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10 Best Dog Muzzles of 2023 – Reviews & Top Picks

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By Nicole Cosgrove

5 OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle featuredDogs wearing muzzles may always be the victims of a certain stigma, but the fact is that these devices make excellent training aids, especially for dogs with aggression issues or other behavioral problems.

However, it’s imperative that you buy the right muzzle, as the last thing you want to do is invest in a poor-quality option that makes your dog’s issues worse. Unfortunately, though, it can be hard to tell a good muzzle from a dud simply by looking at it.

In the reviews below, we’ll show you which muzzles we think are worth using.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Rating Image Product Details
Best Overall
Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit
  • Easy to put on
  • Made of durable nylon
  • Machine washable
  • Best Value
    Second place
    Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle
  • Great value for the price
  • Can be custom-fitted
  • Great for training
  • Premium Choice
    Third place
    CollarDirect Leather Dog Muzzle CollarDirect Leather Dog Muzzle
  • Discourages strangers from approaching
  • Made of durable leather
  • Attractive spike-and-stud design
  • GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard
  • Padded with soft Neoprene
  • Attaches to collar
  • Allows for drinking and panting
  • OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle
  • Ideal for dogs with serious aggression issues
  • Virtually unbreakable
  • Impossible to bite anything outside the muzzle
  • The 10 Best Dog Muzzles

    1. Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle — Best Overall

    1Four Paws Walk-About Quick-Fit Dog Muzzle

    Check Price on Chewy

    The Four Paws Walk-About is one of the easiest muzzles to put on, making it a great choice for owners of pups that don’t like to cooperate.

    It’s not scary-looking either, so while you can keep your dog under control on a walk, your neighbors won’t think that you’re taking Hannibal Lecter out for a stroll.

    Made of durable nylon, it can take a beating and is machine washable. However, despite its durability, it’s actually quite comfortable, and your dog can wear it for an extended amount of time without suffering.

    In fact, they can pant and drink while wearing it, so you can keep it on during a long hike without putting your dog’s health in jeopardy.

    Just be careful if your dog’s an escape artist, because determined pups may be able to slip it off. It will take them a few minutes, so you should have plenty of warning, but you shouldn’t leave them unattended and expect that they’ll still be wearing it when you get back.

    Other than that, though, there’s little to complain about with the Four Paws Walk-About, which is why it earned the top spot on this list.

    • Easy to put on
    • Made of durable nylon
    • Machine washable
    • Not scary-looking
    • Dog can drink and pant while wearing it
    • Escape artists may be able to slip it off

    2. Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle — Best Value

    2Baskerville Ultra Dog Muzzle

    It may look like a catcher’s mask for your dog, but the Baskerville Ultra is a stout way to secure your pup’s chompers.

    It comes in multiple sizes, each one designed to fit different muzzle shapes, so you should be able to find one that fits your dog’s snout like a glove. You will need to measure before you buy, but the plastic rubber can be heated and shaped to fit your dog’s head perfectly, if you so desire.

    There’s an opening at the end that allows your dog to eat while wearing it, so you can incorporate the muzzle into your next training session.

    There are several straps and attachment points, which should ensure that it stays on even if your dog’s a regular hairy Houdini. That means you’ll have to spend a little more time putting it on, though.

    Despite all its bells and whistles, the Baskerville Ultra is reasonably priced. That’s not enough for it to earn the top spot, but it does win it the title of “best dog muzzle for the money.”

    • Great value for the price
    • Can be custom-fitted to your dog’s snout
    • Great for training
    • Dog can eat while wearing it
    • Secure when attached
    • Difficult to put on
    • Requires measuring before buying

    3. CollarDirect Leather Dog Muzzle — Premium Choice

    3CollarDirect Pitbull Dog Muzzle Leather Amstaff Muzzles Staffordshire Terrier Secure Basket

    Your dog will get a “bad boy” reputation if you make them wear the CollarDirect Leather. That may be exactly what you’re looking for, however, as it ensures that strangers won’t approach your dog in public.

    Made of genuine leather, it has studs and spikes all over it, making your dog look like they just wandered out of a biker bar somewhere. The studs and spikes are purely decorative, but the leather ensures that your pup won’t be able to break free and start chomping things.

    Despite its menacing appearance, it’s quite comfortable for animals, and your pooch shouldn’t feel the need to wriggle out of it.

    It’s designed for Pit Bulls and other dogs with short, stubby snouts. It should fit those dogs snugly, but any other breed may find it too cramped for comfort.

    You attach it using metal buckles, which makes it easy to put on and ensures that it will stay put. It makes adjustment a breeze, too.

    You will pay a pretty penny for all of this, however, as the CollarDirect Leather is one of the more expensive muzzles on the market. We feel that it’s well worth it, though.

    • Discourages strangers from approaching dog
    • Made of durable leather
    • Attractive spike-and-stud design
    • Difficult to escape
    • May not fit non-Pit Bull breeds
    • Fairly pricey

    4. GoodBoy Gentle Muzzle Guard

    4Gentle Muzzle Guard for Dogs


    If your mutt’s comfort is your primary concern, the GoodBoy Gentle will ensure that they stay cozy the entire time that they have it on.

    The straps that circle the dog’s mouth are padded with Neoprene, which provides gentle resistance instead of overwhelming force. Your dog will still be able to move their mouth a bit, and they can drink and pant without issue.

    It attaches easily to your dog’s collar using a simple buckle system, or you can use the collar that they include. Either way, the connection will prevent your dog from simply pulling the muzzle over their heads when they decide that they’ve had enough.

    Getting the size right is a cinch. It closes using a strong Velcro strap, so you can get a good fit in seconds. It’s incredibly easy to remove too.

    Dogs with stubby noses may not fit inside it, though, and unless you really pull it tight, your dog will likely still be able to nip with it on. While your dog shouldn’t be able to take it off, it will likely slip and slide around their snout while they walk.

    The GoodBoy Gentle is an excellent choice for owners who are worried about their dog’s well-being, but it has a few flaws that keep us from being able to rank it in the top three.

    • Padded with soft Neoprene
    • Attaches to collar to make it impossible to remove
    • Allows for drinking and panting
    • Easy to put on and take off
    • Still allows nipping
    • May not fit stubby-nosed dogs
    • Tends to slide around nose

    5. OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle

    5OmniPet Italian Basket Dog Muzzle

    For serious biters and snappers, the OmniPet Italian Basket is a good choice.

    Made of sturdy polyethylene, this muzzle is like a jail cell for your dog’s mouth, ensuring that they won’t be able to bite anyone or anything.

    It can also withstand all sorts of abuse, including extreme temperature changes, without breaking. Your dog will not be able to destroy this thing.

    Of course, all that security comes with a few sacrifices, with comfort being at the top of the list. Your dog probably won’t enjoy wearing it, but if they have extreme behavioral issues, that’s a sacrifice you should be willing to make.

    There is absolutely no give in this thing, so if it doesn’t fit your dog perfectly, you’ll have to send it back. That may require a bit of trial-and-error in the beginning.

    The openings at the end are extremely small, which makes it difficult to give your dog treats. That can be a huge issue if you’re using this for training purposes. The front grill is removable, which solves that problem, but it does make it possible for your dog to nip.

    Overall, the OmniPet Italian Basket is a great last-resort muzzle for dogs with extreme behaviors. However, we’d recommend that you use it as exactly that: a last resort.

    • Ideal for dogs with serious aggression issues
    • Virtually unbreakable
    • Makes it impossible to bite anything outside the muzzle
    • Front grill is removable
    • Not the most comfortable option
    • Small openings make it hard to give treats
    • Has to be sized perfectly

    6. Happypet Air Mesh Muzzle

    6happypet Dog Muzzle for Small Medium Large Dogs


    As you might expect, given the name, the happypet Air Mesh is made using an extremely breathable design, making it perfect for long walks on hot days.

    It virtually covers up your dog’s entire snout, with an opening at the end that allows you to drop in treats. Your dog can breathe without obstruction and drink freely.

    It’s not the most durable option, though, and we wouldn’t recommend it for dogs with serious behavioral issues. It’s not going to stop a big dog that has murder on their mind, for example.

    Be aware that if your dog gets it off, they can shred it in seconds. In fact, if they try to paw at it, they may be able to slice right through it in no time at all.

    The happypet Air Mesh is best-suited for dogs with slight anxiety problems who need something to wear on a hot day. It can also be used to train puppies. Unless they figure out a way to make it more formidable, though, we can’t recommend it for most other behavioral problems.

    • Extremely breathable mesh design
    • Good for use on hot days
    • Doesn’t obstruct breathing or chewing
    • Not that secure
    • Can be destroyed easily if dog gets it off
    • Prone to tearing
    • Not suitable for dogs with serious behavioral issues

    7. CooZero Dog Muzzles Suit

    7Dog Muzzles Suit


    The CooZero Suit isn’t a muzzle so much as it is an anti-biting system. It has seven different pieces that allow it to fit dogs of various sizes. That makes it a great value if you have multiple dogs and want to train each one individually. Otherwise, though, it seems somewhat wasteful, not to mention confusing — wouldn’t it be easier to just send you one piece that actually fits your dog?

    The muzzles all have different shapes; some have open ends, others closed, and a few are somewhere in between. But different styles all function in roughly the same way.

    You get all seven pieces for a low price, which may make you suspicious of the quality. Sure enough, these can all be ripped up fairly easily. Luckily, if your dog shreds one, they’ve already sent you six backups.

    The CooZero Suit is built on an interesting idea, but it loses something in the execution.

    • Includes seven different pieces
    • Good for training multiple dogs
    • Different pieces all serve similar purposes
    • Each item is fairly low quality
    • Can be confusing
    • Mostly flash with little substance

    8. BRONZEDOG Dog Metal Mask Muzzle

    8BRONZEDOG Dog Muzzle Pitbull Metal Mask Amstaff Wire


    Made with a solid steel mask and durable leather straps, the BRONZEDOG Mask is certainly a formidable option.

    It’s designed for Pit Bulls, Staffordshire Terriers, and similar breeds, so it will likely be too cramped for dogs with longer noses. However, it doesn’t always fit those dogs well either, especially if they have especially boxy heads.

    The steel mask should make you feel safe and secure, but it will make you feel other things too, namely, bruises on your shins from when your dog bashes it into you. It seems like they could’ve made this thing just as secure without turning it into a battering ram.

    It’s not much of an obstacle for escape artists, and a determined dog should be able to wriggle out of it in a few minutes or less. It’s expensive too.

    One good thing about the BRONZEDOG Mask is that it lets in cool air, so your pup shouldn’t overheat.

    • Sturdy steel mask
    • Lets cool air i
    • Easy to slip off
    • Doesn’t fit many dogs
    • Steel mask can double as a battering ram
    • Expensive

    9. Alfie Pet Paxton Adjustable Plastic Muzzle

    9Alfie Pet - Paxton Adjustable Quick Fit Plastic Muzzle


    If you want a muzzle that will leave your dog absolutely no wiggle room, the Alfie Pet Paxton is a good choice, as it is extremely snug. However, it looks extremely uncomfortable, and if you don’t size it perfectly, it can leave your dog’s snout smushed.

    There’s only one strap, and it goes along the back of the dog’s head. This makes it ridiculously easy to escape; all it takes is a determined shake of the head to send this thing flying.

    It looks intimidating to dogs as well, and that notion will be reinforced when you try to jam their entire nose into a cramped space. As a result, many dogs quickly develop an aversion to it, so putting it on can be a rodeo.

    It seems to be better-suited for toy breeds than other dogs, so if you have an extremely small pooch, you may find some use for it. Also, the orange color makes it easy to find.

    • Good for toy breeds
    • Orange color makes it hard to misplace
    • Extremely uncomfortable
    • Leaves no room for dog’s nose
    • Easy to wriggle out of
    • Many dogs develop aversion to wearing it
    • Has to be sized perfectly

    10. NACOCO Anti-Bite Duck Mouth Muzzle

    10NACOCO Anti Bite Duck Mouth Shape Dog Mouth


    Dogs with muzzles are often seen as frightening by strangers. You can eliminate that fear by forcing your pooch to wear the NACOCO Duck Mouth.

    Of course, your dog may never forgive you and their dignity may never recover. These things are good for a laugh, but they’re not ideal for use as actual muzzles.

    For one thing, it’s impossible to keep one on, which seems like a bad feature in a muzzle. Also, it’s made of ridiculously thick plastic, and that can’t be comfortable for your pooch, especially on hot days.

    Despite the thick construction, it can easily become misshapen, which would render it worthless. The plastic seems to invite destructive chewing as well.

    We can’t deny that your dog will look adorable while wearing the NACOCO Duck Mouth. However, the laughs will fade quickly after they slip it off and start looking to bite someone.

    • Looks adorable
    • Easy to slip off
    • Thick plastic is uncomfortable
    • Often becomes misshapen
    • Seems to invite destructive chewing
    • Not ideal for use on hot days

    Buyer’s Guide: Choosing the Best Dog Muzzles

    If you’ve never had to shop for dog muzzles before, all the different options can feel overwhelming — and the stakes can seem dauntingly high. After all, if you buy a bad one, it could lead to your dog getting hurt (or hurting someone else).

    We’ve put together a guide of important things to consider when shopping for a muzzle, so you can be confident that you’ll buy the right one the first time.

    Does Needing a Muzzle Mean That My Dog’s Bad?

    Not at all. Most dogs don’t need muzzles because they’re mean-spirited; instead, it’s often fear and anxiety that cause a dog to lash out.

    A muzzle is only a stopgap solution. You’ll need to spend time training and socializing the dog to help them overcome the issues that made the muzzle necessary in the first place.

    Until your dog can be taught to be calm and confident, however, a muzzle can provide you with peace of mind. It can stop your dog from lashing out unpredictably, which could save someone from getting hurt (or your dog from needing to be put down).

    If anything, needing a muzzle means that your dog has had a hard life. Making your dog wear one until they can get back on proper emotional footing may be one of the most humane things you can do.

    How Do I Know When My Dog Needs a Muzzle?

    If your dog has shown signs of aggression — or if they’ve already bitten someone — then they could probably use a muzzle.

    Many dogs only need them situationally. If your dog acts up at the vet or loses control on walks, you may only need to have them wear it on those occasions.

    However, you should remember that a muzzle won’t solve aggression problems — it will only make them manageable for a brief period of time. Don’t use the muzzle in place of behavioral therapy; instead, use it as another facet of a comprehensive training program.

    Are There Different Types of Muzzles?

    Yes. Generally speaking, the two different styles are nylon and basket.

    Nylon muzzles go over the dog’s mouth and snout, keeping it closed. This prevents them from biting anyone, as they can’t open their jaws, but it also stops them from panting. As a result, they’re not ideal for hot weather.

    Baskets have metal cages at the end, which prevents your dog from being able to bite anyone. Your dog can still open their mouth a bit, but they can’t chomp on anything unless it enters the cage. However, they can still do damage by whacking someone with the mask; this is called “muzzle punching.”

    One type of muzzle isn’t necessarily better than the other in general, but one might be better in certain situations. For example, nylon muzzles are usually used by groomers, while baskets are preferred by trainers.

    dog with muzzles
    Image Credit: Pikist

    Will Muzzles Help With Barking?

    It might. However, it won’t be because the dog will be physically restrained from barking.

    Many dogs tend to feel calmer and less anxious with a muzzle on. As a result, they’re less likely to bark for no reason.

    How Do I Measure My Dog for a Muzzle?

    It depends on the style of muzzle that you’re looking to buy.

    Generally, though, you need to know four measurements:
    • The length from your dog’s eye line to the tip of their nose
    • The height of the snout
    • The circumference of the snout
    • The circumference of the neck behind the ears

    You may not need all these measurements, depending on the type of muzzle you buy.

    My Dog Won’t Wear a Muzzle. Is There Anything I Can Do?

    Yes. You shouldn’t expect your dog to just accept the muzzle right out of the box. You’ll need to condition them to wear it — and that means positive reinforcement.

    Find a treat that your dog loves — spray cheese, hot dog bits, and tiny pieces of steak are all excellent choices. Introduce the muzzle to them but don’t put it on yet. Just let them sniff it; while they do, praise them and give them treats. Do this once a day for a few days.

    Once your dog gets excited at the sight of the muzzle, you can start putting the treats inside it; spray cheese and peanut butter work especially well for this. Make your dog stick their nose in the mask to get the treat, but don’t try to put it on them just yet.

    When your pooch will stick their face in the muzzle without issue, you can add a verbal command like “muzzle” to the operation. Once their face is inside, try to feed them more treats while they have it on. Be sure to keep praising them liberally as well.

    As your dog eats the treats, secure the muzzle around their face for a few seconds, then take it off. Try to gradually extend the amount of time that your dog wears it; you can start with just a few seconds and try to build up to a few minutes. Eventually, your pooch shouldn’t just tolerate the muzzle — they should look forward to wearing it.

    Divider 2Conclusion

    We hope this guide helps you find the best dog muzzle! The Four Paws Walk-About is our favorite muzzle, as it’s made of durable nylon, it’s not too intimidating, and it’s easy to put on and take off. Most importantly of all, though, it stays put when it’s supposed to.

    If you want a more traditional option that won’t break the bank, consider the Baskerville Ultra. It’s extremely secure and can be custom-fitted to your dog, ensuring that your pooch stays comfy the entire time it’s on.

    You may not have thought that you’d need to shop for a muzzle when you adopted your pup, but you should commend yourself for taking action to curb your dog’s aggressive tendencies. We hope that these reviews have made it easier for you to find one that works for your situation, and we wish you luck with your future training endeavors.

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