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10 Best Dog Beds for Great Danes in 2024 – Reviews & Guide

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By Nicole Cosgrove

a great dane dog bed You know it’s time to purchase a quality dog bed when your Great Dane seems to toss and turn all night and appears uncomfortable when resting. Because of their immense size, it’s challenging to find a bed that is big and comfortable enough. If you have an older dog, they will need extra support for their joints.

Did you know that the largest Great Dane, Zeus, was 44 inches tall and weighed 155 pounds? There was also Giant George, who was 43 inches tall and weighed 245 pounds. Your Great Dane may not be as big as those two, but you still need a larger-than-average dog bed.

We rounded up the top 10 dog beds for Great Danes to help you narrow your search. Our reviews cover the benefits and disadvantages of each bed, and the buyer’s guide lists considerations to keep in mind during your search.

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A Quick Comparison of the Winners in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
PetFusion Orthopedic PetFusion Orthopedic
  • Poly-fill
  • Water-resistant
  • Memory foam
  • Best Value
    Second place
    MidWest Bolster MidWest Bolster
  • Soft fleece
  • Affordable
  • Machine washable
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Big Barker Sleek Big Barker Sleek
  • Very large
  • Soft microfiber
  • Machine washable
  • Furhaven Therapeutic Sofa-style Furhaven Therapeutic Sofa-style
  • Affordable
  • Egg crate orthopedic foam
  • Soft fleece cover
  • Brindle Soft Brindle Soft
  • Shredded memory foam
  • Micro-suede cover
  • Machine washable
  • The 10 Best Dog Beds for Great Danes Reviewed:

    1. PetFusion Memory Foam Dog Bed – Best Overall

    PetFusion PF-IBV1

    The PetFusion provides comfort and quality within its large 50×40-inch size. The 6-inch memory foam will ease joint pain, while the top poly-fill provides an extra softness that your dog will appreciate when it’s time to relax. The fabric is made from durable polyester and a water-resistant cotton twill that is easy to spot-clean between washes.

    We like the waterproof inner liner surrounding the memory foam mattress, making removing hair from the fabric easy. This extra-large pet bed can hold up to 200 pounds, allowing your Great Dane to stretch out and sleep peacefully.

    The cover design has two zipper compartments that make it simple to reassemble after washing, and there is a 24-month warranty for any manufacturing defect. On the downside, it is not a thick fabric cover, so it is not ideal for dogs who dig or chew their bedding. However, we still think it is one of the best overall Great Dane dog beds of the year.

    • Memory foam
    • Poly-fill for extra comfort
    • Water-resistant
    • Waterproof liner
    • Easy to clean
    • Not ideal for destructive dogs

    2. MidWest Fleece Polyester Dog Bed – Best Value

    MidWest 40254-GY

    This dog bed is massive and will fit in a 54-inch dog crate. It also has an affordable price, which is why the MidWest is the best dog bed for Great Danes for the money. It is ideal for dogs up to 42 inches long and over 110 pounds. It measures 54×37 inches and is made of a fleece polyester, with overstuffed bolsters around the perimeter that provide an extra comfortable place for your dog to snooze.

    We like that it is machine washable, and the color helps hide dog hair. Unfortunately, this bed will not stand up to dogs who like to chew. However, it is an excellent bed for traveling, and even at its large size, it only weighs 4 pounds. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. Even though it is a great bed for the money, the PetFusion produces a more durable option.

    • Soft fleece
    • Bolstered edges
    • Affordable
    • Ideal for travel
    • Machine washable
    • Not as durable

    3. Big Barker Pillow Dog Bed – Premium Choice

    Big Barker

    This foam bed is calibrated for big dogs, and it won’t be comfortable for small dogs to lie on because they aren’t heavy enough for it to mold to their weight. But for your Great Dane, the Big Barker is a comfortable bed that is guaranteed not to flatten within 10 years, and if it does, the company will return your money.

    The cover is made from microfiber, and it is soft and comfy. It is also machine washable, so you can keep it smelling fresh. We like that it is made in the U.S.A. and that the company has been making high-end bedding for over 50 years. The bed will fit the largest Great Dane with ease, even when fully stretched out. On one end, it has a 4-inch contoured foam that acts as a pillow.

    This bed is pricey, which is why it did not reach the number-one or -two spots on our list, but it will last for many years. The Big Barker is not ideal for travel because it is considered a real bed for your pet and weighs 20 pounds.

    • 10-year guarantee
    • Very large
    • Soft microfiber
    • Machine washable
    • Reputable company
    • Pricey

    4. Furhaven Great Dane Dog Bed

    Furhaven 45503221

    The Furhaven is an affordable orthopedic foam bed with a removable synthetic fleece top. It measures 44 x 35 x 8 inches and has bolsters along three edges for added comfort while your dog rests. We like that the foam is cut in an egg-crate fashion that can help provide extra joint support and relieve pressure points so your dog is more comfortable.

    There is also plenty of airflow, and this jumbo bed will support up to 95 pounds. Unfortunately, if your dog weighs more, the foam may compress so much that the dog can feel the floor. Also, this bed is not ideal for dogs with anxiety or bad habits because they will tear this bed to shreds.

    A two-zipper design on the cover makes it easy to access the foam mattress and bolsters. The warranty on this bed is 30 days for returns and 90 days for any defects.

    • Affordable
    • Egg crate orthopedic foam
    • Soft fleece cover
    • Machine washable
    • Bolsters
    • Not for dogs greater than 95 pounds
    • Not for chewers

    5. Brindle Soft Memory Foam Dog Bed

    Brindle BR5234KP30SD

    The Brindle memory foam bed is a good option, especially if you like to travel with your dog. It is 52 x 34 inches and weighs 14.3 pounds, so it is not too bulky and is flexible enough to fit in your dog’s crate. The bed is made from shredded memory foam, which conforms to the dogs’ weight while remaining breathable. The cover is made from a micro-suede that can be machine-washed and tumble-dried on low.

    The company donates one of its pet beds to the Humane Society every day, so each adopted dog gets to take their bed with them. There is a three-year warranty on this bed that covers any manufacturer defects. On the downside, this bed isn’t as supportive as other memory foam beds on our list, but it is still an affordable option.

    • Shredded memory foam
    • Micro-suede cover
    • Machine washable
    • Breathable
    • Affordable
    • Not as supportive

    6. Majestic Great Dane Dog Bed

    Majestic Pet 78899565465

    The Majestic Pet bed is an option for those who can’t invest much money into a dog bed but still want to provide a soft place for their dogs. The large size measures 46 x 35 inches, and all sizes come in various colors, so you can easily match the bed to your house décor. It is also long enough for your dog to stretch out and relax.

    It is filled with 100% polyester that is hypoallergenic, and the outer fabric is made from polycotton. There is no removable cover; instead, you wash the whole bed and tumble-dry it. The recommended weight is 45-70 pounds, so it doesn’t hold a larger dog as comfortably.

    There is a basic return policy of 30 days with this bed if it hasn’t been used and a factory defect is discovered. The bed compresses after some use, and it could be difficult for an older dog to get in and out of it.

    • Affordable
    • Many color options
    • Washable
    • Room to stretch out
    • Filling compresses
    • Not for heavy dogs >70 lbs.

    7. KOPEKS High Grade Foam Dog Bed


    This is a large orthopedic dog bed that measures 50 x 34 x 7 inches and has a 3-inch-thick pillow on one end. The foam is hypo-allergenic, with a waterproof inner fabric, and the outer fabric is made from plush suede. We like the rubber grip bottom that prevents slipping if your dog exuberantly jumps onto the bed.

    Both the exterior cover and inner liner are machine washable. Because of the bed’s size, it is not ideal to travel with, but it functions well for everyday use. On the downside, KOPEKS has no warranty, and the bottom grips wear off quickly with repeated washings.

    • Hypo-allergenic
    • Waterproof liner
    • No-slip bottom
    • Machine washable
    • No warranty
    • Grips wear fast

    8. Laifug Orthopedic Foam Dog Bed

    Laifug M1143

    The Laifug is another memory foam bed with a double pillow design, with one side 4 inches high and the other 2.5 inches high. A waterproof liner protects the foam, and the microfiber outer cover is water-resistant while remaining breathable. The outer cover is easy to spot-clean between washes and has a heavy-duty zipper that will hold up to frequently removing the cover for cleaning.

    The company offers a limited warranty, and unfortunately, the bed is very firm without much give when the dog is lying on it. But on the upside, this bed holds its shape and appears durable.

    • Double pillow design
    • Waterproof liner
    • Microfiber cover
    • Machine-washable outer cover
    • Holds shape well
    • Very firm

    9. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed

    The Dog’s Bed

    This dog bed is made of orthopedic memory foam over a 2-inch solid base of high-stability foam to offer more support to achy joints. We like that the mattress is low, making it easy for older dogs to get in and out. It has bolsters along three sides to add security and a place for your dog to rest their head.

    There is an inner waterproof liner and an outer cover that are machine washable. On the downside, the fabric is rough to the touch, and the liner is noisy when the dog gets into the bed and moves around. The zipper is not very durable, and some users have had issues with it breaking easily.

    • Low in height
    • Three bolstered sides
    • Waterproof liner
    • Machine washable
    • Rough fabric
    • Noisy with movement
    • Zipper not durable

    10. Kuranda Dog Beds


    The Kuranda is made in the U.S.A. and has a 250-pound capacity, and it will hold your large Great Dane. It is a platform bed, off the floor about 9 inches, which could be problematic for older dogs. The frame is made from aluminum, and the sleeping area is a waterproof vinyl weave that is breathable and would be great if the bed is needed for the outdoors.

    It has a 1-year warranty, but this bed is not ideal for dogs with arthritis, elbow dysplasia, or other health issues since it is not cushioned. A Great Dane may also prefer a warmer bed to lie on. The Kuranda bed has to be assembled before it can be used.

    • 250-pound capacity
    • Durable frame
    • Breathable sleeping area
    • Not ideal for dogs with arthritis, etc.
    • Assembly required
    • 9 inches off of the floor
    • Not as comfy

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    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Beds for Great Danes

    Great Danes are sweet, loving dogs, but unfortunately, they can be afflicted with arthritis, hip dysplasia, and osteoarthritis. Providing a comfortable bed is a top priority so your dog can have a cushioned place to sleep.

    This buyer’s guide will go over considerations to remember when searching for a bed for your Great Dane.


    Since Great Danes can weigh up to 200 pounds and be 34 inches tall, you will need an extra-large bed. No dog wants to be scrunched and unable to stretch out while sleeping.


    Therapeutic foam is ideal, as it can distribute the dog’s weight evenly and keep them from sinking to the floor. Since Great Danes are so big, they can be tough on the outer material, so a durable cover is ideal to make it last for a while. If your dog is destructive, you may want a bed that can hold up to chewing and digging, such as a platform bed made from plastic or metal.


    If your dog drools or is messy, you may want a waterproof cover or liner to protect the inner layer.

    Great Dane outdoor bed

    Bolster Sides or Pillows

    Your dog may like the bolsters to lean against or lay their head, but some dogs may prefer to stretch out and not use the bolsters. Pillow sides can provide an extra feeling of security if your dog is the anxious type.

    Ease of Use

    This includes transporting and cleaning. If you plan to travel a great deal or constantly move the bed from the crate to another area of the house, it makes it easier if the bed isn’t too heavy and bulky. Beds that are more maneuverable won’t have as much cushion, however. A cover that is also removable and machine-washable is ideal, so you can wash it as needed to keep the bed nice and fresh.


    Due to the size of the bed that you need to fit such a large dog, most will be on the more expensive end. Memory foam beds will cost more than a polyester fill but will also last longer.

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    Finding the perfect dog bed for your Great Dane can take time, but it will be worth it if they are comfortable and able to relax after a hard day of play. Our top pick is the PetFusion, which has a large memory foam surface, waterproof liner, and comfy outer material. The best value is the Midwest, with its fleece polyester fabric and bolsters that add extra comfort for your dog. Our premium pick is the Big Barker, which is made of memory foam and guaranteed to last 10 years.

    We hope our list eases the frustration of finding the best dog bed for your Great Dane. Several high-quality models are available, and our list is a great starting point.

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