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15 Pomeranian Mixed Breeds: An Overview (With Pictures)

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Pomeranian sitting in the grass

Pomeranians are small dogs with big personalities. They’re known for their spunk, fortitude, and liveliness, and their temperament and energetic attitude makes them seem like a part of the family more than a family pet. They’re intelligent and loyal, and they can be a bit stubborn as well. They’re usually under 10 pounds and under 12 inches tall, but you’d swear there’s a much bigger dog hiding somewhere in their small package.

The Pomeranian is a very popular breed given its small size, ability to adapt to apartment life, and outward friendliness and playfulness. Breeders all around the country recognize their popularity and have sought to combine the best traits Pomeranians have to offer with those of other breeds as well. Let’s take a look at some of the more successful Pomeranian mixes.

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The 15 Cutest Pomeranian Mixes:

1. Pomeranian and Husky Mix: The Pomsky

white pomsky
Photo Credit: PAN Michal, Shutterstock

There are few things cuter than a Pomsky because they often inherit the Husky’s coloration and the Pomeranian’s small size. These parent breeds are both boisterous and have big personalities, so keep in mind that the Pomsky may have more energy and spunk than you’re ready for! These pups can resemble the Pompom with Husky coloration, or they can look just like miniature Huskies. How cute!

2. Pomeranian and Maltese Mix: The Maltipom

Photo Credit: Ancha Chiangmai, Shutterstock

What do you get when you take two small, spunky pups and mix them together? You get a lively and fun-loving pooch who is hypoallergenic and super affectionate. These pups love and thrive on human interaction, and they don’t usually do well with separation. They’re friendly and welcoming toward all families including those with children, and they’re even sociable around strangers.

3. Pomeranian and Toy Poodle Mix: The Pomapoo

white pomapoo dog
Photo Credit: Public Domain Pictures

Another pint-sized pooch on our list, the Pomapoo is small but still boasts a lot of personality and friendliness. These dogs make excellent companion dogs and are perfect for apartment dwellers and retirees. They can be a bit wary around strangers and other dogs, but with proper socialization, you shouldn’t run into any issues. These dogs are also hypoallergenic, so they’re great for dog lovers who have allergies.

4. Pomeranian and Beagle Mix: The Pomeagle

Looking for a Pomeranian hybrid with even more energy and playfulness? Look no further! The Pomeagle inherits some of the best traits of both parent breeds, and that includes an inquisitive nature and playful attitude from the Beagle. This is another breed that doesn’t do well in isolation and thrives on human interaction. While these pups are small and the perfect size for apartments, they inherit their high tendency to bark and howl from their Beagle parent as well, so those who have noise constraints should turn to another breed.

5. Pomeranian and Shih Tzu Mix: The Shiranian

Image Credit: Pheobus, Shutterstock

The Shiranian is an adorable ball of fluff that takes cuteness to a new level. These pups are very smart and pick up commands quickly, but their intelligence also makes them willful, which means they might choose not to listen to you. They have a low to moderate energy level but are still very playful, so they make excellent companion dogs and pets for families with children.

6. Pomeranian and Chihuahua Mix: The Pomchi

Pomchi - pomeranian & chihuahua
Image Credit: Public Domain Pictures

The Pomchi is one of the few mixes on our list that tends to be a bit more reserved. These dogs inherit some calmness from their Chihuahua parents, and they’re especially restrained around strangers. They adore human interaction with their close family members, and they may be a better option for less active owners or retirees given their predilection for relaxation over exercise at times.

7. Pomeranian and Dachshund Mix: The Dameranian

dameranian smiling
Image Credit: opalledo, Shutterstock

The Dameranian, like most hybrids on this list, inherit their love of human interaction from the Pomeranian, so these dogs don’t do well in isolation and are much happier with company. They are excellent family pets and are very affectionate and loving. They’ll usually latch on specifically to one member of the family as a clear “favorite.” This is another breed that can be willful and a bit tough to train, but they make up for that with their cuteness!

8. Pomeranian and Jack Russell Terrier Mix: The Jackaranian

Jackaranians can range quite a bit in personality, but they tend to be energetic, full of personality, and playful. They often inherit some stubbornness from their Jack Russell ancestors, and they can also have a high prey drive, which means they aren’t suitable for homes with cats or other small animals. They are, however, great with their human family members and children!

9. Pomeranian and Yorkshire Terrier Mix: The Yoranian

Image Credit: Marshall L. P, Shutterstock

When you take two of the most popular, small-sized companion dogs and mix them, you know you’re in for a best friend! Yoranians have all the spunk and personality of the Pomeranian and the affection and playfulness of the Yorkshire Terrier. These pups make great family pets, as they’re abundantly friendly toward adults, children, and other pets. If you’re looking for a Pomeranian mixed breed to be man’s best friend, you can’t ask for a better combination!

10. Pomeranian and Pug Mix: The Pom-a-pug

happy pom-a-pug outside
Image Credit: Melissa Staroszik, Shutterstock

The Pom-a-pug takes the entertainment from the Pomeranian and mixes that with the affection of the Pug. The result is a delightfully cuddly pup who will often goof off and loves to be the center of attention. These dogs have a low to moderate energy level, and when they’re not playing or out for a walk, they’re happiest curled up next to their owners.

11. Pomeranian and Bichon Frise Mix: The Bichon-a-ranian

Since both parent breeds are boisterous, brave, and energetic, you can bet your Bichon-a-ranian will be too! This dog is often described as a large dog trapped in a small dog’s body, and they will happily be in the center of attention and quickly take the place of the biggest personality in your home. They are hypoallergenic, so they’re great for those with allergies. They can be distrustful of strangers, but they are very friendly toward familiar humans.

12. Pomeranian and Cocker Spaniel Mix: The Cockeranian

Reaching weights over 25 pounds and heights up to 16 inches, the Cockeranian is one of the larger mixed breeds on our list. These pups tend to be more energetic than most other Pomeranian hybrids, and they require around an hour of exercise every single day. They’re loveable, friendly, outgoing, and easy to train. They make excellent companion dogs, as they will gladly stick by your side and love you and your family unconditionally.

13. Pomeranian and Havanese Mix: The Ewokian

The Ewokian is, as you may have guessed, named after the fictional Ewok from Star Wars. These dogs look like four-legged versions of the teddy bear-like Ewoks, and they’re as cute as they are energetic. This is a very emotionally needy pup, so they need to be around humans almost constantly to be happiest. They get along well with family members of all ages, including children and four-legged friends.

14. Pomeranian and Lhasa Apso Mix: The La Pom

la pom
Image Credit: Deedee McDonald, Shutterstock

This hybrid is as fluffy as you would expect from a Lhasa Apso mix and as perky and spunky as you would expect from a Pomeranian mix. The La Pom has a big personality but tends to be a bit calmer than their Pompom parents. They are very alert and protective, so they make good watch dogs despite their small and unassuming size.

15. Pomeranian and Miniature Pinscher Mix: The Pineranian

Two small dogs with big personalities combine to make the Pineranian, a small pooch who has a big presence. These pups have dominant personalities, and while they’re generally friendly toward most humans they meet, they do best in homes where they can be the “only child.” They thrive on attention and affection, and they are intelligent and eager to please, so they’ll also be easy to train.

Divider 2Wrapping Up: Pomeranian Cross Breeds

The Pomeranian’s small size and unparalleled ability to adapt to apartment life have made it a very popular breed among low-energy owners, those who live in smaller spaces, and retirees. Their personality and playfulness also make them perfect family pets, so it’s unsurprising that breeders have selected for their best traits in a myriad of different hybrids.

If you adore Pompoms but are interested in a mixed breed with some personality differences, a lower energy level, or varying levels of emotional attachment, a Pomeranian mix could be your best option. You often get the small size and spunk of the Pompom along with some wonderful temperamental tendencies from other breeds. Take your pick!

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