bed with 12–16 inches of interior space and a 7-inch high entrance should suit them just fine. However, for larger cats such as Maine Coons, pick the largest enclosed cat bed you can find.

    It is not a good idea for adult cats to share an enclosed cat bed. Therefore, consider getting one covered bed per adult cat. Kittens, on the other hand, can share an enclosed bed.

    Ease of Maintenance

    Enclosed cat beds require thorough maintenance since the environment they create inside can encourage the growth of bacteria and other microorganisms. Therefore, you do not want a bed that is a hassle to clean.

    The bed’s design and material are what determine its ease of maintenance. While wool has natural anti-bacterial properties, it can be difficult to clean and maintain. Faux-suede cat beds tend to be the easiest to maintain.

    A bed’s design also determines its ease of maintenance. For example, beds with removable tops will be a lot easier to clean than those that come as a complete unit. Additionally, some enclosed cat beds come with a waterproof layer so that you do not have to clean the entire bed in case of accidents, while others are machine-washable.


    Brand name does matter. Reputable brands place emphasis on the quality of their products. Moreover, since such brands are confident in their products, they tend to have better warranty terms and stellar customer service.

    Therefore, you can narrow down your options by simply choosing to deal with popular brands only. However, there is a catch-22; cat beds from reputable brands tend to cost more. Fortunately, their beds are built to last, meaning you might not have to replace the bed for a couple of years.

    This is not to say that you cannot get a well-covered cat bed from a less popular brand; it will just take a little more digging. This will involve going online to view reviews from their customers. It is best not to trust the reviews you find on the manufacturer’s website, as no one posts bad reviews of themselves on their website. Instead, use reviews such as ours to get a good feel of the product without testing it yourself.

    Ethical Pet Covered Cat Bed


    Considering that felines spend between 15 and 20 hours per day sleeping or napping, a good cat bed is crucial for them, as it influences the quality of their lives dramatically.

    It can be difficult to determine the ideal cat bed for your kitty, as most cats tend to have preferences. However, almost all cats love covered or enclosed beds. These beds allow them to feel safe and secure while maintaining a warm, cozy environment.

    In this article, we reviewed some of the best covered & enclosed cat beds in the business. We understand that it can be difficult to choose between them. If you are at a loss about which one to go with, allow us to recommend the Hepper Pod Covered Modern Cat Bed. This bed is stylish, practical, comfortable, easy to maintain, and comes at a reasonable price. There is a good chance that both you and your kitty will love it.

    For a more budget-friendly option, consider going with the Frisco Igloo Covered Cat Bed. It comes with features that are only typically found in high-end cat beds but costs significantly less. Besides, Frisco is one of the most reputable brands out there, meaning you should not worry about this bed’s quality.

    The other items in our reviews are great options worth considering too.

    Featured Image Credit: Amazon

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