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10 Best Calming Treats For Dogs – 2024 Reviews & Top Picks

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Calm Dog

Your dog may be trying to tell you something if they are acting restless or aggressive, excessively barking, or doing other agitated behaviors: They may be feeling anxious for a number of reasons like separation anxiety. Just like humans, dogs can also experience uneasiness, angst, and a whole host of stressful emotions.

Calming treats recently have become more popular and more readily available for dogs who have anxiety on a regular basis. However, you may not be sure which product is trustworthy enough to give to your beloved companion.

We understand your concern, which is why we’ve put together a list of the top choices for dog calming treats. We’ve thoroughly reviewed each product and summed up our findings in pros and cons lists. Be sure to also check out our buyer’s guide for important information about what to consider before purchasing calming treats for your dog.

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A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Pawfectchow Hemp Pawfectchow Hemp
  • Reduction in negative behaviors
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Does not contain allergens or additives
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Smartbones Functional Chews Smartbones Functional Chews
  • Does not contain rawhide
  • Made with real ingredients
  • Most dogs prefer the taste
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Zesty Paws Calming Bites Zesty Paws Calming Bites
  • Does not cause drowsiness
  • Enjoyable flavor for most dogs
  • Small treats for accurate dosing
  • PREMIUM CARE Valerian Soft Chews PREMIUM CARE Valerian Soft Chews
  • No harmful additives or allergens
  • High level of success with curbing anxious behaviors
  • Adaptable dosage for dog’s size and breed
  • Petaxin Anxiety Relief Petaxin Anxiety Relief
  • Able to adjust dosage to dog size and breed
  • Bacon flavor
  • No corn
  • grain
  • wheat
  • or artificial flavorings
  • The 10 Best Dog Calming Treats

    1. Pawfectchow Calming Hemp Dog Treats – Best Overall

    Pawfectchow Calming Hemp Dog Treats

    For its high level of success at reducing anxiety in dogs, we chose the Pawfectchow calming hemp treats as the best overall product on our list. These calming treats work quickly and effectively to help your dog feel less anxiety and lower stress, which in turn, reduces negative behaviors.

    You can feel confident that you’re giving your dog natural ingredients, including hemp seed, valerian root, chamomile, ginger root, passionflower, and l-tryptophan. There’s no added sugar, dairy, corn or soy-derived products, hormones, or artificial flavoring or preservatives.

    The treats come in small enough portions that they accommodate most dog sizes and different breeds. While these treats are made with a dog’s flavor palate in mind, picky eaters may still turn up their noses.

    All in all, we think that these are the best calming dog treats this year.

    • Highly successful for reducing your dog’s stress and anxiety
    • Reduction in negative behaviors
    • All-natural ingredients
    • Does not contain allergens or additives
    • Dosage adaptable for most sizes and breeds of dogs
    • Some dogs do not like taste

    2. Smartbones Calming Dog Chews – Best Value

    Smartbones Calming Dog Chews

    Our choice for the best calming treats for dogs for the money goes to Smartbones calming dog chews. At a great price, you’ll get 16 bones that resemble rawhides but actually contain natural ingredients.

    The bone shape of this calming treat gives your dog something beneficial to chew for an extended period. All that chewing has the added bonus of maintaining healthy teeth. However, the bones are one-size-fits-all, which limits proper dosing for different sized dogs.

    Smartbones are made with easy-to-digest ingredients such as real chicken, a variety of vegetables, chamomile, and lavender. Most but not all dogs like the taste. Also, the level of effectiveness varies, though most dogs respond well. Keep in mind that it’s possible your dog may experience side effects, such as extreme lethargy or stomach upset. If your dog has separation anxiety or any other type of anxiety, this product could be for him.

    • Best value
    • Does not contain rawhide
    • Bones allow extended chewing time
    • Made with real ingredients
    • Most dogs prefer the taste
    • Level of effectiveness varies
    • Unable to adjust dosing
    • Serious side effects

    3. Zesty Paws Calming Dog Bites – Premium Choice

    Zesty Paws Stress & Anxiety Calming Bites

    The effective and carefully selected ingredients in Zesty Paws calming bites makes this product our premium choice. Each ingredient targets a specific anxious behavior, elevating its effectiveness. Also, these treats do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives and are gluten-free. However, be aware you will pay more for this higher level of quality.

    Zesty Paws calming bites contain Suntheanine, which is a powerful supplement that regulates your dog’s brain waves for relaxation and lower stress levels without drowsiness. Additionally, thiamine and organic chamomile help reduce aggressive behaviors. Organic ginger root, l-tryptophan, and organic passionflower ease your dog’s frequent barking and hyperactive behaviors, while valerian root reduces your dog’s tendency to cause self-harm due to fear and anxiety.

    Most dogs enjoy the turkey-flavored chewable supplements. The chews are small enough to be portioned to meet your dog’s dosage size. As with any supplement, your dog may not receive any benefit or worse, have an adverse reaction.

    • Premium ingredients
    • Effectively reduces stress, anxiety, and hyperactive behaviors
    • Does not cause drowsiness
    • Enjoyable flavor for most dogs
    • Small treats for accurate dosing
    • More expensive than similar products on this list
    • May not work on some dogs
    • Adverse reaction possible

    4. PREMIUM CARE Calming Dog Treats

    PREMIUM CARE Calming Dog Treats

    Formulated to help with a variety of anxious, hyperactive, and aggressive behaviors in your dog, Premium Care calming treats come in a bottle of 120 soft chews, so you can adjust the dosage to your dog’s size and breed. These duck-flavored treats contain only natural ingredients, with no added corn, dairy, soy, or artificial colors and ingredients.

    Though as expensive as our premium choice, this product also includes organic passionflower, chamomile, valerian root, l-tryptophan, and organic ginger root, to provide your dog with much-needed relief from negative symptoms of anxiety.

    As with most of the products on our list, these calming treats may not be helpful for every dog; some dogs may not like the taste, and there’s a chance these treats may cause stomach upset.

    • Formulated with high-quality ingredients
    • No harmful additives or allergens
    • High level of success with curbing anxious behaviors
    • Adaptable dosage for dog’s size and breed
    • Expensive
    • Some dogs do not like the taste
    • May cause upset stomach in your dog

    5. Petaxin Calming Treats for Dogs

    Petaxin Calming Treats for Dogs

    Petaxin calming treats also come in a bottle of 120 bite-size chews, allowing for flexible dosing for a variety of dog sizes. These treats are made with soothing herbs and amino acids, which are ideal for reducing your dog’s anxiety and stressful negative behaviors. Plus, they have a bacon flavor, which most dogs like.

    Ingredients like chamomile, passionflower, and ginger promote calm and relieve nervousness and anxiety, while l-tryptophan reduces hyperactivity and aggressive behaviors. Best of all, Petaxin does not contain corn, grain, wheat, or artificial flavorings. However, the labeling does not indicate if it contains dairy, sugar, or soy additives.

    Once again, while effective, not all dogs respond the same to these calming treats. Some dogs do not see results, while offers suffer stomach upset.

    • 120 bite-size chews
    • Able to adjust dosage to dog size and breed
    • Bacon flavor that most dogs like
    • Variety of soothing ingredients
    • No corn, grain, wheat, or artificial flavorings
    • Varied levels of effectiveness
    • May contain dairy, sugar, or soy
    • May cause stomach upset

    6. NaturVet Quiet Moments Dog Calming Aid

    NaturVet Quiet Moments Dog Calming Aid

    Melatonin is the main active ingredient in the NaturVet Quiet Moments Calming Aid. These soft chews are formulated to help your dog achieve a relaxed state. NaturVet has received the quality seal from the National Animal Supplement Council and is cGMP compliant.

    In addition to melatonin, NaturVet includes thiamine and l-tryptophan to further promote less stress and tension in your dog. These calming treats also have ginger for sensitive stomachs and motion sickness. However, we found that some dogs still suffer from an upset stomach with this product.

    While these calming treats are listed as wheat-free, they still may contain other additives, preservatives, and allergens. Your dog may also not care for the taste. However, some dog owners found success coating the chew in peanut butter. With the small treat size, you’ll be able to adjust the dosage for your size of dog, though you may or may not see results.

    • Made with melatonin
    • NASC Quality seal and cGMP-compliant
    • Includes thiamine, l-tryptophan, and ginger
    • Wheat free
    • Adjustable dosage for your dog’s size
    • Dogs may not like the taste
    • Effectiveness varies from dog to dog
    • May cause stomach upset
    • May contain additives, preservatives, and allergens

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    7. GOODGROWLIES Dog Calming Hemp-Treats

    GOODGROWLIES Dog Calming Hemp-Treats

    If you’re looking for one treat that works well to ease anxiety for any size or dog breed, then you may want to consider Goodgrowlies Calming Chews. These calming treats have natural ingredients, including valerian root, chamomile powder, organic hemp seed oil, l-tryptophan, organic passionflower, and organic ginger root powder.

    These hemp chews do not contain sugar, dairy, corn, or soy-derived products. All the ingredients are produced in FDA-registered facilities that follow GMP (Good Manufacturing Processes) compliance guidelines. We found that side effects with this product are rare.

    Most dogs enjoy the natural duck and chicken flavor of these calming treats. However, not every dog will care for it. Also, the success of this product’s calming effects varies from dog to dog. We learned that some dogs may become more aggressive after ingesting these treats.

    • One treat dosage for any size dog
    • Natural ingredients
    • No sugar, dairy, corn, or soy
    • Made at FDA-registered facility/GMP compliant
    • Side effects are rare
    • Dogs may not like the flavor
    • May cause more aggression in your dog
    • Not effective for all dogs

    8. Pet Parents Dog Calming Treats

    Pet Parents Dog Calming Treats

    The same active ingredient as our third-place review, Suntheanine is also used in Pet Parents dog calming treats. Also known as the amino acid l-theanine, this ingredient is safe to use, but little research supports its level of effectiveness. It claims to offer the benefit of calming without causing drowsiness.

    Pet Parents also contains hemp for relaxation and stress relief, as well as valerian root, chamomile flower, passionflower, ginger, and magnesium to naturally lower your dog’s anxiety. Its inactive ingredients, including chicken, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, and carrots, offer your dog essential nutrients without fillers such as rice and oats. This product may contain allergens, additives, and preservatives, however.

    We found that there were little to no side effects with this brand of calming treats. Also, most dogs responded well, with varying levels of effectiveness, and even liked the taste — aside from a significant number of picky eaters.

    • Contains Suntheanine
    • Natural active ingredients
    • Nutrient-rich inactive ingredients and no fillers
    • Little to no side effects
    • May contain allergens, additives, and preservatives
    • Varying levels of effectiveness
    • Dogs who are picky eaters do not like the taste

    9. PetNC Calming Soft Chews

    PetNC Calming Soft Chews

    With chamomile and l-tryptophan, PetNC Natural Care Calming Formula soft chews are bite-sized treats that allow you to adjust the dosage to your dog’s size and breed. They’re ideal for quick, temporary relief when your dog is in a stressful situation. PetNC has received the NASC quality seal and is manufactured and packaged using current Good Manufacturing Practices.

    Made with high-quality ingredients, such as chamomile flower, ginger root extract, thiamine, l-taurine, and l-tryptophan, this veterinarian-formulated supplement helps reduce your dog’s anxiety. However, be aware that this product does contain dairy, soy, and other potential allergens and preservatives.

    Unfortunately, this product is our second-to-last pick for several reasons. There’s the possibility that your dog may suffer from side effects, including an upset stomach. Also, we found that these chews give off an offensive smell and may cause your dog to develop an unpleasant odor as well. These chews seemed to work less effectively than similar products on our list.

    • Bite-size treats allow for accurate dosage
    • Ideal for quick, temporary stress relief
    • NASC quality seal and cGMP
    • Natural active ingredients
    • Contains dairy and soy
    • May include allergens, additives, and preservatives
    • May cause side effects, including upset stomach
    • Soft chew has an offensive smell
    • Your dog may develop unpleasant odor
    • Less effective than similar products

    10. K-10+ Supplements for Dogs


    A grain- and gluten-free calming treat, K-10+ supplement for dogs has broad-spectrum hemp as one of its main ingredients to promote calm and relaxation in your dog. These supplements have earned the NASC quality seal, and the small chews allow for accurate and adjustable dosing for your dog’s size and breed.

    One of the reasons that this product is last on our list is cost. Unlike the products on our list that offer 120 chews at the same price point, K-10+ only provides 30 chews.

    We also discovered that most dogs do not like the taste of this product. Although we didn’t find that these chews cause side effects, be aware that they may incorporate allergens, additives, and preservatives. Finally, the level of effectiveness with this supplement is much lower than similar products.

    • Grains and gluten free
    • Broad spectrum hemp as main active ingredient
    • NASC quality seal
    • Small chews for adjustable dosing
    • Expensive per serving
    • Dogs do not prefer the taste
    • May include allergens, additives, and preservatives
    • Lower level of effectiveness than similar products

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    Buyer’s Guide – Choosing the Best Calming Treats For Dogs

    Your dog’s anxiety is of the utmost importance to you because it affects not only your dog’s quality of life but also that of yourself and your family. As such, you may be considering calming dog treats as a possible solution.

    In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go more in-depth about the behaviors exhibited when your dog is suffering from anxiety and stress. Then, we’ll list which factors and ingredients make a high-quality dog-calming treat, as well as what to avoid when buying this kind of supplement.

    Your Stressed-Out Pooch

    Dog anxiety reveals itself in several ways, and one way may appear differently in another dog. Generally speaking, your dog may be suffering from anxiety if they exhibit aggression, destructive behavior, excessive barking, pacing, and/or restlessness and frequently urinate or defecate in the house. Your dog’s symptoms may emerge in more subtle ways as well, such as drooling, panting, depression, or repetitive and compulsive actions. If you notice one or many of these characteristics in your dog, you may want to seek relief.

    Check out these hypoallergenic treats for dogs with sensitivities.

    Why Should I Give My Dog Calming Treats?

    Although calming treats are not your only option for easing your dog’s anxious symptoms, they can offer your dog much-needed relaxation and lower their stress levels. However, with so many products flooding the market, be sure to read the reviews. While some of the products on our list received certifications, there’s no formal or official research on the effectiveness of calming treats. However, anecdotal evidence offers multiple stories of success. With certain products seemingly causing little to no side effects, the reward may be worth the risk.

    dog eating treat
    Photo Credit: Omerlavon, Pixabay

    Are Calming Treats Really Safe for My Dog?

    There’s limited research on the long-term use of calming treats and their potential for side effects. As with any ingestible supplement, the risk of stomach upset or more severe reactions is a possibility. To limit the risk of your dog getting sick, look for products that include only natural ingredients and no allergens, additives, or preservatives. Still, keep in mind that even natural ingredients, such as ginger or chamomile, aren’t on your dog’s typical dietary list of foods. Dogs in the wild wouldn’t voluntarily eat many of the active and natural ingredients in these calming treats.

    If pup has a sensitive tummy, choose treats that will be easy on their digestive system.

    Ingredients in a High-Quality Dog Calming Treat

    Before you make a purchase, make sure to read through the list of ingredients of the calming supplement you’re considering buying. As mentioned, try to avoid treats that are full of fillers and other unnecessary inactive ingredients. The most effective dog-calming treats tend to contain the amino acid l-theanine, also listed as Suntheanine. It works by increasing the serotonin and dopamine levels in your dog’s brain. Additionally, look for products that feature l-tryptophan and melatonin, which both have documented calming effects.

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    Our choice for the best overall dog calming treats goes to Pawfectchow 01 Calming Hemp Treats for its high success rate for reducing a dog’s stress and anxiety. With this product, you’ll also notice a reduction in negative behaviors. Made with all-natural ingredients, Pawfectchow doesn’t contain allergens or additives, and its dosage is adaptable for most sizes and breeds of dogs.

    For the best value, we recommend Smartbones SBFC-02034 Calming Dog Chews. These calming treats resemble rawhide bones but don’t actually contain potentially harmful rawhide. The size and shape of these bones allow for an extended chewing time to further release stress. Made with real ingredients, most dogs seem to like the taste of this product.

    Finally, Zesty Paws Calming Bites took the third spot as our premium choice due to its carefully selected, high-quality ingredients. These calming bites achieve a high level of effectiveness for reducing stress, anxiety, and hyperactive behaviors in a dog. As an added benefit, they don’t cause drowsiness. We found that most dogs seem to enjoy the flavor.

    After reading through our reviews, pros and cons lists, and buyer’s guide, we hope that you’re able to find the best dog-calming treats for your anxious dog. We understand the difficulties and challenges of dealing with a stressed-out companion. If separation anxiety is the cause, it doesn’t make it easier on you since you’ve got a life to live as well. However, with a recently booming market for calming treats, you and your dog no longer need to suffer through seemingly endless episodes of anxiety. With the right supplement, relief and relaxation can be achieved for your dog.

    Featured Photo Credit By: torstensimon, pixabay

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