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10 Best Dog Grooming Scissors & Shears in 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

Grooming shears for dogs

When it comes to grooming your dog, there’s a broad range of products on the market. Whether you’re a professional pet groomer, starting your own grooming business, or simply want to take matters into your own hands, grooming shears can be an excellent tool to spruce up your dog’s coat. These specially designed scissors allow you to trim and contour your dog’s fur for comfort and style.

With such a wide variety of products on the market, searching for high-quality grooming shears that perform well and feel great in your hand can be a painstaking process. To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 best dog grooming shears, including helpful reviews and pros and cons lists. We’ve also created a buyer’s guide, where we go into greater detail about what to look for before you make a purchase.

A Quick Comparison of the Winners in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
  • Less expensive
  • Curved blade
  • Convex edges
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Chibuy Chibuy
  • Stainless-steel blades
  • Circular arc design
  • Rounded tips
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    Kenchii Scorpion Pro Kenchii Scorpion Pro
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Japanese stainless steel
  • Durable
  • Conair Conair
  • Smaller size
  • EverGuard-coated blades
  • Lightweight
  • Pet Magasin Professional Pet Magasin Professional
  • Japanese stainless steel
  • Comfortable handle
  • Removable finger rest
  • The 10 Best Dog Grooming Shears and Scissors

    1. HASHIMOTO Dog Grooming Scissors – Best Overall


    We chose HASHIMOTO professional groomer scissors as our top pick for their overall quality and value. Priced affordably, these groomer scissors have the features and performance of higher-priced professional products.

    Constructed with a 6.5-inch curved blade made from Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel, these scissors perform with incredible smoothness. The convex edges of the precisely curved blade allow for accuracy while the cryogenically tempered steel provides lasting durability.

    There’s care in every detail, including the symmetrical craned handle that can be effectively used by either the right or left hand, as well as giving you the option to cut with the blades curving to the inside or the outside. HASHIMOTO prides itself on high-quality control.

    Other than the finger holes not being ideal for smaller hands and the blades needing sharpening after multiple uses, these are well-made grooming shears and the best dog grooming scissors we have reviewed this year.

    • Less expensive than similar products
    • Curved blade with convex edges
    • Japanese Hitachi 440C stainless steel
    • Cryogenically tempered steel for durability
    • Symmetrical craned handle
    • High quality control
    • Finger holes may be too large for smaller hands
    • Blades may dull over time

    2. Chibuy Dog Grooming Shears – Best Value


    Our selection for the best value dog grooming shears goes to the Chibuy professional pet grooming scissors. For a low price, these 6.7-inch grooming scissors have a sharp stainless-steel blade with a circular arc design.

    The blades have a unique feature in that the tips are rounded to protect your pet. However, you should still take extra care, as the rounded edges remain sharp. Also, we discovered that these grooming scissors may not cut as effectively on breeds with coarser fur.

    The handle comes with an ergonomic design and an extra finger rest to prevent fatigue. While we found this to be rather comfortable, some users do not care for the feel. Also, the lower price point may relate to lower quality control, as the screw holding the blades together may loosen after several uses.

    • Best value
    • Sharp, stainless-steel blades
    • Circular arc scissors design
    • Rounded tips to protect your dog
    • Ergonomic handle with finger rest
    • May not be sharp enough for certain types of fur
    • Handle may not be comfortable
    • Rounded safety tips not as effective as intended
    • Screw may loosen between blades

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    3. Kenchii Dog Grooming Shears – Premium Choice


    Well-made with high-quality materials and precision, the Kenchii Scorpion Pro dog grooming shears earn their place as our premium choice by allowing you to make a sharp, smooth cut every time. You won’t find a scrap of plastic in this elegant cutting tool. The entire unit consists of corrosion-resistant Japanese stainless steel.

    The blade has a standard and durable beveled edge and is straight, not curved. However, we learned that the Kenchii performs well for nearly all breeds and fur types.

    The handle has ample-sized thumb and finger holes with a finger rest. We found that these grooming shears feel comfortable and solid in the hand. However, they are a bit on the heavy side and depending on your level of strength, you may encounter fatigue.

    Kenchii offers a lifetime warranty and maintains excellent quality control. Also, this product ships in a nice box and comes with a plastic tip protector.

    • Corrosion-resistant Japanese stainless steel
    • Excellent, sharp, smooth cutting performance
    • Durable, beveled-edge straight blade
    • Comfortable handle with finger rest
    • Lifetime warranty and high-quality control
    • Includes a plastic protector tip
    • More expensive than similar products
    • May be heavy depending on your strength level
    • Straight design (if you prefer curved)

    4. Conair Dog Round-Tip Shears


    At a smaller size at 5 inches, the Conair Pro round-tip dog shears are ideal for trimming tight areas such as around your dog’s face and between their paws. The EverGuard-coated blades have a blunt tip for your dog’s safety.

    Built to be lightweight and comfortable, the plastic handle employs soft-grip finger holes with a finger rest. While comfortable, we found that the fingerholes have small openings that may not suit people with larger hands.

    Conair states that its dog grooming shears have been manufactured to professional standards. While we did discover that they work well for most dog breeds, these shears may not be sharp enough for coarser fur. Also, there are quality control issues, and the overall sturdiness is less than satisfactory.

    • Smaller size, ideal for tight area trimming
    • EverGuard-coated blades
    • Blunt tip on blades for safety
    • Lightweight
    • Comfortable handle with finger rest
    • May not be sharp enough for coarse fur
    • Issues with sturdiness and quality control
    • Fingerholes too small for larger hands

    Other useful grooming gear:

    5. Pet Magasin Dog Grooming-Shears

    Pet Thinning

    For a different type of cutting tool to add to your grooming supplies, consider the Pet Magasin pet thinning shears. These can be effectively used to finish and smooth choppily trimmed fur. They’re also helpful when your dog has matted fur that needs to be removed without creating bald spots. The blades on these 7-inch shears have 48 teeth and are made of 440C Japanese stainless steel.

    With a lightweight design, these thinning shears are designed with your comfort in mind. The offset handle has plastic finger ring inserts and a removable finger rest. It’s built to be used by both right- and left-handed users. The added feature of a hinge screw allows you to adapt the scissors’ action to a desired tightness or looseness.

    Other than having a higher price point than other products on our list, we found that using this product takes practice, the blade sharpness may be a bit dull, and a loud grinding may occur.

    • Effective for finishing and removing matted fur
    • Japanese stainless steel
    • Comfortable handle with removable finger rest
    • Right- and left-hand accessible
    • Adjustable hinge screw
    • Blades sharpness may be a bit dull
    • May need practice to use properly
    • Not a smooth cut, loud grinding
    • Higher priced than similar products

    6. Purple Dragon Dog Grooming Scissors Kit

    Purple Dragon

    If you’re interested in purchasing a kit that includes a variety of shears and scissors for different grooming options, then you may want to consider the Purple Dragon professional pet grooming scissors kit. For a price that you would pay for a single product, with this kit, you’ll get a handy storage bag containing four 7-inch tools: thinning shears, downward curved scissors, upward curved scissors, and  straight cutting scissors. It also comes with a cleaning cloth.

    Each scissors and shears unit is constructed from high-quality Japanese stainless steel, with 62 HRC high hardness. A 60-point polishing and grinding process ensure that each blade has optimal sharpness for a smoother and more stable cut. However, we found that upon purchase, the blades seem dull and may need sharpening before use.

    These dog grooming scissors come with the unique feature of a silencer between the handles that creates a quiet grooming experience for your dog. The handles are built with a comfortable grip and a finger rest. However, keep in mind that these tools are only designed for right-handed use.

    • Kit comes with four grooming tools
    • Cleaning cloth and storage bag included
    • Inexpensive
    • Japanese stainless steel
    • Silencer feature for a quiet cut
    • Comfortable handle with finger rest
    • Dull blades
    • Only for right-handed use

    7. Sharf Gold Touch Dog Scissors


    These 7.5-inch Sharf Gold Touch pet scissors have a straight design and an attractive, gold-accented, shiny, polish finish. For convenient and safe storage, it comes with a snap-close carrying case.

    We found the 440c Japanese stainless-steel blade to have ample sharpness. The handle has a comfortable grip, with rubber comfort rings lining the finger holes. If the rings make the finger holes too small, though, you can remove them.

    The Sharf Gold Touch pet scissors tend to cost more than similar products on our list, but they cut smoothly, have a reasonable weight, and are relatively easy to use. We did find that these scissors may initially be stiff to operate. Also, keep in mind that they have a straight blade if you prefer curved, and they’re only designed for right-handed use and do not employ a silencer.

    • Straight design
    • Attractive, gold-plated, shiny appearance
    • Japanese stainless-steel blade
    • Removable comfort finger hole rings
    • Cuts smoothly
    • Lightweight and easy to use
    • May be stiff to operate
    • More expensive than similar products
    • Straight design (if you prefer curved)
    • Right-handed use only
    • No silencer

    8. Gimars Titanium Dog-Grooming Scissors Kit


    This dog grooming kit can be purchased for an inexpensive price and includes three different types of scissors and shears, a stainless-steel comb, and a cleaning cloth in a handy zippered storage case. From thinning to trimming, you can use either the 6.7-inch thinning shears, the 7.3-inch straight scissors, or the 7.3-inch curved shears.

    Each scissors and shears unit in this kit is made with resistant titanium-coated 3CR stainless steel and comes with an ergonomically designed contoured handle with removable finger rings. There’s also a silicone pad to silence the clipping sounds for a more relaxing experience for your dog. You can adjust the screw on each tool for ease of use and maintenance, such as sharpening blades.

    It’s important to note that the lower price does reflect in the overall quality of this product. While it may be a positive choice for a starter set, you may encounter dull blades and quality control issues. Also, be aware that it’s only designed for right-handed use.

    • Inexpensive
    • Kit contains necessary grooming tools
    • Cleaning cloth and storage case included
    • Titanium-coated stainless-steel construction
    • Ergonomically designed handle
    • Removable finger rings
    • Sound silencer
    • Adjustable screw for use and maintenance
    • Lower quality than professional standards
    • Dull blades
    • Quality control issues
    • Right-handed use only

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    9. ELMA ALMI Dog Grooming Scissors


    With three 7-inch grooming shears and scissors, a grooming comb, a cleaning cloth, and a bonus pet grooming glove, the ELMA ALMI dog grooming kit contains nearly everything you need to properly groom your dog. It comes in a handy black leather case, and both the straight shears and curved scissors come with rounded tips for your pet’s safety.

    Made with high-quality stainless steel, the scissors and shears have comfortable handles with removable rubber finger hole inserts, rubber bumpers, and finger rests. Plus, you can easily adjust the screw for tightness and maintenance. The pet grooming glove is made from breathable mesh with silicone rounded tips.

    We learned that the overall quality of the scissors and shears in this kit may not be as durable, sturdy, or sharp as other grooming tools on our list. Also, be aware that the removable finger rings do not secure well and tend to fall out. Finally, these tools are for right-handed users only and do not include a silencer.

    • Complete grooming kit
    • Includes bonus grooming glove
    • Adjustable screw
    • Not durable or sturdy
    • Removable finger rings tend to fall out
    • Rather dull blades
    • Right-handed use only
    • No silencer

    10. Elfirly Dog Grooming Scissors Set


    Seven-inch curved scissors and 7-inch thinning shears make up the Elfirly Grooming scissors set, which comes well-packaged in a sturdy black storage case. The curved scissors have rounded tips to keep your dog safe as you trim sensitive areas.

    The scissors and shears are made with stainless steel material and employ an adjustable screw for tightening and loosening. Both tools come with an ergonomic handle with a finger rest and a helpful silencer pad to reduce your pet’s anxiety of cutting noises.

    The finger holes include rubber rings for your comfort, which can be removable for different finger sizes. However, we found that the finger holes may be too small for larger hands. Also, keep in mind that these tools work only for right-handed users.

    • Includes two tools and a sturdy case
    • Rounded safety tips
    • Ergonomically designed handle
    • Adjustable screw
    • Lower quality stainless steel
    • Scissors tend to stick
    • Thinners may pull
    • Small finger holes for larger hands
    • Right-handed use only

    Buyer’s Guide – Picking the Best Dog Grooming Shears

    After reading through our list of the 10 best dog grooming shears, you may still have questions before making a purchase. Before you trim your beloved pooch, you want to know that you’re using a tool that keeps their safety in mind, while also allowing for a great cut. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll go over the key factors of high-quality grooming shears and scissors.

    Getting the Best Cut

    Grooming shears or scissors have three basic components: the blades, the handle, and the screw at the connection. Starting with the blade, the best dog grooming shears and scissors are made with stainless steel, which should not rust. The better the quality of the stainless steel, the better your blade will sharpen and resist becoming dull.

    Straight Versus Curved Blades

    The different styles of blades are straight and curved. Each has its advantages. Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, your dog’s breed and size, and what areas you’re trimming. Straight blades work well for larger dogs, general body grooming, and creating straight lines. Curved blades help you clip around the legs and feet, as well as for creating a curved look on the head.

    Your Dog’s Safety

    Depending on your level of experience and excitability of your dog, you may want to purchase a pair of shears or scissors with blades that have rounded tips. While still sharp, rounded blade tips can keep you from accidentally nicking your dog as you trim around sensitive areas such as the ears, face, and between the paw pads.

    Keep Your Comfort in Mind

    As for the handle, you’ll want to look for an ergonomic design. Grooming your dog may take a while, so try to avoid excessive discomfort and fatigue. Many of the products on our list have removable finger hole rings to help cushion your grip, as well as a finger rest. Make sure the grooming shears or scissors feel good in your hand. Finger hole size, as well as the overall weight of the unit, can affect how well you can use the tool.

    Why You May Want a Symmetrical Handle

    If you’re left-handed, you know the difficulties of using scissors in a right-handed world. Fortunately, many of the products on our list feature a symmetrical design. With this setup, you can use either hand to operate them.

    What to Look For If Your Dog Is Anxious

    The handle may also have a silencer pad to cushion the metal clicking of your scissors and shears. If your dog exhibits anxiety about being groomed, the sound of the clipping motion may be more than they can tolerate. The silencer pad typically protrudes from one of the finger holes and has a cushioned tip, resulting in a quiet closing motion as opposed to a metallic click.

    cutting dog's hair
    Image Credit: Mylene2401, Pixabay

    The Secret to Better Control and Easier Maintenance

    The screw at the connection of the scissors or shears plays a vital role in how well this tool operates, as it helps with overall maintenance. Look for grooming tools that have an adjustable screw. By being able to tighten or loosen the connection, you’ll gain better cutting ability and control. You can also clean and sharpen your blades more effectively if you can undo the screw and pull apart the shears or scissors.

    Before You Make a Purchase, Consider This …

    A great pair of dog grooming shears or scissors comes down to the quality of materials, durable construction, and a comfortable grip. When you have a grooming tool that feels comfortable in your grip, features a smooth cutting motion, and has sharp blades, you can groom your dog with confidence.

    One final note: Be sure to store your shears or scissors in either a sturdy case or at least with plastic covers to ensure overall safety and to keep your blades clean and sharp.

    divider 10


    The HASHIMOTO SturdyHH21 Professional Groomer Scissors is our top pick as the best overall grooming tool on our list. Not only is the HASHIMOTO a high-quality product, but it’s also less expensive than similar products. The grooming scissors have a curved blade with convex edges and are made with Japanese Hitachi 440C Stainless Steel, which has cryogenically tempered steel for durability. It also comes with a symmetrical craned handle that can be used by either left- or right-handed users. When you purchase a HASIMOTO, you get high-quality control and a well-built grooming tool.

    For our choice of the best dog grooming shears for value, we selected the Chibuy PS-01 Professional Pet Grooming Scissors. These have sharp, stainless-steel blades with a circular arc design. The blades also have rounded tips to protect your dog and an ergonomic handle with a finger rest.

    The Kenchii Scorpion KESC8 Pro Dog Grooming Shears earned its place as our premium choice for best dog grooming shears. Corrosion-resistant Japanese stainless steel and a durable, beveled-edge straight blade allow for an excellent, sharp, smooth cutting performance. The Kenchii Scorpion Pro includes a comfortable handle with a finger rest, a plastic protector tip, and a lifetime warranty to ensure high-quality control.

    We hope that after reading through our practical reviews, quick-reference pros and cons lists, and information-packed buyer’s guide, you’ve found the best dog grooming shears, scissors, or complete kit for your dog. With the right grooming tools, you can keep your dog looking their absolute best.

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